Griefjackers [3]


Celebrities & plebs who post epitaphs & eulogy’s on Twitter when someone famous has died are cunts.
Posting a Tweet when someone dies make me sick, if it was not bad enough every fucking celebrity posts a Tweet –

Case in point: Dave Cameron posting this on the news David Bowie has died

I grew up listening to and watching the pop genius David Bowie. He was a master of re-invention, who kept getting it right. A huge loss.

Oh fuck off Dave! You never liked him. You never listened to his music. Just name a song he recorded and recite more than one line, NO, you cannot do it.

Then you have every other celebrity cunt posting the same pointless, devoid of any true sentiment, generic RIP Tweet because they have to show some kind of empathetic remorse. It makes no difference 90% of these cunts never knew David Bowie, but the PR machine demands they Tweet, total fucking herd mentality!

And as for the general public, don’t get me started, I bet if you collated every RIP post on Twitter today it would total fucking billions, all the same self-indulgent, narcissistic platitudes.


On the plus side, someone must have had Bowie in the dead pool

Nominated by: Boaby

( Regrettably, nobody had Bowie in the Dead Pool. Ed. )

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  1. For many years from the age of 15, I was a huge David Bowie fan, you could say I was obsessed! I went to see him many times and bought all his albums. I must admit to crying quite a bit over the last couple of days. I’ve never cried for any other pop star/celebrity/royal wanker (I could not understand all the grief over Princess Diana), but for me David Bowie represented my youth and I’ve been taking aback by how bereft I feel for someone I didn’t actually know. I’m sure I’ll never cry over any other celebrity but in my case it’s got nothing to do with narcissism as I’m usually quite cynical about these things.

    • “I was a huge David Bowie fan” Thats ironic I’m a huge fan of bowie hunting knifes cause I’d like to stab the all his griefjacking cunt fans. Some say the best music david bowie made was when the old geezer croaked unfortunately the cunt didn’t record it, and he was too lazy to nominate himself for deadpool the bastard.
      The session musicians who worked with bowtie bowie were more talented like rick wakeman, and mick ronson(who he fucked over). Bowie stole the personas of others like scott walker, syd barret and others. At best david bowies best stuff was the ziggy stardust era, he was a mediocre vocalist too but thats mostly why he has spoken word/talking songs, all his griefjacking bellends are out in full force this week thats for bloody sure.

      • Ronson was a fine guitarist, and Mott’s ‘All The Young Dudes’ is the better version of the song..

        • It’s actually the exact same version of the song with Hunter singing over Bowie’s guide vocal.

          • I’ve always liked the ‘spoken part (never mind all this ‘rap’ bollocks!) that Ian Hunter does at the end of the song…

          • How do people keep getting this song wrong bowie doesn’t do backing vocals on mott the hopples version. Although There also exists a version consisting of the backing track for Mott the Hoople’s version with Bowie’s guide vocal that was included on certain radio edits and the 2006 reissue. A variant of this version, combining Bowie’s vocal on the verses with Ian Hunter’s on the chorus. On the original version Verden Allen & Mick Ralphs does backing vocals so there are 2 versions 3 variants one released 72 MTH and david live album.

    • Born 62
      Started with Bowie 69.
      Punk with Strummer and the clash 76 onwards.
      Bowie throughout.
      Music at its best.
      People can criticise. I like to enjoy the best musical people in this country.
      Oh. And Bowie was a true gent!

          • “And Bowie was a true gent” “who was? chasc ” I’m assuming Bowie but I’ve heard from others that he (bowie) was a egotistical cokehead so his mood shifted directions alot.

          • I’d take Chas’ lyrics ahead of Bowie’s any day in general – but I’m biased as we work together a lot on videos and stuff. He does my Xmas songs and I do his videos.

            Mind you, his lyrics ain’t that good all the time. Sorry, mate!

            Nobody’s perfect tho’ are they?…

  2. Good on ya boaby.

    What the fucking hell is going on with the people of this once fine country? Wall to wall boo hooing and an avalanche of tributes form the usual suspects; did you see the pointless twats in Brixton last night. Kin’ell! I complained to Sky Spews to the effect that their over the top coverage was pathetic! Had all other world events been suspended for the duration? They must be too overcome with emotion to put their best hack on to it:

    “Thank you for writing to Sky News. Your email has been sent to our editorial team.

