2015 RBS Six Nations Media Launch

Fucking rugby! The game, not the town. 6 nations time again and I keep seeing examples of this pointless cunt sport, for cunts.

At least football has finesse, but you could remove the ball from a game of rugby and it would make fuck all difference! 30 blokes running into each other for 80 minutes obviously wanting to bum or give hand jobs to anyone they can get pinned down!

Fucking pointless and I just don’t get it.

Nominated by: Lance Armstrong

59 thoughts on “Rugby

  1. Yahoooo at last ?I fucking hate rugby, I hate the cunts that play it and I hate the cunts that watch it. I used to know a couple of rugby playing cunts, both self employed builders, one twisted his knee in a scrum and couldn’t work for 7 months the other got a neck injury and couldn’t work for 3 months, yup definitely a sport for the hard of thinking ? They got a weird sense of humour too, remind me of a bunch of coppers or squadies on a night out….cunts the lot of em.

  2. Ruby a sport for masochist pain seeking bellends , if your idea of fun is ending up with a fractured leg or in crutches bruised bloody and bothered go for it you dumb cunt. It hardly makes you more manly its just a more extreme version of american football. Playing ruby sounds as fun as getting raped by a ficki ficki muslim kebabing raghead open you’re borders goyim

    • With apologies to Stan the Man:

      Short and squat and mean and ugly
      The girl from Ipanema plays rugby
      And when she tackles,
      Each one she tackles says, “ARRRG!”

      Oh, she will hurt you so gladly
      They carry you off so sadly
      She keeps on coming so madly
      So you’d best get the hell of the field
      You can’t stop the havoc she weilds

      Hard and mean and bald and ugly
      The girl from Ipanema plays rugby
      And when she tackles
      Each one she tackles goes “Oh God me fuckin goolies!”

      • Always preferred Astrud Gilberto’s version of that song… I thought Sinatra shat on it, as he shat on a lot of things….

  3. Now isn’t that interesting – Titslapper and Rickie have the same IP address…

    So now Rickie is pretending to be Titslapper. Wot a tosser!

      • And if you can be arsed you can check guardian haters IP while you’re at it just by the by 😉

        • Rickie tired using pagliacci and titslapper’s handles and hopping IP addresses using anonymous proxies. Didn’t work. We still blocked him. I hasten to add it was him using those names not the people themselves buggering around. As far as I can see, Guardian Hater is clean. Its certainly not Rickie.

          He flatters himself that I moved myself from Blogger to WordPress just to block him (I didn’t) and that I never told him why he wasn’t welcome any longer (I did – he wasn’t listening). I’ll say it again : He starts off well behaved and then turns everything into an anti-smoking soapbox rant regardless of the subject. It just buggers up the blog.

          I suggested he start his own blog if he wants a personal soapbox, but he’d rather piss around with everybody else’s.

        • I’m not sure I follow then as you wrote this Dio..

          ‘Now isn’t that interesting – Titslapper and Rickie have the same IP address’

          Meh, you have your reasons to choose not to tolerate the cunt and this is your blog so crack on, from the little he did post he seemed fucking boring anyhow!

          Ps if anyone wants to be me carry on, if you do a better job you can take it on full time lol

      • lol why the fuck would I reply to my own post? genius No! he means rickie who posted as me has the same IP you’re delusional lol or at least naive, but yes go ahead and check guardian haters IP I Could Care Less. If you knew anything about guardian hater is he has been on this site for longer then I have but I’ve been more of a regular for about 1 and half-2 years. This isn’t a mystery it’s pisstaking for bellends

  4. well wrote about the mindless sheep-filth (proles) in ‘1984’ (1948).

    “The man’s memory was nothing but a rubbish-heap of worthless disconnected details. One could question him all day without getting any real information.”

    The sheep-filth have no idea how anything works, and have not the slightest interest in how anything works.

    All the sheep-filth are interested in are immediate low-level needs (mostly food and sex) and gossip about neighbors and celebrities.

    90% of the UK population are worthless mindless shit.

  5. Sorry Dio I stupidly used the idiots name in a comment about him which makes me officially a ****

  6. I nominate Donald Trump. The reasons are self-evident. I could spray paint a piece of dog shit orange, draw an angry face on one side, stick a red toupe on the top, and it would look exactly like him, only better. And at least it would just sit there and stink, rather than stinking and making noise. If he wins, I’m going to start a petition here in the US to become a British colony again, because clearly we’re not up to the task of self-government.

    • Can’t believe that cunts not been done already?! Living proof that making shit loads of money can’t be that hard, because he displays criminal levels of cuntishness. The drawling fuck head makes our Boris Johnson look like a sensible choice.

      • Not being up on Yank politics myself, is there any real chance that the worst combover since Arthur Scargill (cunt) could actually become the president of the United States?

        • Betfair go 5/1, some bookies are a s low as 7/2. Hillary Cunton is more or less evens favourite.

          • Dismayed American? more like Dismayed Liberal Poof. Trump is the only good candidate everyone else is a cuckolding politically correct bellend. Dismayed American you wouldn’t happen to be some black lies matter cunt would you?He Couldn’t be any worse then Barack Hussein Obama who hasn’t said a bad word about terrorists and muslims plus has been instrumental in supporting infinite gang rape migrants. But yeah keep on hating Trump because media tells you too lol

  7. Nickleby here. Just thought I’d post up with a different version of my name; it’ll take away the intellectual impact of any other cunt doing it first…

  8. He’s pretending to be Vermin Cunt Spotter now. Nice try Rickie, but the mouthwash ain’t making it. It’s pointless using proxies because we have plug ins that back track them to your real IP and block you anyway…

  9. I posted a nomination about NHS Beancounters that hasn’t been put up but I’m sure Dio has his reasons, let’s not get abusive and just get back to having a laugh.

  10. Football is for fucking queers, rugby is for massive fucking queers. All this “we are the fucking lads” shite needs to be balanced against the post-match communal bath, with much confused cock-waving disguised as “banter”. Even the puffs who got injured wait until everyone’s in the bath to join in the “fun”. Tiresome cunts.

      • I said “What the fuck is going on here? Anymore fucking about and I’ll have your guts for Garters. You cunts.

        I was referring to the cunt(s) fucking around with Cunters names.

        • Yeah – sorry. My fault. Got caught in the removal of the comment it referred back to!

          The cunt in question is a bloke called Rickie aka Dickie Doubleday. He’s a well known troll (ask Longrider, Counting Cats, and several others). We’re in the process of upgrading the filters to backtrack him through the proxies he’s using so bear with us.
          He’s also using other regular’s names to try and confuse us – which isn’t working but there’s bound to be the odd hiccup along the way. I know the IP addresses and emails that the real regulars use and he doesn’t, so he’s pretty easy to spot…

          Feel free to have his guts for garters. He lives in Norfolk if you fancy paying him a visit, but don’t let him rile you on here or he’ll be winning – and that ain’t gonna happen!

  11. I was working all day yesterday…. Has some cunt been spazzing about on here pretending to be regulars on this site? It might be that pig ignorant cunt who called us all PCs (You’re PCs!) the other day… Same twat who labeled us all as ‘skint…’ Why is it that these knobheads always have some sort of generalisation/pot obsession? This Dick (let’s call him that!) Scarlet shithouse said we were all skint… And does anyone else remember that humourless cunt who got offended at the word ‘Jock’ (soft arsed cunt!) and repeatedly called everyone on here divorcees? Human beings are funny people, and a lot of them are cunts…

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