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I have to nominate the Guardian and its comment moderators for a cunting.

The bloody Guardian dares to use a picture of C.P.Scott with the caption “Comment is free, but facts are sacred” but they are constantly deleting comments that don’t abide by their “community standards.” Basically, if you don’t subscribe to their world view, your comment gets deleted. So much for “Comment is free.” Heirs to Voltaire these twats are not.

I wrote a comment on an article today (Sun 10/1) by Nick Cohen (“Don’t look to the Pope for Enlightenment values”); I don’t always agree with Cohen but compared to his colleagues, he is a beacon of sanity in an ocean of utter bollocks. His article was a welcome retort to a couple of odious pieces on the events in Cologne and elsewhere, both written, bizarrely, by female journalists who were more “offended” (Christ, how I hate that fucking word) by the suggestion that the bestial behaviour on NYE was carried out by asylum seekers than by the behaviour itself.

If I remember correctly I wrote something like this:
“A splendid article. Thank you Mr Cohen.
We live in strange times. “Liberals” want to censor anything they disagree with. “Feminists” demonise those who criticise mass sexual assault whilst female politicians issue guidelines to the victims of said assaults rather than the perpetrators. “Muslim” is now an ethnicity. And a man who loudly proclaims his reasons for shooting a police officer has his reasons dismissed by those who think they know better.
Perhaps the public revulsion against the events in Cologne and the attempted cover-up by the media will make some people rethink their ideas. And perhaps Mick McCarthy will lead Ipswich to Champions League glory in 2018.”

What, I ask, is the reason this comment was deleted? Excessive sarcasm? Supporting a football team outside the Nu-footie twats’ wonderland of the Premier League? No, I’m pretty sure I know the reason why this comment was deleted.

The ongoing (one way) love-in between folks who describe themselves as “progressive” or “liberal” or “left wing” and micro-cocked Islamists is one of the enduring mysteries of the 21st century. Seriously, I just don’t get it. Opponents of Islamism or critics of Islam (yes, I think they are different things; we can argue about that another time) are routinely described as “far right.” But even mainstream Islam, based as it is on rigid conformity to some pretty old fashioned ideas, seems pretty fucking right wing to me. And some Islamists have views that would make even Heinrich Himmler blanch.

But the Guardian is only part of what appears to be a spreading intolerance and conformity in public life in the West. Deviate a millimetre from the current “progressive” line and you are instantly beyond the pale. Thus, that repellent harridan Germaine Greer, who has made a career for 50 fucking years with her version of feminism, is called a misogynist for suggesting that cutting off your bollocks, sitting down to piss and wearing a dress doesn’t make you a woman. A softly spoken Iranian lady, who dares to dress how she pleases, supports women’s rights in various Islamic hellholes and is open about leaving her religion, is howled down by aggressive Islamist males and the “feminists” at the university where this outrage occurred side with the fucking Islamists. That arrogant cockmuncher Cumberbatch is slagged off by shitheads for saying “coloured people” instead of “people of colour.” Fuck me ragged.

So, fuck you Guardian moderators. And fuck (metaphorically I assure you) all your brain-dead, Islamophile, “feminist” columnists who are more interested in defending savage sex attackers from nasty name calling than in defending the right of young girls to walk safely down the streets of their hometown.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

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  1. Agreed guardian are a bunch of feminist leftist cunts and its writers are definitely white guilt anti-white bellends, with a dash of “islam is a really beautiful religion it just gets a bad rap” thrown in the mix. Bloody politically correct racebaiting communist cunts

    • Matthew d’Ancona a “leftist feminist”..??? He’s a former Editor of The Spectator and former Deputy Editor of the Sunday Telegraph for fuck’s sake. The worst crime The Guardian website is currently committing is its gradual transformation into Mail Online.

      That said, CMC is absolutely correct about the censorship of their Comment Is Free sections. I always enjoy reminding readers (of all newspaper websites, not just The Guardian) that Rebekah Brooks was mysteriously found innocent of a charge that she’d actually admitted in front of a parliamentary select committee. I always post a YouTube link to the BBC Parliament clip where you can see Brooks admitting that, as Editor of The Sun, she paid serving police officers for information.

      Apart from the Murdoch titles (naturally), every other newspaper website permits this – even Mail Online. But not that bastion of free speech The Guardian. Even though this clip is out there in the public domain – you can see Brooks IN HER OWN WORDS volunteering the fact that she paid serving police officers! – the links are always deleted.

      Here is the clip that offends The Guardian so much:

      In court, she vigorously denied having ever paid serving police officers and her lawyers successfully argued that her evidence to the select committee was protected by parliamentary privilege and therefore inadmissible at her trial. FUCKING LYING CUNT BROOKS and FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL CUNTS ( AND ADVOCATES OF CENSORSHIP) THE GUARDIAN.

