Adele [3]

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Adele! Adele! Adele! I am sick to to death of this fucking cunt…

First I am tortured by her squawking crap on the radio where I work…

If it isn’t ‘Hello’ (yet another ‘a bloke has dumped me because I am a fat whining cunt’ song) then it’s ‘When We Were Young’ (aka ‘Before I was dumped’) or that pile of shite ‘The Rumour Has it’…Will somebody tell this pig ignorant tart that it’s ‘rumour has it…’ There is no fucking ‘The….’

And if she is not caterwauling, the silly cow is on telly going on about how she ‘bursts into tears spontaneously’ because her microphone failed or something…. The stupid chav got lucky hag wants to to try some real work or problems… And if that’s not enough, Adele is now on the front of every newspaper in Britain, blubbering a the Brit Awards and looking like a cross between Mick Miller (The Comedians) and a baboon wearing lipstick….

Adele is a cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

I keep hearing about Adele being so fucking great that I relented and downloaded (not bought mind you) her 25 album. I gave it a good listening – mainly to see if I could get to understand a word she was singing because her east end diction is fucking dreadful!

I’ve deleted now. Sadly I’ll never get those 45 odd minutes of my life back again and I really regret that…

And if Adele and Coldplay are the height of British music achievement then this country really has not got any talent any more. We’re fucked!

Nominated by: Dioclese

33 thoughts on “Adele [3]

  1. Irritating fat cow

    The rumour has it you eat a kilo of fried chicken 5 times a day

    The lyrics to hello are not about some fella dumping the chavvy whale,its about the fast food shop not delivering her food

    “HELLO from the kebab shop,I must have called a thousand times”

    The fat whale is a best mate to that useless fat cunt corden

      • I actually think hello is a decent song(its actually a well written song as far as adele goes kinda beatle-like) but we are getting the forced listening treatment (propaganda repetition).

        I went shopping at two(3 actually)stores a week ago guess what songs I heard in both stores Hello! blimey. Now if they would have played some Van der Graaf generator in one of them I would have had more faith in the radio. enjoy 🙂
        P.S. I sympathise with norm but adele is still better then rap hip-hop crap and rolling in the deep was horrible but unfortunately a catchy song which is the essence of a pop song.

        • Fuck me can’t see the cunts in hollister or superdry putting a plague of lighthouse keepers on I can imagine the totally nonplussed look on their faces the cunts! Can’t dance to it ,they’re fucked!

          • “Can’t dance to it ,they’re fucked!”
            Exactly mate the chav cunts would be baffled if its not in 4/4 they are screwed. VDGG can be a hard band to get into but once you start to understand them its a rewarding listen.
            I recommend the band to anyone but a small few will understand it. Its musically challenging in a sense not for the faint of heart.

    • In the words of wordsmith and a true god ‘Frankie Boyle’, “you should put your face in a meat grinder and go live in the woods”.

      • @Judge John Jizz, Frankie boyle used to be funny not anymore its just shock value bullshit with him nowadays. He can’t stop telling paedo jokes he used make fun of paedos now he makes fun of victims what a cunt. This is the same cunt who said BBC should sack Clarkson, Fuck the paddy cunt fuck him

          • “Boyle was born and raised in Glasgow to Irish parents from the Crolly area of County Donegal”
            The Boyle surname is about 1 out of 20 most common surnames in irish surname’s mate. He’s irish o’mate yes he lives in glasgow however that doesn’t make (him) scottish. He talks like a irish man too

  2. true, she;ll have to give the’ i’ve been dumped songs’ a rest.but ‘someone like you’ is sheer poetry ,sung from the heart.

    • If this cunt was black she wouldn’t get passed her first album. It’s the novelty that apart from the usual throwing up in car parks on a Saturday night after 9 liters of cider and a garlic kababm or being the prize of the no woman us too ugly after 3 am award it’s a rarity for a white whale to also get Song past a karaoke machine. And all cunts the same as her follow. Same as that cordon cunt.

    • A song written by ‘ Adele and Dan Wilson’ aye he would have witten the song and she would have thrown a couple of phrases into the lyrics more like. She s jst another Stage/Brit school pop star.

