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Michael Sheen deserves a cunting. This mostly Los Angeles based luvvie recently did a stint as guest editor on some show on BBC Radio 4. In his closing commentary, he told everyone that he was sick of hearing calls for the foreign budget to be diverted to help people affected by the floods here at home. In other words, the non-dom, far left fuckwit, doesn’t think that people flooded out of their homes should have THEIR OWN MONEY spent on them, instead of being given to some bent, savage fucking warlord in Africa.

I’ve never really liked Sheen. As an actor, I consider his ‘talent’ to be adequate at best. And in interviews, he’s come across as smug and somewhat arrogant. Until his outburst, I’d neither liked nor disliked him. And that was despite the fact that he proudly displayed his far left fuckwit credentials by appearing in one of the many guilt trip adverts for Water Aid, or some such ‘Charidee’. Now though, he’s a cunt.

Worst still, he’s a cunt who spends most of his time in Los Angeles, where he’s shagging the ‘comedienne’ Sarah Silverman. So really, it’s none of his fucking business. I’M sick of seeing ads, fronted by multi-millionaire actors, asking me to give “just £3 per month” to help buy a well, or blankets, food, tents, blow up dolls, inflatable sheep, etc. If each of those pricks donated a couple of million of each, they wouldn’t NEED to make those guilt trip ads. Not that they work on me.

Obviously, Sheen is entitled to express his opinion. Even if it does make him look an ignorant, far left, arrogant, smug, fuckwit tool. He could easily have mitigated his stupidity by donating some money to those who are currently homeless, due to forces beyond their control. After all, that what he’s been urging us to do with his guilt trip ad. But no, not a fucking penny. I’d love to know how much he’s donated to Water Aid, or whatever charidee it is that he holds out the begging bowl for. I’ll it isn’t much. And if he has, I bet he’s claimed it back in his taxes.

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13 thoughts on “Michael Sheen

  1. Clearly Sheen is a cunt…
    …but that which also needs a good cutting is this fifty years since England won the World Cup ballix which is polluting the tv now.
    Yes, very good, great job England for winning, but fucking hell, what must any German think when they watch that.
    Wise the fuck up you pathetic TV cunts.
    Surely no England fan will brim with pride watching it now?

  2. Sheen is indeed a cunt, and he was dire as Brian Clough in the extremely bad and almost entirely fictional ‘The Damned United…’

    England were fortunate to have some great players in 66: Charlton (Bobby, that is… Not that Plastic Paddy cunt, Jack!), Banks, Moore, Stiles, Ball, and they were also unlucky in 1970 (Peter Bonetti was a clown!)… But I agree that is pathetic that 1966 will be so bigged up this year because England have done fuck all since the days of Bobby and Co….. Italy have won it four times… Germany about the same… Brazil have done it a few times… But what do England expect when they make cunts like John Terry, Stevie ‘Scouse Cunt’ Gerrard’ and that fat cunt Rooney captain? And the roll call of managers? The FA either appoint some cunt who has never won anything ever (Turnip Taylor, Woy Hodgson) or some flash foreign cunt who knows fuck all about the English game (Sven, Capello)… Cockney cunt he may be, but El Tel was the only man who showed promise as England boss…

    My favourite World Cup was 1982… Brazil vs Italy, Bingham’s NI side doing Spain, Maradona getting sent off, Zico, Robbo’s goal against the Frogs… Magic..

    • Yes, Bingham’s NI side doing Spain.
      If any football manager deserved a knighthood it was Billy. A great manager.
      (I haven’t the heart to put him in my death pool because he is such a legend).

      • That was a fine side: Big -Pat Jennings, Nicholl, Armstrong, O’Neill, McCreery, Hamilton, Whitesiide, McIlroy… And they were all Ulstermen, unlike that joke of an ‘Eire’ team in the 90s… Jack Charlton just got any fucker who couldn’t get a game for England, Scotland or Northern Ireland… I remember Manchester United ‘keeper, Gary Bailey saying in the late 80s, ‘If you have an Irish Wolfhound, Jack Charlton will have you in his team…’
        And it’s no secret that George Best hated Jack Charlton… Bestie ans Bobby had an uneasy relationship at times. but Georgie despised Jack…

        And unlike Bingham’s attacking NI team, Jack Charlton’s side were boring, long ball cunts who didn’t deserve the coverage they got in 1990 and 1994…

  3. “Obviously, Sheen is entitled to express his opinion”. Bugger that. Actor/celeb cunts have a devious money grubbing pool orf closet commie shite in place orf where their brains should be. These are not real people. They do not inhabit a real world. They spend their time play acting like spoilt children.
    Have wasted too much orf me life paying them their exorbitant wages, kissing their egos and gluing their shattered little souls together. Any thanks? Do not hold your breath. They are already thinking of the next job and vanish in the blink orf an eye leaving yours truly shafted once again and left to pick up the pieces. A word orf advice to any sadomasochist oit there thinking orf getting in to the producing dodge. Shaft the cunts before they shaft you. Ready to accept me Oscar now.

  4. Christmas grief adds totted up to £45 in one three minute add slot.

    “Can you watch ngumbozoo starve to death”? Yep; not my fault. £3.00
    Sally Army: Homeless. Cradle to the grave? Speak to Hamoron. £19.00
    Crisis: Ditto above. £22.00
    Water Aid: We’ve loads to spare in Yorks, I’ll send some. £2.00 p/m.

    Ask the banks to print some money for your worthy causes and stop pestering me ya Cunts!

  5. I like Sheen and I would have the sex with Silverman. But as I’ve mentioned many times, I am a cunt.

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