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Angela Merkel desperately needs a New Year cunting. Over the New Year, more than a hundred women have been sexually assaulted and robbed in cities such as Cologne and Stuttgart. The offenders have been described as males of Arab and North African appearance. In others, adherents of the “Religion of Peace”. Yes, once again, allegedly peaceful muslims have been busy showing the world that, far from being peaceful, they are actually devolved, stone age, violent, uncivilised, sub-human scum. A councillor in Cologne has even declared the city centre to be a “no-go” zone for women and tourists.

How is it, that in the 21st Century, parts of cities in a supposedly modern country like Germany can be described as no-go zones, because muslim “men” are committing heinous crimes against women? How has this happened? Because over the past 12 months, that arrogant, fat slag of a Chancellor, Merkel has allowed more than one MILLION “refugees” into Germany. And that’s not the end of it, because she’s planning on allowing even more in this year.

And of course, instead of addressing the concerns of the German people about this ridiculously enormous and sudden rise in the German population, in true left wing fashion, she brands anyone who disagrees with her or asks uncomfortable questions, as bigots, islamophobes, fascists, Nazis, etc. With the collusion of the German media, she openly insults the supporters and leaders of groups like PEGIDA, instead of acknowledging that they have some genuine and valid concerns.

Merkel and her followers are too arrogant to even acknowledge the fact that THEY are responsible for the rise in popularity of these allegedly “far” right groups. Had they not acted in such a contemptuous manner toward their own people by allowing such a massive horde of mostly muslim interlopers, these groups would not be as popular as they are. What did she think would happen? That ordinary German people, those who would actually have to live with newcomers, would simply welcome them with open arms. The fact that these groups are growing in popularity by the day, should be a sign to Merkel that she has gone WAY to far. But she’s too arrogant to see that sign.

One of the worst things about Merkel, is her arrogance. She openly invited all of these so called refugees to Germany, without once considering how they would get there. Consequently, there has been outright chaos in neighbouring countries such as Austria, Hungary and Serbia, because that horde has to travel through those countries to reach Germany. Merkel doesn’t give a fuck though. It’s as if she thinks she OWNS those countries. The big problem is, none of those countries gave permission for the tens of thousands of alleged refugees to enter their countries. And Merkel, and her EU puppets, have the nerve to criticise those countries for erecting long, high fences, and reintroducing border controls.

And for the past few months, the cheeky fat slag has been trying to bully other EU countries in taking their “fair share” of these parasites. What is it about lefties that makes them behave in such a treacherous way toward their own people? Why do they hate their own countries so much? Why do they think they have the right to change the ethnic and cultural make up of their countries by bringing in millions of foreigners, without having the decency to ask their countrymen for their permission? As far as I’m concerned, Merkel is the anti-Christ. She needs to be taken out.

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  1. No coincidence Mein Kampf has been republished for general release in Germany for the first time since WW2 😉

    Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf was an instant sellout when it hit bookstores in Germany for the first time since the Second World War.
    More than 15,000 advance orders were placed, despite the initial print of 4,000 copies, with one copy even put up for resale on for €9,999.99 (£7,521.43).
    Mein Kampf, which means My Struggle, returned into the public domain on January 1st.

    2,000-page critical edition of anti-Semitic rant hit bookstores on 8 January
    Mein Kampf had more than 15,000 orders despite only printing 4,000 copies
    German state of Bavaria refused to publish book for 70 years
    Copyright expired on January and new edition will cost 59 euros (£43)
    Munich’s Institute for Contemporary History curated annotated edition
    Jewish community says Holocaust survivors ‘will be offended’
    Hitler wrote notorious racist manifesto while in jail in 1924

    • I actually have a copy.

      The first thing you notice about Mein Kampf is that it is a socialist whine fest.

      The second thing you notice is that what Hitler was promoting is socialism, with a nice dose of jingoistic nationalism and some hatred of the Jews thrown in for good measure.

      Basically it was relevant in defeated Germany 90 years ago, a Germany who needed a scapegoat for their shortcomings. But it isn’t now.

      Read it in the name of educating yourself and make of it what you will.

      • My Father in Law from my first marriage lent me his copy, I thought it was the ramblings of a paranoid, delusional nutjob. Pretty much sums up “Das Kapital” too. I reckon Marx and Hitler would probably have ended up as “best chums”….

        • The main reason I mentioned about Mein Kampf being republished wasn’t really the content but more the fact it was originally intended to drum up patriotism, just like i’m guessing whoever thought it would be a good idea to release it now does too.

          Lets face it under mercunt traitor to her own people never has there been a better time to get the German people to wake up with a good old fashioned ‘My Struggle’ memoir, hopefully the rest of Europe will wake up too 😉

        • Hitler hated marxism karl marx is half jewish but marx himself could be considered a self hating jew. Mein Kampf isn’t a 2,000 anti-Semitic rant although there are bout 20 pages full of negative views towards the jews and their enablers. Its more of a political response how fascism could strengthen germany , part Autobiography and anti-communism views actually their are more anti communism then anti Semitic views in the book. Rudolf Hess actually dictated and edited most of it and theirs a popular theory that Jesuit priest named Father Staempfle wrote it the catholic involvement in nazism cant be ignored.

          • I still maintain that Adolf and Karl would have approved of each others methods and solutions, hopefully both cunts are in Hell, bumming each other for all eternity.

