Star Wars fans [2]


Star Wars fans are cunts…

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the original trilogy (although Return Of The Jedi was a bit shite!)… But these cunts – grown fucking adults – who dress as fucking Yoda, queue for hours to get an autograph from some unknown fucker who appeared onscreen for 10 seconds in a Stormtrooper costume in 1977, and treat the Jedi like it is a true spiritual path are complete and utter cunt trumpets…

That new villain looks like a piss-poor Darth Vader too.. Black cloak and mask? Red lightsabre? Been done and it won’t be bettered… His name is hardly menacing either… Kylo Ren? Sounds like an episode of the Ren & Stimpy Show: where the dog and cat duo learn kung-fu…

Nominated by: Norman

39 thoughts on “Star Wars fans [2]

  1. I didn’t get the black cloak and mask for the new villain either – the fucker was way more terrifying when he took the mask off and looked like a photo of a dog’s arse taken through a fish-eye lens.

    • Sorry Norman, but once again someone has cunted themselves.

      You know far, far too much about this kind of bollocks.

      Trilogy? Return of some Jedi cunt? I think you are a closet sad cunt and probably get off to little figures of ‘Princess Leia’. (Fuck..I’ve just cunted myself for knowing too much)!

      • I loved the first two original films as a kid and still like them now… But grown adults who actuallly wear ‘Jedi’ robes, change their name to ‘Darth’ and have tattoos like the cunt in the picture are scholngs of the highest order… Having a nostalgic soft spot for something is one thing… Being an obsessed fanatic cunt is another….

        Also how is mentioning the Star Wars Trilogy (because that’s what it was fucking called!) and one of the film’s titles display ‘sad cunt’ tendencies? And as for gettting off to little figures of ‘Princess Leia’, Well, you said it… Shows where you’re at, knobend…

  2. Employed some cunt orf an actor, a former policeman, whose main claim to fame somewhat unbelievably was a small part in one orf the early Star Wars filums. Recall his suitcase bursting open at the stage door Birmingham Alex and bugger me it was stuffed full with glossy signed photos orf the cunt in Star Wars gear.
    Sad to relate that at every theatre on that tour there was a gaggle orf tosser cunt Star Whores waiting for his autograph. Local press zoned in orn him as well. Double bugger me.
    Can I remember the cunt’s name (possibly Jack something or other) or the character he played in the fillum? No chance and I will not be losing any sleep over it.

  3. Star wars fans are pretty creepy they take the fandom to whole nother level of faggotry but fanboyism in general is creepy it becomes a cult like religion. Lucas should of never called it a 9 episode saga because now that has to be fulfilled he should of stopped after ROTJ and with the sell to disney there could be alot more films to come.

      • What’s wrong with a having life affirming ceremonies based on a works of fiction? Been done before…

        I hope they all went to Ten Forward afterwards and got well and truly pissed on Romulan ale

      • Oh shit, I’ve self-cunted yet again. I got a replica phaser for crimbo from firebox. Before I set it to disintegrate missen I might say, in a pisspoor attempt at a really crap defence, that it also acts as a universal defence controlled by gestures. Beam me up Scottie, I’m screwed.

        • I meant universal remote, not that it fucking matters as I my dna gets turned into mush in the transporter

  4. Agreed, only cunts who comment on star wars fans and appear to have a comprehensive knowledge of the films are bigger cunts…

      • Great stuff Norman. I remember in the 70s when calling someone a “spaz” was like saying hello.

        A friend of mine says he remembers “spaz” being banned at his school. So they used to call each other “Scopey” instead (the Spastics Society changed its name to Scope because vicious little bastards like me and you used the word “spactic” as an insult.)

        Remember when Blue Peter raised money for Joey Deacon? From the very next day “Joey” and “Deacon” were the insults of choice at my school. They were banned too.

        All together now, play a piano at neck level whilst trying to bite your ear. Jooooeeeeey!

        • Nice one, Cunt’s Mate Cunt… Well he/she/it is a spaz… Their view is that anyone who has a knowledge of something yet voices a criticism on the said subject is a cunt… That would be like saying someone who is an authority on the history of Nazi Germany, but who actually disagrees with what the Nazis did, is a cunt… So just because I like the first two Star Wars original films means I can’t have a go at all the Johnny Come Latety fanboy geek cunts who welcome anything and everything Lucasfilm spews out? As I said, a total spakker…

          • We could start a subsidiary website called “is-a-spaz” for people who are annoying but haven’t quite reached the level of “cunt.”

