Refugees welcome

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Now this is a cunt… Don’t know the pathetic munter’s name, but what a cunt…

This daft bitch wants to have a night out in Cologne, and she’s probably a ‘feminist’ because no (sane) bloke will go fucking near it… It’s when one sees twats like this that we know the human race is eventually doomed…

Nominated by: Norman

27 thoughts on “Refugees welcome

  1. I wonder how this feminist would feel when covered from head to toe in black, confined to the house and regarded as property?

    What a stupid cunt. The problem is Islam. These stupid lefty cunts don’t get it. Moslems are right and righteous and we are disposable. Isis, Boko Haram etc are orthodox Islam much like Iran, Saudi and the Gulf states. (Can anyone point out any significant difference?) The only upside is that they hate each other more than they hate us.
    Stupid cunt well cunted.

    • The core issue underpinning this is that the left very slowly started to paint this utopian view that no culture is inferior to us no matter how they behave as they created this tidy little narrative that blamed the west for everything and portrayed everyone else entirely blameless.By doing that it meant that people who now criticize any non–western civilisations views on women ,violence conduct and values are shouted down with the phrase “Islamaphobia” which is a contradiction in terms is Islam isn`t a race it is a religion which is very different.Funny how you never hear the phrase “Christianophobia” or “Hinduphobia” or “Secularphobia” even though those groups can be treated in a prejudicial way.

    • I Hate these immigrants welcome, banner waving fucktards with a an intensity almost matched by my hatred of the goat fuckers and rapists they would welcome into our once great country given half the chance. A whole bus load of the crusty soap dodging ,dole queue hogging , benefit spongers turned up in our local town a while ago waving their placards accusing anybody with a different view to theirs of being racist. On who’s behalf are they welcoming these fuckers in? Not mine I can tell you. The cunts

    • Spent the last eight years trying to understand islam. No matter which “school” of islamic tradition or how ever may hadiths I struggled with the bottom line is always; if you aint a muslim you are a cunt. You convert, pay the tax or die thats it really simple. This is the ideology our wank stain “leaders” are giving equal value to our hard won rights and freedoms in fact usurping said rights and freedoms in many cases. In no shape or form can Islam co-exist with our society and be of any benefit apart from bettering itself at our expense. I did not like coming to this conclusion but what I have read and been advised leads me to that conclusion. The eu must be funded by saudi arabia to be such a complete bunch of megacunts. Merkel fuck off please etc
      etc. One wonders why we have Trident.

  2. The bubble these types live in constantly surprises me. Nobody is against a few migrants, but millions at a time is quite another story. Maybe she is recalling her student exchange experience and the friendships with foreign families who billeted her. Also, she must be deluded to assume her silly opinion represents the attitude of others.

  3. I find it hilarious how feminists always stand up for Islam when it clearly subjugates women.If a white man told his wife or daughter to cover up they would go to the police under this new “emotional and controlling abuse” law that I believe has just come in but they wouldn`t do that to a Muslim as it would be “culturally insensitive”.Third wave feminism puts race above gender and will tread over their fellow woman and piss all over their principles of equality and female liberation in favour of cultural diversity.Feminists love going on about “safe spaces” whereby only women can attend their meetings but don`t want innocent women in Cologne to have a “safe space” where they are not at a higher risk of being sexually assaulted.The hypocrisy of those tofu eating deodorant hating drug loving idle ignorant cunts makes my blood boil!

    • Have to admit to liking tofu! What I hate about these feminists is the double standard. If a bunch of white fascists were coming to settle here from the USA she would be the first to protest against them being allowed in, but the Islamofascists who happen to be mainly brown-skinned are welcome no matter how disgusting their ideology. This is a reverse sort of racism which I find so dishonest. I really despair of left-wing regressives, they will be the downfall of our culture.

  4. Remember when burka merkel said bringing in 1 million Rapeugees was a economic miracle that will make europe richer? well she lied. Burka Merkel should be tortured raped and beheaded… for allah of course sillys,the reliEgon of peace working in mysterious ways again.
    Also these dumb feminists must feel pretty stupid for holding up signs welcoming terrorists and rapeugees they seem to be silent during the cologne sex attacks. Feminists will always listen to her zionist masters I swear the leftists will destroy this world.

  5. This four eyed lefty fucking cunt just has to be a fucking student, you know the cunts that happily accept a free education with open arms and then stab the honest hard working population in the back via the so called students cunting union. Well, unless I’m mistaken, students and/or their stinking pox ridden fucking union have yet to be cunted here, so I therefore nominate these festering fuckpigs and their organisation for the most severe of cuntings imaginable. These mega cunts represent just about everything that’s wrong with this country (and probably the rest of the world) today, so bring it on cunters, give these fuckwit, lefty fucktard shit stains the massive cunting they so richly deserve.

