Donald Tusk


European Council President Donald Tusk (I think he’s an ex schoolmate of Cameron) is a CUNT.

He’s now saying that Russias’s bombing of ISIS and the other Syrian terrorist/”freedom fighters” is bumping up the migrant numbers to Europe. He says fuck all about Turkey (that massive cunt Erdogan) giving travel vouchers to Syrians, Iraquis and assorted Africans so they can pay the people smugglers to cross the Med.

He says nothing about the US sponsoring/funding ISIS ‘cos he’s a lying, bought and paid for CUNT.
You just have to look at him – he’s got CUNT written all over his face; I don’t know how he got elected, or it may be European Council members just buy or blackmail their way in like our own House of Lords, another bunch of CUNTS.

Putin is not a nice man, far from it – I wouldn’t want to upset him (he does need a serious cunting some time soon though), but he does seem to be making a contribution to stabilising Syria (not through altruism, he’s probably worried about his naval base in Latakia), and anyway he can’t be causing the Syrian exodus because I’ve seen a few bleeding heart liberals say/tweet/post after the Paris massacres that the refugees have come to Europe to get away from perpetrators, I have to assume they mean ISIS since no-ones blamed Russia for the attacks – yet.

Why does every country pick a cunt to lead them?

Going back to me whisky.

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9 thoughts on “Donald Tusk

    • Ghostbuster great movie even the sequel they don’t make movies that fun or enjoyable anymore. Its all overhyped shite with nothing to it the salad days of films is over,its all over budgeted crap with little to no substance.All hat and no cattle

      • It gets worse, the new new ghostbusters is a bunch of wimmin!
        And they’ve remade Point Break with a bunch of nonentities arsing around on a mountain somewhere, I hope the cunts get killed in a fucking Avalanche or just fall off. Remakes never, or rarely, do better than the original. Who is this Tusk fellow? Must be a cunt if I haven’t heard of him, and I suppose quite a few folks are cunts for picking Cameron.
        Is Tusk the elephant in the room then – guffaw, guffaw.

  1. Bet he’s claiming benefit just like all the other scumbag poles here in the UK
    What a fucking cocksucking cunt. His mother should have aborted him before birth.
    Did he suck J C Junkers dick to get his job, the parasitic cunt. About as much use as a dog turd. Europe does throw up some third rate faeces. He is shit. Poland is shit. Poles are shit (not the ones that came over in 1939-40 though). Romanian and Bulgarian are also parasitic cunts.

    • I have to disagree with you on the Poles. They work bloody hard and pay their taxes.

      In my experience the Poles have a far better work ethic than the majority of Brits…

  2. 100% agree with you about the poles working hard etc etc, mostly decent hard working lot, unlike some of the other CUNTS from the EU…. Also as most people know they came to Britains aid in our darkest hour, according to RAF reports they were extremely brave and able pilots…..

  3. Sorry forgot my original rant!!
    Tusk is a goblin faced cunt!!
    When he came over to see camercunt regarding the EU renegotiations?? ( joke) the little prick was swanning around thinking he was the US president!!, not some jacked up ex polish PM who’s salary was £47,500 a year till he got a slight raise to € 300,000 by becoming a top cunt at the EU… Seeing a British PM grovelling around him made me feel sick!! How on earth have we become so FUCKIIN weak as to let ourselves get bossed around by non countries like Luxembourg, Belgium, Romania and Bulgaria?? . Emboldened by the general malaise that has engulfed our political leadership these 2 bob wannabe CUNTS actually think they can rule the roost!!, imagine Costa Rica or Venezuela telling America what to do?? …. fuck the EU, and FUCK goblin face tusk, Hollande, merkel and mega cunt juncker….. DEATH TO THE EU☠️☠️

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