    We get a large volume of correspondence and we cannot send out individual replies to all the emails we receive. However, we welcome your feedback, and your comments are seen by our news desk and production staff. We may act on your comments, even if you don’t receive a personal reply.

    This email is automatically generated.”

    For fucks sake get a grip England.

    Good riddance you Cunt. More air for the rest of us.

    • Let’s see if they manage to wedge a bowie tribute onto look north or calendar… fucking media cunts and the sappy bastards that fall for their shite.

      • Funny you should say that: this morning, Bloomberg TV to see if the markets had crashed overnight, no, but an interview with………………………


  3. I would like to nominate my car and the cunt who built it!
    My car apears in a number of online documentries on “how to fuck up a decent car for my vanity”
    Due to excelent editting he neglected to show thos slight slips with the grinder as he cut the body down (cunt)
    The fact that he forgot to put the body mounts between the chasis and body (cunt)
    He saved a few pence swapping structial steel for shelf brackets (cunt)
    used duct tape in place of electrical tape (cunt)
    belives twisting wires on to teminals instead of using conectors is ok, (cunt)
    in fact the guy is a total cunt if nothing more, his use of 5A lamp cable instead of the proper stuff just enforces my view that he is a total cunt.
    My car is a cunt too for letting him do it to it.

  4. Im just waiting for the tribute from Bono – probably in Song Form.

    Oh what about the cunts that painted a portrait on the wall to make a shirne?

  5. Age UK are cunts…. A mate of mine lost his girl (who he’d been with 11 years)l in a car crash only last year… He’s worked solid since he left school (He’s now 38), but after the crash he went to pieces and lost his job… Those soulless cunts at his local Jobcentre have shown him no understanding… They have teamed up with one of their other Tory collaborator bedfellows (Seetec, I think they’re called) and put him to work in a ‘charity shop’ called Age UK… These cunts are basically ’employing’ a decent and honest man who needs grief counselling 9 to 5 for fuck all… It’s not just that though, In my dinner hour (I work at the bottom of Deansgate) I went to Bury to pick something up, so I popped in to see him… He’s a shadow of his former self and seems lifeless.. And the shop? What a fucking shithole! Selling crap that nobody wants, and full of loonies, foreign cunts on the blag, and scrotes who stink of BO and piss… Now, that’s bad enough, but his ‘boss’ is also a total bitch… I have witnessed her today barking at her ‘staff’ like Sybil Fawlty shouts ‘Basil!’ only worse… She talks to him (and others) like crap and how a bastard schoolteacher (we’ve all had’ em!) does to kids…. I’ve told him to just fuck them off and that his mates will look after him… But I think he just wants to get out of the house… He ‘s too good for a dump like that… And Age UK – for exploiting vulnerable people and being up Duncan Smith’s arse – are utter cunts and a plague on their so-called ‘charity’… Scum…

  6. As I suspected, Angie Bowie is griefjacking and cashing in: with a staged performance of blubbing on Celebrity Big Brother… Funny that she should be so ‘upset..’ The old witch had been slagging Bowie off for years until yesterday… She claimed that their son (Duncan Jones) doesn’t like or talk to her because David turned him against his mother… The more likely scenario is that Angie Bowie is a cunt…

    • Celebrity marriages are a train wreck this is 90% the case, the funny thing of celebrities is with all the money and fame they are unhappy people. For someone who divorced bowie 36 yrs ago she’s sure cashing in on his name quite crass and attention grabbing I say but she did play a pretty big part in bowies stage persona plus costumes and was pretty hot to trot in the 70’s but in the 80’s the effects of cocaine was destroying her looks.

    • Exactly. She hadn’t spoken to her ex-husband for almost forty years, the marriage broke down acrimoniously and she seems to have spent the intervening years badmouthing him at every opportunity and now she’s acting as though she just lost her soul mate.

      I once met Bowie’s ex-manager Ken Pitt and asked him why he thought Bowie’s fans were so fascinated by Angie (something I’ve always found inexplicable). “Simple,” he replied. “They just want to meet the cunt David fucked”.

      Pithy and precise.