    • What the fuck do students need a union for anyway? Just pass your fucking exams you cunts.

  6. I’ve just been reading about an islamic ‘cleric’ Fadel Soliman, in the Express. Apparently, he’s been allowed in to the UK to do a lecture tour of Universities. Allegedly, Soliman is a vocal advocate of domestic violence, though he denies it of course. And it’s not the first time he’s been here. Over 500,000 dickheads signed a petition to have Donald Trump banned from the UK, for saying that he wanted muslims banned from the US for a certain time. Why aren’t the same voices calling for a piece of shit who advocates violence against women to be banned?

    It’s yet more proof that the left are not only hypocrites, but are very happily sucking Islam’s cock.

  7. There was a loud cunt on the train the other day tearing up about 7-year-olds not being allowed to have transgender surgery on the NHS.

    The dirty orange slag had tattoos on its face, about 50 rings in its ears nose and tongue, and spherical rubber tits (that were hanging out and smelling bad, with DIY tattoos of names on them – “left” and “right” it looked like).

    This cunt then started shouting that all migrants should be allowed ‘in’ and how ‘she’ wanted to put one up in ‘her’ student accommodation, but the university (a polytechnic day-prison for idiot filth that hands out arse-wipe degrees for £60,000 a pop) would not allow it (and the decision was racist).

    Next the poxy bitch was whining about being skint, not being able to get a job as an Enrichment Officer (WTF is that!) with her local council (because they were cutting back on essential services – ‘she said’?) and how ‘she’ would never be able to afford to buy a home or even a car.

    To get to the fucking point – everybody under 30 is a cunt. They have been so brainwashed by state education (“no reading today children – we are going to learn about the joys of sodomy and diversity breeding”) and the media (“Buy a £50 plastic sofa stuffed with used jam rags!) the cunts are clamouring for their own descent into miserable wretchedness and even extinction – yet they still have some rudimentary grasp of reality but illogically always go against their own interests to follow conditioning.

    Fuck em all – the cunts. They do not deserve a decent life .

    “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the wogs of war” on the mindless filth.

    • I am 21 and don`t think I am too much of a cunt but I know many people who fit that bitches description and they are all uber-cunts who would stick their tongue up a migrant rapists arsehole rather than get a job.They blame everything on everyone else and have no responsibility.It is always someone elses fault.

  8. Angie Bowie is a cunt…
    Which rotten piece of woodwork did this old hag crawl out of? Yet another freeloading slag who uses her ex-husband’s more famous name, because no one will recognise her own… This old witch is now on Celebrity Big Brother and basically dining out on the fact that she was David Bowie’s wife 40 years ago… How pathetic is that? And the myth (put about by this old gluebag) about the Rolling Stones song ‘Angie’ being about her is bullshit… Keith Richards mainly wrote the song, and he stated that it wasn’t about anyone and it was just a name he came up with… Some rock stars can be cunts (Lennon, Jagger, Page, Crosby) etc… But those who live off their fame, like Courtney Love and Angie Bowie, are even bigger cunts…

    • Even if it was about her it doesn’tmake her any better she is still a coattail riding bitch. Plus Keef claimed in his autobiography that the name Angie was a pseudonym for heroin, and that the song was about his attempt to quit using it while detoxing in Switzerland. Burka Merkel also used the song in her 2005 campaign the traitorous bitch, she should of used sympathy for the devil the cunt!

      • After the recent disgusting events in Cologne, I think ‘Midnight Rambler’ would be more appropriate, TitSlapper…

        Sometimes a name can just be in someone’s head… One day at home my mother mentioned the name Judy… She didn’t know where it came from or why she thought of it… But two years later my youngest sister, Judy, turned up… Keef’s daughter is called Angela…

  9. She need to fuck off the the nearest Islamic shit hole during her “gap year”, see how she feels after that.

    If she likes it that much, dont bother coming back.

    Dippy bint

  10. Ah, she’s a feminist (cunt) who is against islamaphobia (double cunt)….at least until her pets turn nasty and gang rape her before leaving her for dead.

    Get youself down to Mile end you stupid, middle class cunt, spend a bit of time with the locals and then call daddy to come and pick whats left of you up from the rape clinic in his range rover.

    Stupid, stupid fucking CUNT!!!!!

  11. IS have a similar poster “I am a terrorist feminists welcome”. IS know that the average left wing progressive liberal has no clue about reality. Now Corbyn is turning Labour into the political arm of any terrorist group that would like representation in parliament we can expect more assholes like her to appear. Get them on a plane to Syria for a hug a terrorist campaign.

    Hopefully they choose the terrorists with the wearable tech. Bang.

  12. This cow is just virtue signalling to the world. Look at me what a wonderful human being I am. Fuck off you dozy cunt.

  13. The women who lived off George Best where as bad using his name. Cheryl Gascoine she’s another one.

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