Emma Thompson [4]


Emma Thompson is an ignorant pro-EU cunt.

She had this to say on the in/out European union referendum, firstly describing the UK as: “a tiny little cloud-bolted, rainy corner of sort-of Europe … a cake-filled misery-laden grey old island

She continued:

I feel European even though I live in Great Britain, and in Scotland as well. So of course I’m going to vote to stay in Europe. Are you kidding? Oh my God, of course. It would be madness not to. It’s a crazy idea not to. We should be taking down borders, not putting them up.

I wonder where she lives? Do you suppose it’s an area that is likely to be swamped with immigrants coming from open-bordered suicidal Europe or in some very affluent place where all the faces are white? Fucking hypocrite.

Nominated by: Serena

( To answer the question : Thompson is married to actor Greg Wise, with whom she lives in London and has one daughter and an adopted son Ed. )

25 thoughts on “Emma Thompson [4]

  1. Greg Wise is a Cunt for not keeping his gob-shite wife on a shorter leash and she’s a monumental cunt for marrying a wimp and they’re both ocean going cunts for adopting a wide grinning pickaninny street rat called Tiddlywinks, or some such. What a complete smorgasbord of Cuntishness.

    She’s a CUNT!

  2. Cunts like this Thompson woman actually make me quite patriotic and proud to be British! Yes, it’s always raining and we like to moan but we must be doing something right, that’s why over a million Poles have come here! I’m not fucking European, Europeans are weird with their odd languages and funny money, all the cunts really want is to be British! Or just sponge off us. I think that daft hag Thompson just made those comments to get some air time, her films are hardly going to do it. But it is tragic that cunts like her get asked for an opinion in the first place, some out of touch, barely recognisable third rate actress. An authority on precisely FUCK ALL! A 100%, well deserved cunting!

    • Name a good film with Emma Thompson in it. Mmmmmm! Errrr! Nope , me neither. The utter Stratocunt (one level up from Ubercunt)

      • Not a fucking clue. She was in “The Remains of the Day” which wasn’t an awful book. Actually it was kind of shit as a film. Very dry. She’s fucking punching well above her weight, banging on about European politics.

  3. A very well-deserved cunting. Congratulations to Emma, she certainly deserves it after her exceptionally cuntish statements this week as well as deserving a claw hammer or handgrenade to be taken to that great square smug cakehole of hers..

  4. Although she is reasonably quick to get her tits out in films, they’re not all that. Also, anyone remember her comedy show Thompson? That she dared show her fucking face (and tits) after that shows the brass neck of the woman.

  5. She really is the definitive lefty, even going to the extreme of adopting a 16yr old Rwandan refugee, no doubt to enhance her pc left wing credibility, she spouts the biggest load of drivel I’ve ever heard, no wonder this is her 4th nomination and a well deserved one it is.

  6. Go compare …is a Cunt.

    Them and their advertising company both.

    It was bad enough with the warbling welsh windbag, but now, now they’ve teamed him up with a chirpy, chatty, cockney cabbie we’re getting into embolism country.

    That’s all.


  7. Am I being a thick cunt? But what the fuck is that in the new Is a cunt Logo/Title at the top of the screen? Someone tell me as its doing my head in. My guess is its a kind Horse!

          • I wasn’t born then but considering I’m a clapton fan of course I know that iconic photo(Chas used it on his new tricks cover).

            Clapton said about the graffiti “I never accepted that I was the greatest guitar player in the world. I always wanted to be the greatest guitar player in the world, but that’s an ideal, and in a way I was happy the dog pissed on the graffiti it would get people to stop saying that”.

            “I can always change it back if people don’t like it.” As long as its not diane abbott’s gaping wide pissflaps I could care less Dio. I’ve noticed a few new changes as well the random cunt thing,and the enlarged photo of Sir Limpy Stoke

          • Now its been explained its clear to me. I like the new random cunts bit and the Sir Limply Stoke shit bucket challenge and Dead Pool side bits but I am not sure about the Is a cunt Picture with the dog pissing on the wall, its ok but I did not know what the fuck it was until it was explained. I personally think it could be something a little more in tune with the theme of this Website. Although I think the one before did need an update. Thats my opinion.

          • @ Black white So you don’t like the dog pic? “little more in tune with the theme of this Website” little more in tune eh? this is Is-a-cunt not bloody Mumsnet. Dog pissing on the wall actually fits the theme of this site beautifully and it references both clapton and chas. Besides what would you recommend? you criticize the pic but suggest nothing

  8. Thomson, the massive up-her-own-arse cunt should move to the bell-end (literally and metaphorically) of hounslow, aka shittown, where the population has grown 19.4% between 2004 and 2014 (that’s about another 50,000 people). She’d love the multi-cultural diversity there. The brits are moving out (if they own their 2 or 3 bed house they can sell up and buy a castle in durham or somewhere) and somalians, romanians etc are moving in making sure the demand for school places is thriving. I don’t know how many of them are doctors or poets but then again i never knew any poets amongst the indigenous and most of the doctors were 2nd or 3rd generation Indians.

  9. @Titslapper, Its not the original picture in full, its the dog taken out of the original. I didn’t even know what the fuck it was until I was told. If you like it and think it fits with the theme then thats your opinion, my opinion is that unless you know the original picture you will probably not know what the fuck it is. You say I suggest nothing, Its not my website I am a contributor like you. All I am doing is giving them my feedback, whether they want it or not doesn’t matter.

  10. Does anyone have Emma Thompson and Benedict watsisface’s home addresses?

    Just wondering because I want to get business cards printed with these on to distribute in the Calais jungle.

    Only for the most violent jihadi rapists. Obviously.

    • “Free Board and Lodgings at Emma’s House, extras included. Come one, come all” in big letters would look great on the cards.

  11. I am French and if we act like British nationalists, we are labeled as reactionnary and conservative.

    Why staying in EU? To get some money from EU? To have a special situation?

    Most French people DO NOT WANT to stay in EU!

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