      • It’s Yoko syndrome again, Fred… The old hag has to use the name Angie Bowie just to get noticed… Like Bianca Jagger split with Mick decades ago, but she still uses the Jagger name… Another one is Alex Best (Georgie’s last mrs, and a cunt!).. And If Yoko hadn’t married a Beatle (and ruined The Beatles!), nobody would give a fuck about her…

        • Cher did the same thing when Sonny Bono died… Years of bad feeling, fighting over money and slagging him off… Yet when he croaked there was much wailing and theatrics (and, of course, much publicity) from the one with the plastic cheekbones (and nose, and tits, and arse etc)…

          • You only have to click on her Wiki page to see her ‘worth’…

            Angela ‘Angie’ Bowie…born 1949 married English musician David Bowie until their divorce.

            If she hadn’t married him no cunt would of even heard of the worthless crone.

  7. Norman, on a serious note, your friend shouldn’t be working at this time, his GP should help out with a sicknote, he shouldn’t have to be subjected to bullying at jobcentre, he needs time to get himself together.

    • I agree, mummy bear… What gets me (and him) is if he mentions it to a jobcentre person, they either don’t bat an eyelid and move on or act like he’s trying to pull a fast one… He’s not the man I used to know, but I hope he will be again… And these so-called ‘civil servants’ wouldn’t be out of place in Nazi Germany…

      • Having been made redundant myself once, I also had the misfortune of signing on for a year (thank god for PPI)
        I found them to be the most unhelpful and sarcastic people I have ever met.
        I think the only way forward for your friend would be frogmarching him down the doctors and have him refured (GP,s can do this, I have an injured colegue who has rather complex mental issues who has sucsessfuly taken on the job center and had his benifits returned)
        Then with the correct documentation and counciling they will be off his back and he could have a chance to sort his life out.

        • He did actually say to me ‘knock me out, so I can get some sleep..’ I didn’t hit him like he asked, but something’s got to be done.. He also said that all these jobcentre cunts are women… He said there were a couple of lads, but they were the OK ones… While the women there are the cunts who get off on the job… Probably because they don’t get any at home…

          • More likely with the women that work there their husbands are the boss at home so when these power mad bints get to work at the job center at 9am every man they get to see is THEIR husband…and they’ll show him who’s the boss now, just you watch us…

      • Im sure seeing the boss get rightfully chinned, in the shop, would at least make some if his day. Very Sad story.

        Publish the addrress and try to make that happen?

  8. Bowie actually played at roker park in Sunderland back in the 80s. Why fucking shithole Sunderland of all places. He started the show by shouting out “good evening Newcastle”. Ha ha there was a few unhappy mackems that night. But to cut a long story short the gig was shite !

  9. I also hate griefmonkeys who who also pay tribute to those they didn’t even like… He can be a cunt, but I admired Paul McCartney’s reaction when asked about Allen Klein popping his clogs… None of that We had our differences, but he had his good points’ crap from Macca… He simply said ‘I don’t want to speak ill of the dead, but he’s gone, has he?’ But the look on his face and the tone of his voice said ‘Like I give a fuck…’

  10. Personally I’ll never forgive Bowie for those unfeasibly tight, err… tights that he wore in Labyrinth. From the bottom down he looked like a lilac version of Erol Flynn… or he just had a pair of socks stuffed down the front. Either way the BBFC shouldn’t have allowed it!

    • I watched “The Man Who Fell To Earth” on TV as a boy, that was one weird fucking movie…..

          • Thanks Norman.

            Marc Bolan was a seriously good guitarist and IMHO much under rated. Much better than me anyway – not that’s saying a lot!

            Interesting that one of Bowie’s greatest assets when on tour was Davey Johnston – later in the Elton John Band for many years. Davey was a session man and like Big Jim Sullivan an accomplished musician who could play guitar in just about any style on demand. Watch out for him in the Bowie gig videos. You can’t miss the long blond hair.

  11. I’m going to pass on reading it. All i’ve seen so far is horrendous sour grapes from way way way less successful wannabe one night a week pub singers with the mentality to match, dreadful sync videos that would make the most amatuer muzicunt singer feel like a success but in reality everyone else cringes with embarrassment watching it.

