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The X Factor is strewn with cunts. I mean, it literally could not be more top heavy with cunts unless Chris Moyles got involved. Cowell, Cheryl the cunt, Grimshaw, Murs, the scraggy cunt that is Caroline Flack, everyone on the thing on ITV2 and of course every wannabe shit hole that appears from the first audition to the final.

But let me tell you this, if you one of these cunts that have their faces superimposed on things during the adverts, (and I include any child in that, don’t think those little shits are exempt) then you have managed to become the cream on a cunt pie.

Absolute desperate, attention seeking scum-bags.

Nominated by: Cunt O’Macunto

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    • You have that right TS and I suspect it’s cheap telly to produce along with all the other formulaic crap that is: talent, reality, fly on the wall, under cover and dare I suggest modern news, all nothing more than opiate for the non-thinking garbage that inhabit the couches of this sinking society.

  1. Yep, this was my Saturday night for weeks on end – no arguing with the long- haired General. Well here’s my analysis:

    The pretty young lass who ‘won’ the ‘competition’ won’t be so fucking happy when Cowell is spuds deep in her face, as per the contact they signed agreeing her as the winner before the whole series started.

    Murrs and Flack fucking deserve each other. These two would struggle to present an Am-Dram panto in a church hall without fucking it up.

    If Cheryl Ferna..whatever looses any more weight she’ll disappear (so fingers crossed, pet).

    Nick Grimshaw is a fucking gormless clown, who generally just sat there looking vacant, like a dead-eyed ventriloquist’s dummy, occasionally repeating what everyone else said when prompted. They only brought him in tick the gay box.

    Rita Ora obviously ticked the black box, well half a tick at least. Boring, devoid of any genuine emotion but managed to rustle up the odd crocodile tear – never quite beat Cheryl to it though. Better tits though.

    Finally Cowell… the greedy cunt. Giving away ‘his’ car in a competition for the masses that will earn him enough dosh to buy a fucking space shuttle. A smug bastard if ever there was one. The show is a fucking joke to real music, and all you’ve ever produced is bilge for mass consumption. The winners never last more than a few years, easy come easy go.

    Real shame is that so many people are so fucking devoid of any creative thought that they’ll just oink for more year on year… being kept right they want you…

  2. I don’t get all the love and hate fuss over X-factor (though I should add that I’m lucky enough in that I don’t have to watch it as the missus is too obsessed with cooking competitions and quiz programmes). Yes it’s shit and the “artists” and fans are morons but, since I turned 40 a few years back, have found that this applies to all music. Even music that I like is shit, it’s just something I outgrew like 16-hole doc martens, bananarama and wanking in swimming pools.

  3. FUCKING X FACTOR,havnt they finished with this shit yet,i want to cunt things that go on waaaaaaay to loooooong like x factor,big fucking brother,chris evans playing how do you like your eggs in the morning,strictly come dancing and all the other bollocks that wont die,also I want to cunt all the cunts that watch all this wank,cunts the lot of them,but most of all cunt who drive 911,s and correct other peoples spelling when they spell porker wrong…..you sir are a Germany supporting uber cunt


    Martin Lewis – Self Proclaimed Money Saving Expert

    These greasy little fucker deserves a cunting, he can be found on TV ‘saving people money’ and ran the MoneySavingExpert website.
    This greasy little fucker sold all of his subscribers details (10 million) to Moneysupermarket for £87 Million.

    He is a true cunt, he is part of the agenda to get smart meters in every family home in the UK.
    Currently most people remain with the same energy supplier, like their bank, for most of their lives.
    The government ARE going to get smart meters in every home and the only way they can force this is to get people to switch suppliers (under the guise of saving money).
    Once people have switched they enter a new contract, and more importantly new terms & conditions.
    One of these new terms and condition is the acceptance of smart meters, British Gas have already done it! (don’t believe me, read their terms & conditions!)

    The whole switching energy scam is to get people to enter new contracts and accept the smart meters under the guise you are saving money.
    It’s BULLSHIT, energy, much like the phone network with BT is a monoplised cartel.
    This is how the scam works:

    You go to the website, they say we can save you £200 a year if you switch to this supplier.
    You switch by telling them your annual usage in KW/h.
    Your first bill is estimated at under 1 quarter of your annual usage (you think you are saving money).
    The second bill is the same, as is the third, then on the final bill for that year you get a hugely over estimate bill and you give them your meter reading, then you get billed for the exact amount over that year and because it’s a monopoly you end up paying roughly the same as you would of with your old supplier.
    No fucking £200 saving.


  5. Just read about some daft cunt in Norway who believes that she is a cat trapped in a woman’s body. Good job she don’t live in the UK, straight to the top of the NHS waiting list she would be, along with those other deranged tranny cunts, and weirdo’s saying that its her right to be whatever she wants.Bollocks to the poor people with cancer and every other illness that they are entitled to receive care for.

  6. Isn’t ‘x’ used in algebraic equations where one doesn’t have a fucking clue what it is? QED…..
    I were shit at maths by the way so I might have got it all wrong

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