George Lucas [3]


George Lucas is a cunt.

He sells out LucasFilms to Disney PIXAR (even Bigger Cunts) for 7.4 BILLION dollars, did not retain any rights to the Star Wars films, past, present or future.

Then has the guts to BITCH and MOAN about the new Star Wars film. Anyone could have told him that Disney-PIXAR are HUGE cunts who would take the cheap-and-dirty route to mega-bucks, by ripping off every bit of the first film that they could.

Plus add cunting ‘diversity’……female hero, black dude who no doubt will be banging her in the next film.

Piss and Moan George, you useless whining Cunt.

Nominated by: Gary

16 thoughts on “George Lucas [3]

    • Exactly, with 7.4 BILLION plus the few Billion he probably already had he could buy an Island, employ a few million cunts to listen to him whine all day every day. The cunt.

  1. There is something special about the original Star Wars films, way ahead of their time in terms of effects and story, and I love the Characters they came up with and the characters names. I am in two minds about the new one, good in parts but also shit in parts. We have the next 7 films to look forward to. What a piece of cunt.

  2. I saw the first Star Wars as a boy and it was fun enough, but a better title might have been “633 Squadron Meets The Muppets”

    • Storm troopers are not nazi’s per se(although kinda inspired) but the name was based off a paramilitary unit wing of the nazi party called Sturmabteilung

      • My point is entertainment should be free from politics

        Even when watching a football or rugby game there are banners about homophobia and racism,

        There is zero homophobia and racism today,the only racism is the anti white communist bullshit

        • “There is zero homophobia and racism today” I fucking hate those words racist it means nothing. The word has been successful in making people to look like the devil.

          The people who are anti-racist are just as bad if not worse. For example I once said the word nigger in frustration. While watching footy and my friends friend was appalled at what I said he said that all racists deserve death and that I should feel horrible for what I said and should kill myself if I don’t. Now notice the ironic hypocrisy who’s more evil? The person who wishes death on somebody? or me who said the bad word?

          You’re right the anti-white agenda is sickening It’s the main reason I have boycotted films and most tv(aside from cartoons). They always make the white guy pathetic weak and geeky and the black guy strong, superior and of course a bigger dick(is a 1-2 bigger dick really important?) women generally don’t feel more pleasure with a bigger dick anyway, if anything more pain. Race mixing agenda at work

  3. When George Lucas sold the franchise didn’t he say he was gonna give it to charity? but then said he wouldn’t what a backtracking cunt. I posted a parody of a music video with star wars themes awhile ago in another post its actually pretty decent for a parody some parodys are cringe worthy. Thankfully this one isn’t that bad with lyrics like “you treat me like a wampa and that feels so cold”.Lol #EmpireOnlyMatters

  4. Lucas proved himself to be a fucking cunt when he 1) started fucking about with the original films (Greedo shoots first and so on) and when he created the fucking abortions that were those three prequels. He’s had fuck-all to do with the latest film and fucking surprise, it was good. Lucas = childhood-pissing on cunt. And cunt in general.

    • You’re right the original films were splendid and for some reason look better on VHS and laserdisc. I think the new technology like bluray and dvd drained some of the life and colour from it just my opinion. Sure it looks smoother on bluray and what not but it just doesn’t seem right. New technology doesn’t always mean better just a thought.

  5. He looks (in your photo-montage) quite like that old perv Rolf Harris. I fucking hate Star Wars crap – if he had his collar felt for kiddie-crimes it would compensate for all that shit and give me a good laugh too!

    • His gigantic neckfat jiggles if you open it in another window I’m sure this was Dio’s intent but the coding didn’t work or some function blocked it.

  6. I’m not sure I am of a Sci-Fi

    I like those old war films, Sink the Bismark, I am ok with that one, Zulu, yes got the idea, front rank reload, all ok, Battle of Britain, shoot the fuckers down

    All ok so far, but Sci-fi, not really sure who the bad guys are, sort of want the Klingons to kill Captain Kirk for bad acting, sort of want the Death Star to do it’s stuff, just a bunch of annoying rebels and all that

    • “All ok so far, but Sci-fi, not really sure who the bad guys are”
      So you can’t enjoy a film unless you know who the bad guys are? I mean its fine whatever sci-fi is not your thing I just think thats a poor excuse for not liking it. I agree with the captain kirk thing though his voice always irritated me somewhat but those original star trek shows were fairly enjoyable like a B movie so bad its good but william shatner is a bellend to his fans I hear. BTW what a slow day barely no people coming on …oh yeah its friday today what a silly cunt I am

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