    Insurmountable jealousy plays a large part of this deceased successful musician sniping, bottom line is David Bowie was better than you in every way, in life and even in death, deal with it, live with it….I suppose you could always write a fail song about it that only your die hard blog cronies will listen to, well some of it, maybe someone can throw in a shit still frame video to go with it that a first year art student produced whilst having an epileptic fit.

    Yup all I need now is a link to the drum machine pub singing cunt which I will never click on who thinks he’s a legend in his own lunchtime because he once met someone famous in the ‘biz’ who met someone once who was in the ‘biz’ yet still managed to fail, priceless 🙂

    Erm keep it real looooooool

    • To be fair I think you should listen to music before you condemn it? And it’s all a matter of personal taste…

      I don’t think you write off a
      guitarist who once played with John May all that glibbly either. It was good enough for Clapton after all!

      Plus I don’t think he’s ever used drum machine on any of his 14 albums but I might be wrong? Just saying…

      • Sadly I listened to it from a link you posted here, it was shit, so was your video, just sayin!

        • You’re entitled to your opinion.
          Which bit constitutes ‘it’ as a matter of interest? I hope you’re not just going by our piss taking Christmas shite?

          • I believe the link you posted was a song about complaining with your video to match, I then went on to click to a few of Chas C’s other songs, quite honestly dreadful, the best way I can describe why is if there wasn’t a gap between the tracks it would all sound the fucking same song!

            I will concede this is about personal taste but I will also add my first job was working in a record shop so I got used to playing and listening to a wide variety of different genres however I think I am quite acutely tuned to middle of the road raspy folk shite, it may well have a cult following but as far as i’m concerned it simply has some cunt following it!
            I will also mention you are at least more tolerant to adverse replies than I am, that is all.

          • Fair enough. At least you listened before you decided you didn’t like it. What I hate is people who decide something is crap without listening to it first.

            In the guy’s defence though his New Tricks album peaked at 33 in iTunes blues chart in the US – but I will grant you that given the state of modern music that’s not saying much!

          • Considering chas doesn’t have a multi-million dollar studio I think he does just fine and bowie’s recent drivel is quite pathetic. Of course his latest review is getting 4’s and 5’s but of course mainly because the grief jacking committees blind allegiance his song lazarus is PISS i’m not giving him a A+ just because the poor fuck got cancer If you can get through 3 minutes of it you’re dumber then me. I know some of chas c’s stuff is a bit 3rd rate but alot of it it demo or a rough draft material which has a daniel johnston kinda feel to it. I think he could flesh out certain songs with better arrangements or reworking lyrics. Then’s nothing wrong with the drum machine either you just have to know how to utilize it to the full potential more then half of the music from the 80’s best music used a drum machine.

    • I’ve been reading the comments on here about my music and views on Bowie and would just like to say a few things.

      I was ‘in the biz’ as you put it back in the mid sixties and have played my fair share of pubs and clubs. I wasn’t an amateur as I got paid for the gigs but I wasn’t a solo performer – always in a band. Some of the venues I could name and the bands we saw and occasionally worked with there: The Toby Jug at Tolworth, the Crawdaddy, Ricky Tick, Bluesville Manor Green, The Nags Head Battersea, Eel Pie Island Twickenham. The bands? Free, Ten Years After, Fleetwood Mac (the original), John Mayall, Chicken Shack. One gig we did at Eel Pie there was a new band called Pink Floyd as the support. They did a lot better than us.

      Many bands cut their teeth on the pub circuit (Yardbirds, Stones). Nothing wrong with that.

      As regards my music, it’s a matter of personal taste as has been said. Benjamin Britten is rated as one of the best composers of the 20th century but try as I may I’ve never found a single thing of his that I like. This doesn’t mean he’s rubbish. It just means I don’t like his stuff.

      I am concerned that you find all my tracks the same although it has to be said that the same could be aimed at Status Quo and it never did them any harm. I am a guitarist and songwriter. Because I cut my teeth in the 60’s British blues boom I tend towards that style as, it must be said, does Clapton although I’m not for a moment comparing myself to him. He’s in a totally different class.

      I recently did an accoustic album ‘Unplugged’. ‘Old Friends’ is unashamed pop music. ‘Blues Merchant’ is a mixture of accoustic and electric blues. I’ve done punk, humour, electronic/techno (I did use a drum machine on that and abandoned the style as I was crap at it), folk, and God knows how many other labels you want to hang on it.