  3. I live in Hackney, and that fat ugly wig wearing, white cock sucking black slapper, will never represent anything in our borough, unless she has directed funds at it. What a waste of space of space she is. VOTE THE BITCH OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Adele – As fat as James Corden, as much talent as James Corden and as annoying as James Corden.
    A match made in fried-food heaven

      • Unfunny fat cunt who was in Gavin and Stacey, gatecrashed Doctor Who, infested most TV and award shows and is now the official court jester to celebrity cunts… Funny thing about it is if he wasn’t famous, these celebrity cunts would run a mile from Corden and the fat cunt would probably just be the thinks he’s funny but isn’t bore/pest who mithers people in pubs… Which is probably how he started…

        And Adele? Were it not for her ‘singing voice’ (it bugs the shit out of me, personally) the silly cow would probably struggle working in a biscuit factory or KFC… Unless she was tasting the merchandise, of course…

  5. You’ve got it easy in Aus we’ve got to put up with the likes of that cunt shame Warne on get me out of here and the best we can do for a host is a dumb cunt wanker fucknob vet since did any cunt make a vet a tv host fucking retarded if you ask me fuck you only had that cunt savile

  6. Tony Blackburn is a cunt…
    I read the Smith report (where Blackburn is referred to as ‘A7’) … Obviously a slippery character, I also recall Blackburn on one of those 60s nostalgia TV shows, where he bragged about how his ‘casting couch’ was a great way to ‘get the girls (note he did not say ‘women’)…’ I am also sure he mentioned teenage conquests too… This was around the late 90s (and before the Savile shitstorm), so nobody was really arsed… But when one looks at it now (basically ‘I’ll get you on TOTP, you give me one’) it shows what a slimy cunt he was…No wonder Tessa left the cunt…

    • Wasn’t there a Marty Feldman song with the line “Tony Blackburn’s TEETH are real, the rest of him is false…”??

      The herons of truth are coming home to roost, and I hope they empty their bowels out over TB before they settle in for a quiet night of beer and herrings!! (I’ve seen one of them empty out, and you would NOT want to be underneath…)

  7. Not in question she is a ‘Doner’ eating fat cunt, but can I draw you to the, so far not-cunted, Sam Smith?

    This fucking old queen once said in a ‘BBC Breakfast’ tv interview, “how he felt after winning (some shite) award”? The gay cunt replied (just have in your mind, the campest voice you can), “Ooooo, I’m emotionally drained”.

    What an absolute homo cunt!!! Try working in a shitty factory on a 12 hour shift as many of the hardworking people who buy your shit HAVE to!!

    • He is also a talentless cunt as he needed 8 , yes fucking 8 songwriters for his debut album. Now with that in mind what was it about him exactly that merited a record contract ? The ability to suck cock ? Btw it turns our Adelle also needs ‘ help’ with her songwriting.

  8. The country has got talented musicians its just that record Companies are not interested in signing them as they would rather have their little marionettes from Drama School, and TV ‘talent’ shows whom they can control.

  9. Strange that some see ‘Someone Like You’ as moving and from the heart… I thought it was theatrical over the top twaddle on a par with Tim Rice at his worst (when isn’t he?) and done for the good of the songwriters, publishing team, record company and Adele’s banks balances… And the person Adele had in mind when she sang it? She openly and proudly gobbed off in the press about how she punched the said bloke in the face (you know how she talks…. ‘I fackin’ ‘it’ ‘im, right? Right in the fackin’ mush, right? Cuz ‘e woz a fackin’ cant, right? etc’)… So hardly the song of lost love people think it is…. We all get, or have been, dumped… We just don’t make a song and dance, or living, out of it… Fuck Adele (not that I ever would, you understand)…

  10. Big fat fucking tone deaf tub of lard in a dress should be harpooned fat cunt!

  11. Stop whinging about being brought up by a single mum in Tottenham & having a hard start to life, you weren’t up a chimney at 6 or living in a shithole refugee camp.
    Blimp arsed bint.

  12. Those tits aren’t hers, by the way. I bet her tits look way saggier she’s 28 going on 48. I like her music though. She’s way better than those cunts LittleMix …

    • If Adele didn’t say a word, I’d happily bang her, but if she opened her gob at the wrong moment, it would proper deflate me, like putting a marshmallow in a piggy bank.
      Still rather do her than any of those Little Mix sluts though, I bet they’d keep a STD clinic going for months.

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