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Tyson Fury is a complete cunt with ridiculous ideas, in this country we still (just about) have the right to freedom of expression as long as violence is not incited and I don’t believe that the idiot has done that.

I am really worried about our seemingly decreasing right to free speech, it has already been stopped by Muslim apologists by the use of the ridiculous term ‘Islamophobia’ and by certain Muslims who are prepared to kill for any perceived slight to their prophet.

Maybe I should also cunt religion in general for being granted far too much respect whilst not having a shred of evidence for the existence for any of its claims. Religion is the basis of Tyson Fury’s opinions, but sadly the Bible/Koran etc. give credence to all these appalling ideas.

Ian Sawyer who has reported Tyson Fury to the police for hate crime is a right cunt too.

Nominated by: Serena

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  1. I nominate David Cunt Bowie for waiting until he pops his fuckin clogs (even with an 18 month heads-up) only to leave his $100m fortune to his family, who let’s face it do not appear to be fishing about in any gutters. Is it just me, or is the real reason this world is in the fkn state that it’s in is because of cunts like Bowie who make shed loads of cash throughout their miserable fkn lives and refuse (through a concotion of fear, need, greed and ignorance) to responsibly re-distribute it as is his existential fkn duty as a ‘human being’. I’m quoting that Scots philanthropist Carnegie now who said in his little pamphlet called Wealth (published in 1889, which every rich cunt should be forced to read until it starts bleeding from their eyes), that the man who dies wealthy dies in disgrace. I for one would go further and say that the cunt who lives in vulgar ostentation, Bowie et al., does not just live without grace, but lives outwith the realm of the ‘human’. Any of these post-human greebos (not entirely alive as their new nomenclature now suggests), like your Morgan Freemans or your Johnny Deeps (a mind so deep he‘s now a walking talking caricature of himself), who have so much cash that they simply end up buying private pin-striped jets (first class no longer good enough) or Caribbean fkn islands. Or Nicholas Cage, and his chateaux, and 9 (8 weren’t good enough) Rollers… etfuckincetera.

    I am not for a minute suggesting that the money be redistributed to cunts (without money), but to responsibly think of places and instances that could use the money to benefit the planet (and all its inhabitants, minus the cunts) as a whole (instead of stoking the fire for more fkn greed). Such planetary philanthropy (where the anthropos bit actually applies more to the land and its animals, the true non-cunts of this world, than to ‘man’, who, let’s face it, has rapidly become a-cunt-through-and-through since his industrialisation and ‘enlightenment’) is a moral obligation in a world where ethics, elegant frugality, and ‘living poetically upon the earth’ appear to have been sidelined for more commodification antics.

    Here’s Carnegie:

    ‘Yet the day is not far distant when the man who dies, leaving behind him millions of available wealth, which was free for him to administer during life, will pass away “unwept, unhonored, and unsung,” no matter to what use he leaves the dross which he cannot take with him. Of such as these, the public verdict will then be: the man who dies thus rich, dies disgraced’.

    Unfortunately, then, and since most of the greebo world appear to be in the same mindless boat as Bowie (in terms of ignorance and not wealth), he is celebrated and commended for stashing his dross. Not word one (in terms of critique) on any news site about leaving all that cash to his fkn uber-rich kin. Cunt-through-and-through!

      • Its like I said everyone has a copy of Low but no one listens to it! yet its considered his best. I like a few bowie songs I can name maybe 10 if I’m lucky but I’m not gonna let the grief jacking go to my head its nauseate’s me. I always thought bowie was a better actor then musician but theres no accounting for taste then again… his artificial hard-on in labyrinth that was pretty sick shite. The cunt also wants his ashes scattered in bali what a special snowflake.

        • ‘Low’ is the chinstrokers choice… Cunts like Tony Parsons, Charles Shaar Murray and Paul Morley big up Bowie’s ‘Berlin’ period because it was in the punk era (more shit!) and he hung out with critics darlings like Iggy Pop and Lou Reed… Bowie’s best stuff was his early 70s work like ‘Hunky Dory’ and ‘Ziggy Stardust’….

          • I am happy to announce that I don’t have a copy of ‘Low’, in fact I hadn’t even heard of it. I have never considered, for one second, buying a Bowie record. Does this make me unique?