      As regards wannabe, I always say better a has been than a never was. I haven’t made a fortune out of music. I made my money in the IT business and it enabled me to retire in my early fifties and go back to the music I love doing.

      I did have some success with ‘New Tricks’ in the US even though I don’t think it’s my best album. The Russians seem to love it as well as it’s all over the pirate sites there. ‘Who Needs TV?’ went down well in South Africa. I also seem to be doing OK in India. What was the old saying ‘He’s world famous in Clapham’ or something like that?

      Re Bowie, am I jealous? Not a bit of it. Like Britten, I just don’t like most of what he does. Not all of it, just most of it. Technically I think he’s good at what he did and was a competent musician and an accomplished live performer. Like Elton John in his earlier days he knew how to put on a show. I like to give credit where it’s due.

      Was Bowie better than me? Well that goes back to personal taste again and what I said about Britten. I think ‘different to me’ would be a better description. You can’t compare apples with mangos just because they both grow on trees.

      Incidentally, loved the ‘legend in his own lunchtime’ quote. Rutles wasn’t it?

      Given that the last two tracks I released were Moan Moan Moan (150bpm heavy blues rock) and Naturally Superior (Accoustic tongue in cheek humour) I’m not sure how you can say they are all the same? I hope you’ll give me further listens across more than one album before writing me off totally but it’s up to you.

      Finally, thanks for the feedback. Good or bad, it’s always welcomed.

      • I actually haven’t listened to much britten chas but I enjoy classical music like varese,debaussey,wagner,Penderecki ,and carl orf. Classical music at it’s best can be quite enjoyable but the elitist establishment of classical music can be a turn off sometimes with its precise clinical playing with little variation.

        • Still struggling with Wagner, but I’m very partial to Mozart, Puccini and Verdi.Beethoven’s Fidelio wasn’t bad either so it’s a shame that he only wrote one opera.

          Know what you mean about opera bores. I have a friend who used to sing at Covent Garden. He refused to listen to Russell Watson ‘because he’s rubbish’
          “Have you ever listened to any of his stuff” “No” “Why not?” “Because he’s rubbish!”
          I suspect that what he actually meant was that he earned a lot more. You should always listen before condemning

          • Struggling with wagner? personally I think he’s a genius ride of the valkeryies, flying dutchman , The Ring of the Nibelung. Mr bugs bunny agrees with me at least At heart wagner was a progressive rocker unlike other composers he would intentionally produce long compositions to weed out the nay sayers. Take The Ring of the Nibelung for example a 10 hour opera 10 bloody HOURS(also a 15 hour one) and critics thought Yes’s Tales from Topographic Oceans was pretentious and long. Stop being reasonable? haven’t heard that one yet pagliacci but I was just saying its apples and oranges when it comes to music and as bad as some of chas’s stuff its not as bad as david bowies recent album but again just a isolated opinion. Bowie in the 70’s was quite good better then his cocaine crazed let’s dance shite. A few suggestions of chas c’s better tracks rewrite your life(great track I could see this one being covered) , saturday night and faking it.

          • Thanks Titslapper. Ride of Valkyries? I’ll give you that one. Great piece of music that always reminds of Robert Duval “I love the smell of napalm first thing in the morning!”

            ‘Rewrite Your Life’ is one of my favourites too. I like both the original and unplugged versions. Ditto ‘Faking It’.

            My personal favourites are ‘The TV’s Broken’ (went down well in South Africa for some reason), One for the Road (love fast heavy rock) and one of my earlier offerings ‘Mid Life Crisis’ (again the original and unplugged versions). There. That’s my self indulgence over for the night.

            I thought about Pagliacci’s comments on arrangements and production. I deliberately tried to go back to simple uncomplicated basics – 2 guitars, bass, drums but I can see what he means. But then again he’s picked the name of a half decent opera by Leoncavallo as a handle so he can’t be all bad.

            I guess I’m a songwriter longing for a band to perform the stuff really – but in the meantime I’ll do it myself!

