Flood aid


Lack of real help for the flood hit North of England is a cunt.

We should not be sending (or seriously reduce) foreign aid to rich countries and help the fucking British people (who have contributed through taxes etc to the foreign aid budget anyways) who are living in flooded homes and keep getting bombarded by more rain. This clearly shows the cuntitude of this Government and Gideon Osbourne keeping his foreign friends happy with aid, probably in return for British trade contracts or a nice holiday home etc.

Seriously this is a pisstake, and that cunt Michael Sheen who said we should not take money from Foreign aid to help flood victims is a clueless moron with money than sense Cunt.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

Oxfam are an insensitive bunch of cunts holding out the begging bowl on telly for water aid for Africa at £3 a month while the North East is under water.

Charity begins at home. Bill Nighy needs to fuck off to Yorkshire and Cumbria and hang his head in shame for taking part in this tasteless piece of shite!

Nominated by: Dioclese

30 thoughts on “Flood aid

  1. Water Aid for Africa. What isn’t stolen or paid to bloated charity directors (about 2%) is used to put wells in which are looted before the cunts get on the plane back to Blighty.

    • Even better is that the wells they are digging are poisoning the locals with naturally occurring arsenic.

      Sadly this doesn’t sterilise them, which is frankly the only way that the dumb cunts will ever manage to get themselves out of the poverty / starvation cycle.

      • Africa is a real shithole all the aid we send them goes right up their arse. The politicians in africa are about million times more corrupt then the apartheid government. Its interesting to note that africa under black rule was more disastrous then white rule. The end of apartheid brought genocide, race wars, looting and mass starvation. Thank Marxism and the joos! let’s not mince words the jews destroyed africa and put psychopathic dictators in charge.

  2. That luvvie cunt Sheen should be dragged to York and put in a submerged property that he would have to stay in for the duration… The little overindulged fucker would be crying like Gazza on CS Gas….

    Another thing is why do these celebrity cunts only adopt African babies? Because it’s trendy? To make themselves look caring and good (even though they behave like satan’s turds at airports and hotels!)? Or is it a status thing (that Angelina slag has got one, so I’ve got to have one!)? If I was going to adopt a kid I would adopt one from Manchester (or Britain), where I’m from… Give a kid who comes from the same streets as I did a chance… Black or white, boy or girl, that doesn’t matter… But just like these floods, we should look after our own… Kids aren’t trophies and fashion accessories, and they shouldn’t be vanity projects for dried up Hollywood slappers….

    • Well said Norman,

      Why didn’t Angelina adopt one of the many Kids in America that need adopting?
      These Celebrities that try to lecture us about doing the right thing and what the Country should be spending money on are cunts with their head in the clouds. Cumberbatch etc, wouldn’t last five minutes if they were on Jobseekers, I can imagine them calling home “Mummy I have spent all my benefits on the first day”. Mummy says “What did you spend it on Dahhhling?” “Organic smoked salmon and champagne” the cunt replies.

      • It used to be that the must have accessory for the celeb was a small dog, now it’s an african baby

    • Sheen is a stupid welsh goat fucking cunt who can’t act his way out of a paperbag. I hope no one bothers to see his films or shows, boycott sheen! The bloody zombies on walking dead have more acting talent then him.

  3. Hugh Bonneville should join Nighy in Yorkshire and Cumbria. He’s another luvvie cunt who’s started handing out the begging bowl. “How is it possible that in the twenty first century, we’re still images like this”? he asks. I have a better question Hugh, how is it possible that in the twenty first century, multi millionaires like you have the brass neck to ask people who actually work for a living to give money to charities that have spent THIRTY years in Africa doing FUCK ALL but waste the money we’ve ALREADY given? How much have you luvvie cunts given Hugh? If you’d all given a couple of million each, you would haven’t needed to make those adverts.

