Rich cunts on games shows


What’s with these rich cunts who go on TV game shows to win more money, when they don’t need the fucking money?

I watched Tipping Point the other week and a fucking Headteacher won a shit load of money, and we all no most Headteachers earn £60000-£110000, fucking greedy cunts. I think he wanted the money to put in his open fire to keep the house warm.

Nominated by: Bob Bob

13 thoughts on “Rich cunts on games shows

  1. A fucking headteacher – well at least they’ve taken a break from telling everyone that they have the hardest job in the world… It’s no just greedy cunts either, it’s the over-confident, attention-seeking cunts that just want their mug on the tv – I always grin when take the greedy gamble and then lose miserably…

    Also, modern gameshows are just so dull – the hosts are generally just suited mouthpieces devoid of any personality whatsoever (although Bradley Walsh is pretty good, a bit more old school) – Mullhern is the fucking worst on Catchphrase – boy have they ruined that show!

    I watch the re-runs of Bullseye on Challenge – now there was a gameshow! Bowen didn’t have a scooby what he was doing and the banter was awful but at least he had some warmth about him! But the contestants were generally ‘normal’ people and quite often didn’t take the gamble if they had already won a reasonable amount of prizes.

    For me, best gameshow host ever was Richard O’Brien on Crystal Maze – great host who actually had some character! Wasn’t as good when Tenpole Tudor took over, but he still gets kudos for Sword of a Thousand Men…

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  3. On the subject of rich cunts.

    I would like to cunt “Londons Biggest Street Party”

    Ok So, lets all put in 150 Quid – and go join WIlls Kate and Harry to Celebrate Grans 90th. The richest family in England, charging the ones that pay them 150 to join a 90th birthday celebration?

    My Grandmother turned 90 a few years back. She is blisfully resting now but no cunt paid 150 to come see her. And she would have both turned up and cooked if they did.

    Maybe ISAC sould book a whole table, for all to show up and let the real comments fly. Id love to see that on the BBC.

  4. I am cunting fuckwits on gameshows.
    No, not the sort of gameshows designed for fuckwits, presided over by bearded cunts – opening boxes etc
    But fuckwits who go on shows where you need some general knowledge. And they have none. Fuck all. Zilch.

    You see them time and again knowing fuck all and broadcasting their fuckwittedness to the world.

    Gormless cunts with zero self respect or awareness.

  5. Just as bad (or worse) are lottery winners who say they won’t give up work thus depriving someone of a well needed job.

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