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I have to say I think online casinos and the fucking million of fucking ads deserve a good cunting.

To keep almost constant casino/gambling ads to be televised means there must be no shortage of retarded fuckers who keep feeding them money. There is a well known saying that says the house always wins fuckers and it’s true gambling retards who keep it funded. You would be better off making more effort at your day job. You will be better off in the long run…

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

7 thoughts on “Online gambling

  1. Review shows are a celebricunt magnet!

    I have been trying to think of a name that describes this cunting and that is what I have come up with. You know the shows I mean where they get a load of past it, washed up Celebrities who get no work so they end up on these shows. It was alright in the seventies, and all the other nostalgic shit titles they come up with are crap shows. Some unfunny cunt or cunts tries to be funny recalling how ‘wild’ it was back then or how ‘you couldn’t be like that these days’. That Sinitta cunt is always on them and that ‘Comedian’ Romesh Ranganathan is usually on them as well talking shit. I don’t know who are worse, the cunt ‘Producers’ of these shows who can’t come up with anything original or the Celebricunts who accept offer to talk shit on these shows. One thing is for sure you watch these shows and they get worse as they go on, and you then start to realise these Celebricunts think the show is all about them and how they felt about whatever the stupid topic is. The cunts.

    • You’re dead right, cunts who have done fuck-all of note in their “careers” expressing outrage at “racist / sexist” etc etc attitudes, or remembering in great detail a scene broadcast when they were two. Because they’ve just watched the fucker. Fortunately, with most of the source material available on DVD / YouTube there’s no need to watch this sort of shit any more.

  2. Those bit part actors prancing about like twats in the Wink Bingo ads are annoying dignity-free desperate cunts…

  3. any cunt daft enuf to think ther gonna win long term is a propa cunt n deserves to lose every penny they got

  4. I got banned from all Cassava gambling sites for , they said, gambling in a professional manner, or in other words winning, they still owe me 300 quid the swindling sods, still, got a couple of good holidays out of my winnings. I don’t do it anymore got out while I was ahead.

  5. Good Cunting.

    Some gamble on line, some gamble on the market some try one out of six chambers; we know what we are getting in to, but, the problem is the vultures endlessly playing on peoples weaknesses; I would personally like to play on their own weakness of being unable to stop a .303 with their foreheads.

    Invidious ads: Cunts!

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