    I read today that Comic Relief, Lenny Henry’s charity, has given just £50,000 to help Northern towns affected by the floods. Given the extent of these floods, £50,000 is nothing. Henry might as well run naked through York, while waving his penis at little old ladies, and shouting “K’TANGA MY FRIENDS”. Nestle have already donated £100,000. The other charities aren’t much better. Oxfam have donated fuck all, but say it’s because the government haven’t asked them too. But they shouldn’t fucking HAVE to ask. The BBC’s Children in Need have given nothing, but say they’re open for applications. Save the Children have also been less than generous. I could be wrong, but when the likes of Comic Relief and Children in Need pass around the begging bowl in a few months time, they’ll find their bowls are emptier than have been in previous years.

    I heard today that Corbyn finally made his attempt at scoring political points, by turning up in a flood hit town. He even had his photo opportunity, although he fucked it up. He was pictured moving a sand bag with one hand, whilst keeping his other hand in his pocket, and looking very much like he’d rather be at a fund raising dinner for IRA “political” prisoners than helping English flood victims.

    The past few weeks have shown what the government, and the luvvies think of the British people. If these floods had happened in Laos or Bangladesh, they’d be falling over each other to do something. But because it’s England, particularly Northern England, they couldn’t give a fuck.

    • I broadly agree, QDM, but if Cameron hadn’t immediately withdrawn the £400m of flood defences he made a big song and dance about promising last time, perhaps things wouldn’t have been quite so bad. Good job that Gideon Osborne keeps banging on about how he’s been “fixing the roof while the sun is shining” though, since that’s where many residents of Yorkshire and Cumbria are currently sitting while they wait to be rescued.

      • And let’s not forget that Gideon Osborne also cut the government’s flood prevention advisors while increasing his own team of personal advisors from two to TWELVE – including his ‘personal image consultant’ whose taxpayer-funded salary has just quadrupled. Good to see these Old Etonian cunts know where their priorities lie…fuck everyone affected by floods so long as Gideon has a new haircut that looks good in photo ops.

    • I’m sure that Hugh and his other actor chums “gave their services free of charge” (plus expenses of course)…

      • Exactly Dio we are more or less considered second class citizens in our own bloody cuntry.I’m reminded orf old genesis “Can you tell me where my country lies? Said the unifaun to his true love’s eyes. It lies with ME! cried the queen of maybe for her merchandise, he traded in his prize… Paper late! cried a voice in the crowd. Old man dies! the note he left was signed old father Thames?and it seems he’s drowned Selling England by the pound.” https://youtu.be/RdD6L4cKKU8 We need more diversity and migrant scumbags to wash away our white guilt whatever the fuck that means. Maybe Islamic Relief can help with aid? wouldn’t be surprised they are funding ISIS the cunts!

        • Yes, a song written as the Labour Government took us to the IMF for a bail out.

        • A great song… Gabriel was brilliant… Nobody would dream (or care) to write about such a subject now, because nobody gives a fuck any more… There was a conscience and integrity to music back then… Whether it was Ray Davies, Bob Dylan or Roger Waters, they were actually arsed about the world around them… Now all cunts like Ladyboy Ga Ga, Adele and Ed Sheeran want to do is sell records and go on about how they’ve been dumped… Shithouses..

  4. If only London City didnt spank millions on the dick swinging that is New Years Eve Fireworks, and put that to Flood relief.

    It was a perfect time when Brussels and France cancelled theirs – sighting terrorists as the reason, when in fact they probably simply realised its a complete waste of time and money – not to mention the clean up from chavs that have left filth right through the city as they had no other decent place to go – the cunts.

    For reasons above Id like to therefore cunt :

    New Years Eve Fireworks

    What is it that makes fucktard governments want to enter a mine is bigger than yours competion on who has the bigger fireworks display. What a complete and utter waste of tax paying money, time, and inconveniance. The there is the cleanup.

    In times where there are floods, hurricanes and fires all out of control, Its time to piss on the sad cunt chavs that these fests always seem to attract – as no other cunt can be bothered going to an event you cannot get into or out of, and send this money to people who really need it.

    Paris and Brussels claims ISIS for the reasons they pulled out – they probably just couldnt be fucked.

