Stuart Rose

Stuart Rose Britain Stronger IN

Lord Stuart Rose is a cunt.

He’s head of the Britain Stronger in Europe (BSE) campaign.
Here’s a quote : “I believe the British people are extremely intelligent and extremely well-informed”

I believe he’s either (a) lying, or (b) extremely full of shit
Either way he’s a cunt

Nominated by: Frottom

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  1. Sadly I think that we’ll end up staying in a Europe that seems to be culturally falling apart, it’s like the guilt-ridden political leaders of the West are committed to destroying all the hard-won stability that we’ve come to take for granted.

    • To political types “Intelligent and well informed” simply means sharing the same views and opinions as them…

  2. “I believe the British people are extremely intelligent and extremely well-informed”

    Yes, that’s we we want to get the fuck out of the festering cess pit that is the EU

  3. I don’t see, how paying fifty odd million quid per DAY, and having to put up with nothing but shit and contempt from the EU, a corrupt organisation whose other members clearly despise us and want us only for our money, makes us stronger. This country is nothing but a dumping ground for our so called partners to get rid of the shit they don’t want on THEIR streets.

    Anyone who campaigns for the UK to stay in the EU, is not just a cunt, they’re a filthy fucking traitor.

    • The biggest traitor was Ted Heath who is recorded as saying about the EU
      “If we tell them the truth, the public will never go for it!”

      Heath did more damage to this country at the stroke of a pen than Hitler managed in 6 years of warfare…

      • “If we tell them the truth, the public will never go for it” seems to be a theme running through Tory history. Here’s former Tory Cabinet Minister Michael Portillo admitting that the Tories don’t dare tell the truth about what they plan to do to the NHS or they’d never get elected:

        (I’m not making a point about whether or not the NHS needs to be reformed, the point here is Tory mendacity).

  4. By the way, did anyone have Alan Rickman in their deadpool? He’s died of Cancer today. I’m actually quite sad over this, I thought he was a fantastic actor. He was brilliant as Hans Gruber, but he was even better as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince of Thieves. No other actor could get away with the line “AND CANCEL CHRISTMAS”.

    • Murdoch please! Seems bizarre to live in a world where Rickman and Bowie are both dead at 69, but Murdoch is not only alive at 84, but planning his next wedding.

      • Well kirk douglas probably has mere hours to live in that case the old bastard is 99 for fuck sake and he just donated $15 million to the Motion Picture and Television Fund to help create a state-of-the-art care facility for Alzheimer’s patients the cunt. Alzheimer patients is probably code for babies so he can eat them to preserve his life the sick bastard. 

        • Don’t wish old Kirkie any harm. Apparently he has throat cancer or the like?
          On the other hand it would give me my 7th dead pool win…

          • Actually you’re thinking of Michael Douglas his son who got cancer by eating out snatch. You can’t please a women sexually that way so what’s the bloody point. Eat some smelly fish instead its cheaper and healthier. Kirk is still in tip top shape at 99 yrs and eats babies somebody should stop him.

  5. The case for being in the EU seems analogous to a parent telling a child to “eat their greens”

    When asked why, the answer always is “because it just is, now shut up”

    A bit like mass migration, it’s good for us, “because it is, now shut up”

    Actually no, I’m not going to shut up. Fuck off

    We don’t need political union to trade widgets between sovereign states, we have been trading throughout the world for centuries, without this artificial political construct.

    Sure we need to manufacture stuff to an agreed standard, that’s why we have the British Standards Institute, we do not need the EU, we are a big grown up country, not some rag arsed Eastern European beggar province

  6. kanye west, his cunting whore of a wife, in fact the whole fucking family, in a jet flown by tony blair & david camoron, with angela merkel as the stewardess, and them cooper-balls cunts as stowaways, which runs out of fuel and crashes into a french barbed wire/dynamite/firework factory. That would be a good day.

    • …a barbed wire/dynamite/firework factory that has been overrun by hundreds of ravenous giant crocodiles, just in case.

      • Thanks, I didn’t think of that, but while we’re at it, lets hope a herd of refugees had peacefully broken in as well.

          • Potential screenplay for a cracking action movie here, Schwarzenegger could turn up at the last moment… and NOT save them all.

    • And the explosion at the dynamite factory causes a spectacular blaze at a garden party: where the Beckhams, Wills and Kate, Madonna, Brad and his slag, Angelina, Tom Cruise, Ant and Dec and Simon Cowell are drinking champagne and being cunts…

  7. I’m a cuckolded dumb cunt and hate my own race next time you see me please rape me and assault me I need to be culturally enriched by foreign invaders it’s my sick twisted fantasy oh and fuck stupid lorry drivers who have a tough time with violent migrants.

  8. Just got a free subscription to a magazine called the new internationalist.Some arsehole got me to sign up and I thought it may be interesting but it is as far left as you can imagine !Suffice to say I will be uploading many nominations of most of their writers including a notable feminist “comedian”who is about as funny as a perforated colon and has the same moral sense as Jeremy Corbyn!

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