Cheryl Cole [5]


Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez Versini Geordie Slag is a cunt…

According to that X-Factor shite Cheryl is now ‘mentoring’ two black lads…
Not the first time that she’s done that, eh?

Apart from her being a totally unpleasant cunt (relatives in the north east have told me what a nasty little cunt she was, even as a kid), she is also an ugly cunt.. Bloody hell, I’ve seen more meat in a KFC box….

And now she going to change her name again by divorcing the latest poor sod to be lumbered with her!

Nominated by: Norman

30 thoughts on “Cheryl Cole [5]

  1. But she’s worth it, the skeletal northern slag, I only hope the Brazilian mug who married her has been bit by a mosquito and her baby pops out looking like a cabbage patch doll.

    • The football queer she was dating or married to (I neither know nor care) was the one who was sticking mobile phones up his arse with other football queers.

  2. Andy Cole could eat 6″ nails and crap out corkscrews he’s so bent so as he was lezza tweedy’s husband there will be no great shock when they both need the money and ‘come out’ at the point they have sunk so low they have to sell their stories to hello or some other magazine sold to the trollymongs of the world 😉

  3. I want to nominate isacunt. I’ve never heard of most of the cunts you cunt. Who are these cunts? If indeed they are cunts then you increase their cuntitude by cunting them.

    • I must admit to sharing your degree of ignorance in this. Maybe it’s an age thing or we are reading better quality newsprint but I really don’t have a fucking clue who some of these nominees are. Maybe this is a good thing, proof that Celebs are actually more invisible than we think.
      If it involved footie and/or their slapper spouses that’s me fucked straightaway being more of a darts/bowls/snooker fan.
      Nevertheless, some cunters on here do seem to know their cunts so there’s no harm in joining the stampede of hurling cuntitide, that’s my game plan and it helps to ease the annoyance of fucking Question Time and anything political.
      Ignorance really can be fucking bliss!

  4. I don’t think she’s a rug muncher
    If she was she would come out and be 100 times more famous
    I do agree she is a cunt and has no right judging x factor,she stopped being sexy a long time ago
    I hear that other x factor tulisa cunt is making a comeback

    • Of course she’d keep it hidden – just like Cowell does. Nobody in Britain would give a toss, but it would kill any hope of a career in the States.

      Just seems odd that Kimberley Walsh accompanies Cheryl on so many of her “romantic getaways with my other half”…

      • “Of course she’d keep it hidden – just like Cowell does. Nobody in Britain would give a toss, but it would kill any hope of a career in the States.” Not true USA is more queer then ever you even think about criticising poofs nowadays you’ll get a million strong army of homosexuals & media mongs wishing death on you like kim davis. Don’t forget gays can marry now it’s actually quite surprising this has happened in the states. Though I think the celebs and lawmakers want to force it on the largely antigay population(it’s like it happened overnight).

        I’m personally against gay marriage everything is so pro-gay nowadays it makes my head spin. Gay propaganda is stronger then ever they can’t have a film or tv show without putting a poof or shemale in it. Even childrens shows have this pro gay stance its baffling. I was reading about a 30+year doctor saying anal sex is dangerous he lost his job over it how we have changed.

        • So how come no major American Hollywood stars are out? How come no major American music stars are out?

          For all the propaganda, it DOES kill careers in the US.

          • Incorrect,here is a small list of succesfull American homos

            Adam lambert
            Nathan lane
            George takei
            BD wong
            Ricky martin
            Michael stipe

            Look at that bruce jenner faggot, when he chopped of his dick he was viewed as a hero.
            Homos are the new oppressed group

          • That’s a very short list but well put oy vey, hollywood is definitely getting the message across that it’s always been pro gay. “how come no major American Hollywood stars are out? How come no major American music stars are out?” Lol No it doesn’t in fact going gay is but the only way to make it in hollywood/music business. This isn’t the 1950’s-60’s anymore america is very pro gay. When you think of america you thinking about 1920’s haha but seriously the list is very long will smiths son is gay, jim parsons, neil patrick harris, clay aiken , ricky wilson from the b52s . I feel your just taking the piss or very naive

          • On a completely unrelated note, two if my favourite American Actors are Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

          • “two if my favourite American Actors are Tom Cruise and John Travolta.” Of* but really those Scientology bellends? speaking of poofs they are suppose to both be secretly gay . They are both instructed to masturbate to L ron hubbard get more thetan power. Kinda crap actors though they’re good at playing themselves.

  5. The thing about the X factor is that barely talented Karaoke warblers are judged by the monumentally untalented cunts who make up the panel.
    What a bunch of cunts.

  6. Cunt dial turned up to 11 on the whole X factor shite, 12 for the cunts that watch it or pay to vote for it. Cheryl looks like a plastic fucking minger but I did have a thing for the ginger one from girls aloud. Not sure what became of her?

  7. Algorithmic? You didn’t mean logarithmic, or even exponential?
    I did get a pass in O Level maths.

  8. How times change, Daddy Bear was horrified to see skincare products for men, he lives in dread of homosexuality becoming compulsory. I bought him a pink shirt once, he’s never worn it.

    • Keep ’em coming KC, I nearly choked on my ecig with your last two ‘asides’ , nice work!?
      Ooh look, I just emojied, my kids will be fucking speechless.

  9. I wonder if it possible to build a frame with a mattress on top that she would lie on and be pushed under an elephant so the elephant could fuck her.

    I bet she could do DP with elephant dicks if an elephant could be trained to lie on its back (so she could get on its dick and bend over for the other elephant dick up her arse).

  10. Don’t think chezza will change her name this time, she fucking loves it, isn’t that the only reason she married that gormeless cunt. If she wanted a fancy name why didn’t she just change it by deed pole, it would have saved her a lot of trouble I think.

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