  5. I hope everyone had a great New Year’s eve. Regardless of the shite telly. I caught the last twenty minutes of Holland’s Hootenanny. Sadly the most entertaining bit was Vic Reeves’ pissed up wife. And some twat who lead a band whose name I’ve forgotten. What a fucking weirdo he was. He could only manage to get two coherent words of English out. And he danced like a drunken monkey trying to do Shakespeare, whilst suffering an epileptic fit AND a stroke, at the same time as being electrocuted. That was actually the best part of the show. As another commenter pointed out a few days ago, they have same guests each year. I reckon they handcuff them and lock them in the studio until New Year’s eve.

    • Cheers, QDM… I saw a bit of it too… I remember seeing a singer who was like a thinner Demis Roussos on acid and some scruffy cunt who thought he was that bloke from Supergrass…I don’t know why Holland keeps inviting Ruby Turner, Vic Reeves, KT Cunstall etc there for the same thing every year… Surely the BBC would save money if they just repeated all these knobheads (because they do the same shite every year!) with a couple of new acts edited in to make it look new…

    • Agreed QDM, fuckin ell your description made me laugh. What a weird cunt he was. Pile of shit of a show though. The fireworks on London were a waste of time, they get boring after the first minute and its all a bit predictable now.

      • At least the cunts in Dubai made an effort to make their fireworks more interesting.

    • Xmas TV has been shite again… Dead right, QDM…
      I watched that Sherlock this morning, and it was fucking twaddle…
      Oddly enough, Cuntberbatch wasn’t the problem and he played his part well enough… But that vastly overrated and overhyped Moriarty character hogged the show (along with that tart who’s doing Freeman/Watson)… All these knobheads who say Andy Scott’s version of Moriarty is ‘genius’ and other such bullshit… All I see is a psychotic Irish poofter going way over the top, cracking sausage jockey gags and chewing every bit of scenery on the set… Menacing? He’s like Graham Norton’s Father Ted character holding a gun… And why all the gay jokes? I don’t recall Conan Doyle’s stories portraying either man (Holmes or Moriarty) as queer… But it’s BBC policy these days, I suppose…

      As for that silly Abbington bitch, not only does she now solve the crime, she also suddenly eclipses Mycroft for intelligence and contacts… Amazing the parts you can get if you’re shagging the co-star… Whatever potential the series might have had, she has ruined… Yoko/Posh syndrome strikes again…

      • That Andy Scott is in “Spectre” playing EXACTLY the same character. I think he’s even wearing the same suit. Poofter he may be but Gatiss steals all his scenes as Mycroft.

        • And Andy Scott playing Paul McCartney is fucking awful… He doesn’t even sound like Macca, Scott sounds retarded as one of The Fab Four… Probably the worst portrayal of The Beatles ever (including Christopher Eccleston as Lennon!)…


          Gatiss is a fine actor… Love the League Of Gentlemen…

          • I always enjoyed old Charles Gray as Mycroft in the Jeremy Brett series, and as Alan B’Stards ancient and dodgy Father-in-law in The New Statesman.

  6. It used to just involve getting pissed and a sing-song in Trafalgar Square… Now it’s countries trying to ‘out-firework’ each other… I could just about understand a bit of a fuss at the start of the century (New Year’s Day 2000), but every fucking year? People make more fuss about New Year’s Eve than they did when man landed on the moon…. I also don’t get it when idiots get all matey with either someone they don’t know or some fucker they don’t talk to for the rest of the year, just because it’s New Year and everyone is supposed to act like a touchy feely spaz… Fuck that… Celebrating with loved ones, friends and family is fine… But those fuckers who go out to get hammered and jump on any poor bastard they meet gone midnight? Cunts…

  7. Belfast, for once, has a sensible policy of no official New Years Eve celebrations.
    Nothing, fuck all.
    Excellent decision by the assorted lunatic councillors.

    Now, some cunt has started a petition to have fireworks because the city needs to show it can compete with other cities.

    Fuckwitted cunt

  8. Why don’t charities do something imaginative – like create giant genetically-modified pigs that eat blacks.

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