      • Thank Christ someone else thinks Ben Faggot Britten was a talentless stave-shite. His entire meaningless rambling, almost all of it written for public school dormitory drones, is complete bollocks. And he fucked off to avoid getting his hands dirty during WW2, taking a leisurely cruise with his chocolate starfish loving mate Peter Queers. Totally useless nonce. Wagner – now you’re talking, just don’t mentiion the war. Stumbled across this terrific site by accident, tell me to fuck off if I haven’t got the hang of it – technically a cunting virgin.

        • Just be grateful you don’t live in Aldeburgh…

          Peter Grimes performed on the beach last year. Fucking spare me. I always say if you can’t find Aldeburgh, just head east and follow the sound of clashing dustbin lids!

          • I watched 5 minutes of it on telly, mostly out of curiosity, not that any craving for enlightenment was in any way satisfied. The one downer was that it didn’t piss it down and sabotage the pre-recorded ‘orchestral’ backing. No wonder the old queen buggered off to live there – you could roger the entire local population senseless and no one would notice.
            Billy Budd is the opera that says it all , one of the few with an all male cast. Oh, and the infamous Lost Boys scene from some crimbo parp he ‘composed’ – says it all really. Time for some tinnitus inducing Valkyries to rinse the whole sordid business from my psyche.

  12. Angie Bowie is a cunt, we all know that… Saying to Tiffany Pollard (who? I hear you ask) on Celebrity Big Bullshit ‘Don’t say a word… David’s dead…’ The whole world and his dog knows, Angie, you crabby old cuntscab… And when hearing this ‘news’ this Tiffany person ran around screaming : becuase she thought David Gest was dead ( and how is David Gest snuffing it a bad thing?!) … Somebody please put a pipe into that television studio and gas these mongs….

  13. Cara Delevingne is a a cunt…
    Another nondescript rich little cunt who had everything handed to her on a golden plate (like Mark Ronson, Taylor Swift etc)… No talent whatsoever, just rich parents who grease palms…
    Cara Delevingne also looks like a man… Give her a tache and she’d look like one of Lynyrd Skynyrd….

  14. David Bowie is a cunt.

    Not to be confused for was a cunt. IS a cunt. For dying and making us put up with all the greif jacking shit. From a list of cunts to long to start with and marrying that cunt that now beleives she needs to mourn.

    I am not sure if its the first official Dead Mans Cunting, but I think he needs it.

    • I shall have to ‘correct’ my wayward daughter later (Stanley Kubrick ‘Shining’ style). One of her mates just told me she has been watching the Harry Potters today and having a reet old boo about it. Stupid bint – get over it, he’s gone.

  15. Dylan Jones is a cunt… The slapheaded professional chinstroker and GQ editor is in full griefjacker bullshitter mode: saying that Bowie had more influence than The Beatles… Fiirst off, it isn’t a pissing contest: or about who did better than who… Second, it’s bollocks… Like them or not The Beatles changed the game for everyone… And they did it (mostly) without silly costumes and ‘stage personas’… It begs the question, as good as Bowie could be, would he have been as big without all the costumes, image, the playing of the media and Ziggy? I’m not saying Bowie was without talent, but what would Ladyboy Ga Ga be without her image, stylists and her ‘controversial’ bullshit? I shall tell you: fuck all… Dylan Jones says while The Beatles reinvented music, Bowie reinvented musical genres… Typical hack chinstroking crap… What exactly did Bowie (re) invent? Glam Rock? Soul? Disco? that New Romantic shite? He dabbled in them all but he didn’t invent or reinvent them… Bowie was good in his pomp. but inspiring every pretentious and crap band from the 80s onwards is far less than what The Beatles achieved… So fuck off, Dylan Jones, yer bald cunt…

  16. What is worse than griefjacking? Selective griefjacking…
    Like people were killed recently in Indonesia by those IS cunts, yet there was no Indonesian flag lit up over Wembley, no Bono or Madonna going to pay ‘tribute’ (with TV crews there, naturally), and no massive ‘We are all Charlie’ Twittermong frenzy… How is one IS lot of murders more important than another?

    There is also celebrity selective griefjacking… On The Rolling Stones Twitter pages there are loads of gushing tributes for fellow rock star, David Bowie… Yet not a word about the late Giorgio Gomelsky… Who did far more for the Stones and their rise to the top than Bowie… The cunts…

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