    • Agreed, TitSlapper… You could say somebody has been a football fan all their life: they know a lot about the game and its history, yet they despise the circus that the modern game has become and all the tosspot fans it now attracts…. Does that make them a cunt? t am sure there are lonstanding fans of David Bowie who hate the current griefjacking and those who have jumped on the Bowie Bandwagon…Does that make them cunts too? What a load of nonsensical crap….

      • Exactly the david bowie grief jacking has gone tits up. I remember criticising david bowie bout a year ago I commented on one of his videos saying what a load of shite it was and that his career and catalog of music is inconsistent nobody even flinched. In fact there was 10 people who agreed with me blimey you say that now and you’d get a 100 grief jackers saying bowie’s a god,a genius,legend, all that shite. I’d say at least 70% of the people saying these things are grief jackers.

        Speaking of grief jacking that madonna tribute was cringeworthy to say the least. Swearing like a sailor calling her fans motherfuckers god I don’t even know that many rockstars who curse that much. She looked drunk ahd fell down halfway through rebel rebel I’m sure she was lipsyncing… So much for aging gracefully at 60 something she’s still acting like a cuntish bint.

        People commenting on the video are saying she looks good for her age yeah but how much of that is botox,makeup and plastic surgery . Maybe spivey can do one of his famous comparison tests to get down to the bottom of this maybe its a imposter lol

          • Same old same old, TitSlapper, old pal… Some knob comes on here and calls a regular on here a cunt (or an idiot), yet they chuck all their toys out of the pram if they get a bit of stick back… Can dish it out but can’t take it… We’ve had ’em here before… People who turn up here to just slag others off, yet make no actual contribution by nominating their own cunts and just leech off other’s posts by trolling… Now, they are proper cunts…

            Also, regarding the ‘crime’ of ‘knowing too much’ about Star Wars (I know: call the fucking police!), I also like the earlier Bond films (Connery, Moore) and know quite a bit about them…. However, I dislike Daniel Craig’s 007 and the terrible recent films… How does that make one a cunt? They can kiss my arse…

  5. I don’t think this website exists to provide a platform for viewers to hurl abuse at each other, but to allow us all the opportunity to gang up on poor defenceless members of society who find themselves in the public eye and ruthlessly rip them to shreds. Let’s do that.

    • The majority of cunts we slag off have got plenty of fuck-you money, mostly undeservedly acquired, so they’ve got to expect a bit of vitriol.

      • I think Mr Allan meant we should direct our spleen at true cunts like Salmond, Bonio, Brand, Morrissery, etc rather than slagging off each other. If I’m wrong, feel free to call me at a cunt; I probably am a cunt but I’m not in the same fucking league as the cunts nominated on this esteemed website.

    • I think you have grasped the essence of the site well, Allan. I do ban trolls wherever I can and people who just hurl insults at other commenters count as trolls in my book. Plus we do have some standards and delete the worst excesses. With 3,000 odd hits a day on here it’s not always easy to spot them all and after my recent 2 weeks away, I’ve come back to over 35 pages of comments! We’re victims of our own popularity

      Ignore the idiots and leave them to us. Don’t even respond to them because responses can also get blocked too by the filters. Interesting, they seem to wait until I’m on holiday to attack. Clearly they know I don’t tolerate their shite

      • Agreed, Dio… The actual notion that somebody can’t criticise something because they know enough about it themselves is absurd… You could give a million examples: I loved the old boxing fights with Ali, Frazier, Liston, Big Enery Cooper etc… But I now hate boxing in 2016, because it’s merely a Sky TV circus full of posing ponces and knobs like Tyson Fury… How is knowledge a bad thing? Also, most people who go on about others ‘knowing too much’ are usually thick and pig ignorant themsevles… Knowing something is better than knowing nothing…

      • I would like to claim protection from being classed as a troll under the following.

        and a grudging regret I am to small to be a storm trooper!
        Also just to re claim my stake in the dead pool on vera lyn.

  6. Star Wars, is that the spaceship TV thing like Star Trek but with lots of humans playing being aluen cunts in the future? Thought not, now stick your lux sword up your yoga father.

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