Bono [9]


Going for a record 9th cunting of Bono…

At U2’s gig in Paris, the sanctimonious, grief-jacking paddy cunts naturally introduced Eagles of Death Metal to play on stage with them.

Referring to the massacre at Eagles of Death Metal’s last Paris gig, Bono said: “We must also think of the terrorists’ families … I know it is hard right now.” He said the attackers’ families had also been robbed of their loved ones, by “an ideology that is a perversion of the beautiful religion of Islam”. Yeah, that’s right, you total fucking cunt, let’s not forget the poor, suffering terrorists. Any any cunt who describes Islam as “beautiful” is not only wholly ignorant of the Koran, but also deserves the full Mussolini treatment immediately.

I think this breathtaking comment far exceeds any previous episodes of cuntitude from Bono and I recommend this cunting to fellow cunters.

Nominated by: Fred West

31 thoughts on “Bono [9]

  1. If there was a Top Cunts version of Top Trumps Bono would be the card that cunts all others.

  2. I can’t stand this egotistical cunt. I can’t understand why him, and that other cunt camoron, haven’t had a bullet between the eyes yet.

    • He’s probably after a fucking nobel prize. He won’t get one though – they don’t award them for being massive twat.

      • I’m going to go to bono’s house and behead him in front of his family to show him the true meaning of islam Peace & Love 🙂 sillies. Then I’m gonna check to see if his son has pubic hair (definitively not creepy perfectly normal behavior) if he does then I’ll behead him too cause I’m such a peaceful holy guy who so full of love and forgiveness. I’ll put their heads on pikes of love and put his song “still haven’t found what I’m looking for” in the background.

        Then I’m going to keep his wife and daughter as sex slaves and rape them repeatedly until they understand how holy and righteous I am. Because I’m such loving peaceful individual He should be thanking me for my butt fucking kindness the silly irish untalented bellend cunt of a bastard.

      • In the true spirit of Alfred Nobel’s first occupation dynamite the fucker. I have to say I don’t think I know any of this twats music but anyone who’s name is ‘ o nob’ spelled backwards doesn’t strike me as being all that bright.

        • Dynamite would be too kind to this untalented irish cunt. He should be tortured for hours on end with blunt & sharp objects with his own shitty music in the background.

    • Oops – and I posted the link right underneath someone else’s post to the exact same Daily Mash story. I hereby cunt myself.

  3. Whilst on the subject of Paddies (and I’m a fucking Paddy so I know), I’d like to nominate Belfast International Airport as total cunt. I was there last week and the floor was far too fucking slippy, the tannoy was fucking deafening and untillegible and the bogs were shut. What a cunt of an airport!

  4. Everyone (including Bono) is licking the arses of Eagles Of Death Metal… Could that be the same Eagles Of Death Metal who didn’t help any of the audience at that Paris gig, and who also promptly fucked off and escaped unscathed?

    • Exactly everybodys saying how brave they are, brave for what? brave for running for their lifes and leaving everyone else to be bloody massacred. Whatever I’ve heard their music they suck, now that they had bono grief jacking with them they are even bigger no talent cunts. Somethings fishy with the whole narrative I can’t be certain it doesn’t add up the fact we are letting in more migrants proves that this could be a false flag. The griefjacking is nauseating that’s for fucking sure.

  5. I would like to cunt, cunts who queue jump at petrol stations.

    Specifically, cunts who just turn off the main road into the forecourt, but don’t join a queue straight away, they wait for awhile before deciding which pump they think is going to move the fastest.

    This then causes the traffic to back up on the main road, because the person behind them who also wants petrol cant turn onto the forecourt because they are in the way.

    Which ever queue I join always will be the slowest, invariably I’m behind someone who
    (1) Cant operate the pump
    (2) Find the fuel cap
    (3) Does the weekly shop
    (4) Buys lottery tickets

  6. NINE cuntings? You have to be a special kind of cunt to be nominated so often. And old Bonio most certainly IS a special kind of cunt. We should send him some kind of award. Beautiful religion of Islam? Fuck off Bonio. I’ve seen real Islam, it’s anything but beautiful. What other religion condones marrying young girls off to much older men? What other religion condones the theft of land and murder of all those who don’t believe? Fuck Islam. And fuck the families of all terrorist scum. But most of all, fuck Bono!