      • Alright not everyone there is a feminist but Yep guardian is moderated by slimy bellends. That ginger cunt should be in prison along with her protectors murdoch too

  2. A political blogger from a few years back used to refer to the Guardian and all its perennial sixth former (thanks Fred West, I love that term!), pseudo journalists as suffering from an affliction named after uber cunt meeja lefty Polly Toynbee.

    This is the classic ‘Polly Toynbee Conundrum’, you are either ignorant or stupid. Or both.

    • Too true. I once had a comment deleted in the Mail Online on how you could shoot multiple meerkats with a single arrow. Twats.

  3. Totally unrelated, but…
    Was in the library t’other day, when…bugger me, saw an interesting looking title, by Hungarian author Miklos Banffy:”They were cunted”…on closer inspection, it was “counted”, but a good read if you like yer Forsyte Saga, a few Trollopes (me old man was very partial), Olivia Moaning’s Fortunes of War… The other two volume in the so-called Transylvanian trilogy are “They were divided” and “They were found wanting”; it seems that politics and its slimy perpetrators never change.
    On a Grauniad bum note, at least these sites save money on buying the actual paper, so much of all of their output is just a load of boring bollocks anyway…

  4. The cunts at Guardian don’t even allow comments on the majority of articles now in case the journos get offended! what a bunch of cunts

  5. I mistakenly read this odious broadsheet yesterday, it was free in the pub I might add. I can easily get pissed off with the plain inaccuracy or incompetence of the tabloids, but at least you kind of know most of it is bullshit or an excuse for some hot totty snaps.
    What bothers me about the fucking Grauniad is its sheer self-righteousness, page upon page of ‘ism’ shit, pseudo-analysis and breathtaking lefty brown-nosing.
    I’ll admit here and now I read ‘The Establishment’ by that fake Trotskyite Welsh midget Owen fucking Jones, from leafy Bramhall and not slightly naff Stockport, the lying little cunt.
    I then read it again, and a George Orwell book and hey fucking presto, they are virtually one and the same.
    A fucktwat of a useless plagiarist endlessly recycling a far better author.
    They all need cunting and the fucking little Welsh twat should be shipped over to Saudi and stoned to fucking death, very slowly.

    • As a long time reader, I have quite enjoyed the vitriol directed at us Welsh twats, most of it well earned, but I cannot and will not accept part responsibility for the king of cunts that is Owen Jones. Sorry, but a quick check on that extremely accurate Wikipedia thingy says he is Saes. That means english cunt by the way. Can’t find fault with the rest of the post though!

      • My sincere apologies from mistakenly blotting your genetic heritage with the poisoned dna of this unworthy midget gem. I’m even more mortified that he’s an English cunt, we should be truly ashamed of ourselves for allowing this twat out of its mothers womb.

  6. Whilst on the subject of the left bank liberals may I line up Tony Hall of the BBC in the crosshairs for an almighty cunting.
    I’ve just watched the mealy-mouthed establishment in-bred git squirming on all the news channels whining about ‘it’s the victims we must be focus sing on right now’. Well, what a fucking brilliant bit of diversionary surprise there as the 1000 page jazz mag of Savile shame hits the shit covered fan. Funny he should share the same surname as the other goggle box rapist Stuart.
    Apparently there is still a culture of fear in the BBC, surely not, there’s too much fucking micro management for that to happen.
    Let the whole sinking ship veer off in the general direction of the Marie Celeste, starting with the ritual slaughter of the arch-criminal Botney, an odious and nasty piece of work. For someone so fucking educated I’ve always been astonished he ended up entangled in the lard-arsed web of massive fibs that was Kids Company and Batmanrobin. I wonder if they got a mention in the report.

    • The cunt has just been on again with his ‘it’s a day for the victims’ flannel. No it isn’t, it’s the day you pick up your P45 and fuck off to the dole office, nauseous cunt. apologies, spleen venting!

  7. Stuart Hall deserves to be walled up and left to drown in his own slop, and that’s just for hosting “It’s a knockout”. Wonder, btw, if he used rohypnol on his victims. Filthy CUNT.

  8. The guardian is fucking untouchable as an object of fun / satire by the BBC. Who will happily shout “Oooohhhh, the Daily Mail!!!!!” at any opportunity. The two papers are equally as absurd in their views as each other, except the guardian caters solely for fucking cunts.

  9. Wow. If I could smear excrement over everyone who works at the guardian I’d be a happy man. These hard left liberal hippies need a damn good humping, by an elephant. No mercy.


  10. The Guardian provides a daily ongoing snapshot of how the ‘enemy within’ has continually tried to sabotage Britain. The so called Media Class with more money than brains who would try to deny the will of the people of Britain by using their money to exploit the legal system throwing endless number of ‘spanners in the works’.

    They try to trample on democracy using their money, let them beware !

    These losers should be rounded up and deported to Pakistan and …

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