          • “Does this make me unique?” Only if you want it to make you unique but if you do happen to buy a bowie LP I wouldsuggest ziggy stardust or a compilation like the one I have “Changesonebowie” like norman said

        • I have ChangesBowie too,TitSlapper…The view in general of ‘Low’ is like these critics who slobber all over ‘Exile On Main Street’… It has its moments, but it is no way the Stones’ best work… ‘Sticky Fingers’ pisses all over it, and the Brian Jones era ‘Aftermath’ and ‘Between The Buttons’ are arguably the classic Stones line-up at their 60s peak… The praise ‘Exile’ gets is more about the myths of outlaw chic and decadence that have been built up around it year after year… Not at all about great pop or rock and roll songs, which both Bowie and The Stones were very good at..

          • Too this day I don’t see why Exile on Main St is so highly rated its only savinggrace is shine a light, happyand Let It Loose EOMSwas a crap out album it was jaggers and keefs excuse to pretend to be black chicago hard rock blues band.I also don’t like it because from here on out they startedto do dirty hard rock/blues. Personally I alwaysenjoyed their ballad/pop type songsmore play with fire, salt of the earth, moonlight mile and ruby tuesday stuff like that. I could go on & on but I cherish the jones wyman era awhole lot more. Bowiewas a good trickster/imposter he fooledpeople into believing he was a musician he was more of a trend setter and icon because of his makeup costume changes. He also rarely sang mostlytalk speak shite.

  2. He could have at least given a decent chunk of it to that cunt of his first wife, as with a bit of luck she would have bung so much of it up her nose, veins and arse, she would be up there before him by now.

    I would second that cunting purely on the basis of that.

  3. Fury is a brain dead pikey cunt with a line orf scabby oirish hangers orn up his arse.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Sir… Fury is a cunt of bogtrotting, car park prizefighting gyppo scum stock…

    • and he’s got a feckin’ stupid name…sounds like something you squirt under the rim and leave overnight to dissolve piss-stains.

      • True… Only a famliy of chavs would name their son after a convicted rapist who also bites people’s ears off…

  4. I was stupid enough to watch the Klitschko/Fury fight and would have to say that Fury is indeed an 18 carat cunt.
    The fat pikey tosser spent most of the 12 rounds pulling faces and fucking about instead of actually fighting. Klitschko is at least 8 years past his use by date and cunty Tyson still couldn’t put him away. In his prime Klitschko would have destroyed the outspoken wanker. For the gobby Irish prick to now sound off about how he’s the best/baddest/meanest fighter out there is a complete fucking joke.
    RIP heavyweight boxing.

  5. I would like to nominate braindead Islamophile Jess Phillips for a cunting.

    Haven’t been to Birmingham for a long time but according to this dumb bint, every Saturday night in Broad Street is like NYE in Cologne. The two cities have broadly similar populations, so comparing them seems reasonable.

    800+ sexual assaults, rapes and robberies on one fucking night in Cologne. Meanwhile, West Midlands Police report 5 serious sexual assaults in Broad Street in the past 12 weeks. Yes, Mizzz Phillips, those figures seem pretty similar; Brummie birds are in exactly the same danger as those German woman in Cologne. You fucking thick cunt.

    I don’t know which is more nauseating; the Kuffarphobia* of the Islamists or the factophobia* of their “progressive” apologists.

    (*I can make up words too.)

  6. Serena… Have I missed your point?

    Don’t get me wrong it’s a proper cunty rant, but you say he’s a cunt, (not in dispute) because of his comments and expressed views. So, your reason for cunting him, must then surely go against your main ranting, about being able to have free speech.

    Forgive me if I am the cunt here?

    • Im with you JJJ as I have no idea what her point is. To be fair she probably posted it whilst pissed I know I do.

    • I’m sorry if I didn’t make myself clear – not unusual! My point was really that although he is a cunt, he should have the freedom of expression to say what the fuck he likes as long as that doesn’t incite violence and he should not be reported to the police by the IAlwaysTakeOffence brigade.

      The reason I like this site is because people can have strident views (which I won’t always agree with) without being moderated.

      • There is moderation or posts ‘somehow’ get lost in the ether. Their site their rules.

    • By the way, I have no excuse for my cunting being so ambiguous as I do not drink alcohol (never liked the taste).

  7. Tyson Fury is champ coz there are no longer any Mike Tysons,Cassius Clays,Joe Louis”,Marcianos,e.t.c…………………

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