  7. Beautiful religion of Islam!! please will someone let me know what this cunt is taking so I can play happily with the moonbeams instead of worrying what the evil bastards are doing to this poor knackered country. Evil bastards = our pathetic leaders. As for Islam what can I say except if the religion is beautiful and peaceful then a 35 foot Great White shark makes a wonderful addition to a sea water swimming pool. Bono you are a cunt of cunts please for the sake of my sanity slot your fucking self.

  8. Iain Duncan Smith is a cunt.

    A useless, incompetent fool of a man with a strange fascist obsession with “disciplining” the poor of this country, the nasty cunt has blended the finest stupidity with the most distilled cruelty ever demonstrated by a government minister.

    Ever since he became Secretary of State for Work and Pensions IDS has persisted in brutalising the sick, disabled and unemployed via a variety of measures, the cruellest of which is the bedroom tax. Officially called the Under-Occupancy Penalty, the bedroom tax has become symbolic of the Tories’ vicious cruelty. Ineffectual, spiteful and needlessly harsh, the bedroom tax has faced several challenges as to its legality, the latest of which were brought by a woman who has a panic-room (built for her by the police so she can keep safe fro a violent ex) and a pair of grandparents caring for a disabled child. Both of these families were affected by IDS’ bedroom tax, and they and thousands like them continue to suffer at the hands of the bald buffoon and the DWP. The families in question had their challenges upheld by the Court of Appeal so you’d think their agony would be over but no – astonishingly of all IDS has decided to appeal this ruling, ensuring people up and down the country will continue to suffer.

    Cruel, stupid, incompetent and apparently also fantastically stubborn, Iain Duncan Smith continues to astound and appal in equal measure. This sad little man’s sacking from government cannot come soon enough.

  9. Many fellow cunters will have the perception I am a bitter & twisted man, (due to my comments), but contrary to that belief I am rather placid and easy-going guy.
    That is until it comes to Bono, that piece of fucking shit makes my blood boil, the hypocrisy of the cunts knows no bounds.
    I would love to douse the cunt in petrol, set fire to him and watch till his corpse is no more than a few grams of ashes. Then I would hoover up those remaining ashes, pack them in to a bottle and fire it at the Moon.

    Bono – from the Old English word bonomonoleum, meaning, cunt, hypocrite, tax-avoider, fecal matter, talent-less, and allegedly homosexual with a tendency for very young altar boys

  10. In the past Bono has gone on (and fucking on!) about alleged humanitarian crimes in Ulster, El Salvador, South Africa, Burma, Chile etc… Yet when Muslims are involved he feels he he has to add the word ‘beautiful’? Someone should tell this interfering champagne socialist bogtrotting cunt that There isn’t anything beautiful about medieval values, misogyny and all their other instances of savagery, murder, rape and brutality….

    ‘New Year’s Day’? Try New Year’s Eve in Cologne or Helsinki, Bono, you fucking cunt!

    • U2 ripped off their song ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ from the Cunt John Lennons song ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’.

  11. Isn’t Bono a diminutive of Bonobos, a pigmy chimpanzee species from somewhere in Sarf Africa? Apparently it’s on the endangered list, fingers crossed that it’s evolutionary offspring here might be endangered sooner. If the paddy relative is from its primate cousin Darwin would be mortified to see how little actual evolution has taken place.

  12. There seems there’s nothing I can add too all the above pists, so Bono, get a clue.

  13. There is something I can add and that is Bonio is a hypocritical, talentless,bog trotting , champagne socialist, tax avoiding cunt.
    Yes, nothing new but worth repeating time and time again.
    The small cocked paddy cunt cannot be cunted enough.
    Massive,massive cunt

  14. Always have hated Bono..but then again Irishmen annoy the shite out of me anyway. These arseholes think they’re gods gift.

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