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BBC News is so unashamedly pro-Tory it’s a fucking joke..

Neither John Major’s Hinton Lecture where he attacked inequality, nor Gordon Brown’s speech to the Child Poverty Action Group where he demolished the so-called “eight lies peddled by the government about poverty”, nor the exchange of letters between Cameron and the leader of Oxfordshire County Council in which the PM revealed himself to be competely out of touch with the effects of so-called “austerity” were reported on BBC TV News bulletins. Gordon Brown’s speech was reported on the BBC News website – but mischaracterised as “a veiled attack on Corbyn” even though Corbyn was not mentioned by name and the Labour party mentioned only once in a brief aside; the substance of the speech – the Tories’ “eight lies” – were not mentioned at all. Two former PMs, one Tory, one Labour (admittedly both cunts) attack government policy on the same day and the BBC doesn’t consider this at all newsworthy.

Could it be because the BBC’s Head of News is a former Murdoch editor and old habits die hard? Or could it be because the BBC dare not upset the government before the Charter renewal? Whatever the reason, this pro-government BBC is a fucking disgrace.

Nominated by: Fred West

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  1. Can we cunt that fucking old shit stabber Elton John (again) please, If for no other reason than his latest crap song that’s doing the rounds at the moment namely ‘blue wonderful’. It must have taken the old cunt all of 2 minutes to write this shit but it took me considerably less to dislike it. Hasn’t this cunt made enough money from singing shite not to be able to buy his own private island somewhere and take his bum chum with him? May I suggest the Sea Of Japan where that other massive cunt Dim Mong Ug can use it for target practice for his new toys.

    • A pineapple headed bottom bandit of the highest order with two children makes you want to throw up vile splitarsed cunt

  2. Absolutely right, Fred… And the BBC’s ‘All migrants are great and should be welcomed with open arms’ bullshit is particularly sickening too… I noticed their over the top New Year’s Eve fireworks bonanza wasn’t inconveniently interrupted by news of innocent women getting attacked by goatshagging greasy turds in Cologne… They couldn’t have that ruining their lovely New Year news and interrupting Bryan Adams, could they?….

    Also, why is it only the Eastern European media who is actually telling it like it is (unlike the BBC)? liberal pigs digging Europe’s grave… Couldn’t have put it better myself:

    • We literally had feminist just saying the other day that rapeUgees aren’t really rapeUgees. The stupid cunts were Chanting, “No borders, no nations, stop deportations”, the protesters held up passengers and caused closures of parts of the station which connects London with Brussels and Paris. I mean this is stupid taken to a whole different level soon europe will be packaged with rapeUgees why do white feminist hate their own race so much did daddy not pay attention when they were younger. If you like the idea of less of your own race and more of a race that literally hates you, you might be a dicksucking cuckservative!

  3. Whilst we are cunting the BBC can we have Schama lined up for a cunt? Having suffered the obsequious twat on Question Time, flapping around like a twatting windmill and getting really pissed off it’s high time this nutter got cunted. His idea of history is incredulous and he always speaks as though he’s just come out of the dentist. And the fucker earns his living in the states so how come he feels it’s his jehovah given right to pontificate on British history. He needs a real good trashing. And to top it all the Beeb has the audacity to give the twat a series on civilisation with the aptly named Mary Beard and some other git.

  4. If you think BBC TV news is pro-Tory, listen to Radio FUCKING Four for a few minutes. That’ll reset the balance.

    • Or that pathetic Evan Davis simperer on spews night. He needs to learn the notion that he asks difficult questions with yes/ no answers. Paxo might well have been up his own arse a bit too often but at least he wasn’t brown nosing his victims – he became too hot to handle eventually. I can’t stand Andrew Neil as a bloke but at least he gives his guests a good fucking most of the time even if he should be working in a haggis factory.

      • Andrew Neil knows his stuff, but unfortunately come election time he’s firmly in the tory camp – the cunt.
        I may be a bit biased because Neil is anti-UKIP, but I remember him interviewing Ben Harris-Quinney of the Bow Group, who suggested tory voters in strong labour seats the tories couldn’t win to vote UKIP instead (he’d rather UKIP got the seat instead of Labour). Neil crucified the poor cunt, didn’t let him get a word in and said he had no right to speak for the group because he’d been fired. Lo and behold, 8 months later Quinney is still chairman. Neil dancing to CCHQ’s tune obviously scared of UKIP gaining more traction.

  5. FUCK THE BBC, biggest bunch of parasitic-pension-siphoning cunts since politicians.
    The BBC are pro-royal propaganda merchants who will swing lefty or right in their bias depending on what the Queens Pivy council tell them to.

    The BBC, £5 billion a year spunked on middle management, execs and over-rated, over-paid cunts and the BBC news team who are just paid prostitutes.
    Who could forget that the BBC on 9/11 just happened to ‘lose’ the tapes of their reporter who famously told the British public 15 minutes before the event that building 7 had collapsed, it was clearly still standing behind her, It can be found on Youtube,

    I wonder whatever happened to Jane Standley, clearly will never work at the BBC again and if it was not for that Youtube video she would have ended up committing ‘suicide’ like David Kelly


    • I agree boaby BBC are power hungry cunts and that 911 clip is priceless it sums up the 911 situation perfectly. 911 was a planned attack the whole george bush kindergarten visit was pretty telling also eerie.

      • These cunts are sneaky, on 10th Sep 2001 congress revealed a mysterious loss of 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS
        The next day this attack happened and low and behold, the whole thing was forgotten.

        It was very convenient that the records relating to this huge accounting error of 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS were stored in building 7 at the WTC in paper format only, no computer records, no back-ups.

        You could not make this shit up!

        If you believe this was terrorist, conspiracy or whatever you are a fucking dick,
        It was a cover-up of the biggest ponzi scheme in American history, that’s why they want you to think it was a false-flag or a terrorist event (double win) for the agenda.

        But people are so fucking retarded they accept the news story as fact

    • Thing is boaby: people will gladly swallow the shit baited bbc hook and yet they laugh if you use internet references to re-enforce a counter argument of the story. looks like the powers that be have both ends of the wicket covered.

  6. The Brussels broadcasting company are Cunts no doubt but sky are not far behind, during the referendum Kay burley regularly took the side of remainers when she was supposed to be giving both sides airtime, just today I saw Adam boulton on sky been as FUCKIIN biased as it’s possible to be , pat MC fadden ( labour) was given uninterrupted licence to state his case boulton more than happy to chip in and play along, when nadine Dorries ( conservative) tried to respond boulton continually badgered her all the way, he was full of searching questions and looking to trip her up at every turn, instead of a proper two sided debate we got Mc fadden and his sidekick boulton trying to do a number on her, boulton came across as a smug cunt and something of a bully…..

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