          • “Didn’t I read somewhere that Hitler had Jewish blood?” Its a popular misconception but I doubt it , its possible but they also say he’s part african lol

      • Angela Merkel apparently had a frosty response to Donald trump being elected
        Who gives a fuck about her opinion
        Stupid midget whore

  2. Angela Merkel like many European leaders is doing her job perfectly. That job is to create a European super state that will be assimilated into a world government after the coming war/collapse.

    Angela Merkel is not a cunt, that would be a compliment for her.

  3. Excellent cunting, although for the sake of those poor unfortunate victims of rape, I do wish this entry wasn’t necessary. Merkel’s colossal arrogance and blind stupidity make her no less a criminal than the ugly, bloody sand flea rapists themselves.
    Religion of peace my arse. The only thing these so called peace lovers understand is force. And plenty of it.

    • What she doesn’t realise or care about is that all western European countries are having a shit time with trying to cope with the influx of goat rapists.

      Her master plan is to let as many of the dune coons in as possible, shortly to be joined by their families, complete with what we assume are females sporting the latest muslim fashion in head-bags.

      Once she has got a decent number, she can filter out the engineers, doctors and scientists (that will be about half a dozen out of 1.1 million) and then give the rest a German passport so that they can go and leech off the rest of Europe and cripple their economies. Leaving Krautland at the top of the pile.

      Frankly, Merkel, cunts that support Merkel and the rest of the leftard ‘let them all in’ brigade are going to see a time very shortly where their shortsighted, white guilt is going to see them machine gunned into graves that they have been made to dig themselves.

      As far as I am concerned this can’t come soon enough for the race traitors and bleeding heart, university educated marxist fuckwit cunts.

      I will happily pull the trigger myself.

  4. The bulk import of Islamic economic migrants (whom the UN have conveniently rebadged as refugees) is part of Merkel’s master plan. She’s played on German guilt over WW2 and got a Time person of the year award for her “humanitarianism”. I doubt if she’ll run in the German elections in 2017 since she’s set her sights on replacing the ineffectual Banki Moon as secretary general of the UN.
    Hopefully she’ll die before this happens.

  5. It is horrific to think that women can’t go for a night out without these genetic throwbacks molesting them, what was the ginger haired loony thinking, did she really believe that as soon as they entered Germany they would assimilate and behave like normal men, I think not. Shame on you for condoning such acts, you silly cow.

  6. its strange these immigrants hold ‘western women’ in contempt but at the same time want their evil way with them.

  7. Well said that man !! Was wondering how long it’d be before someone cunted the ‘unfuckable lardass’ yet again. I was trying to think of something to add to your comprehensive cunting of the fat slag but failed as I think you said it all.
    And you’re dead right, this cunt needs a bullet straight between the eyes but I doubt there’s anything there to do any damage to.

  8. What will the leftists suggest to combat the NYE attacks in Germany? Maybe that all men are a threat and any man getting closer than 5 ft is almost certainly going to rape and beat you. Why because it fits the agenda to demonise all men and stops the true perpetrators being singled out.

    The real cunts are us for doing nothing.

  9. There’s a friend of my mrs who is a complete cunt…
    The old lady invited this mate of hers (who I have never been a fan of) around for dinner…
    I reluctantly went along with it…

    Anyway, my mrs is a great cook and she did a lovely lamb dinner, really pushed the boat out… But this mate of her’s said that she couldn’t eat it… Not because she is a veggie (she isn’t), but because a lamb is a ‘baby animal…’ Now this daft cow has eaten pork, fish, beef and chicken in our house before now (my mrs pointed out that she saw her in Burger King only last week!), but for some reason lamb is off the menu… I told her in no uncertain terms that she was not only rude, but also hypocrite and a cunt… What’s next? I eat cod but I don’t eat sardines because they are littlte fishes? What a load of frigging shite…

    • Yeah she sounds like not only a cunt but a fussy/awkward cunt as well. I wonder if she checks the age of the other animals she eats?

      • The cunts who piss me off (usually women) are the one’s who get all squeamish when they see a whole Fish with eyeballs or don’t want to see a whole Chicken with legs etc and say ‘I don’t like seeing the animal like that” or “I only buy filleted Fish or Chicken breasts” in a plastic pack from the Supermarket. Doesn’t stop the cunts eating it though does it. These cunts need to realise that what meat they eat comes from something that was alive that ate, drank and shat like we do. I say bring back the days when the women would be plucking the Chickens etc. Imagine how many of todays ‘Career’ women would do that. The Cunts.

    • You should meet my father-in-law. He’s a real wind up merchant. Every time he and the mother-in-law come round, it takes him about ten minutes to start trying to make me punch him, which I have done a couple of times. Apparently, he wanted my wife to follow him into the Royal Navy when she left school. She joined the Army instead. Somehow, that was my fault, despite the simple fact I met her THREE YEARS after she joined. Anyway, he won’t eat lamb for the same reason, “it’s a baby animal”. Yes it is. A delicious baby animal.

      The old fucker has the nerve to have a go at me for not eating fish and seafood. And that’s despite the fact he knows full well that I’m fucking allergic to seafood and fresh water fish. I don’t avoid it because I don’t want to eat it. I avoid it because I CAN’T eat it. My body won’t let me.

      I had a fantastic Christmas Day. I was all alone in my man cave. It was the in-laws turn to host, and my father-in-law decided that instead of a traditional dinner, it would be all seafood. Since I can’t go within 10 feet of that shit without throwing up, I had the perfect excuse not to go. He thought he’d won, but you should have seen the look on the old twat’s face when I pointed out that he’d done me a favour.

      So I had a beef Christmas dinner, (because turkey sucks), in my cave. And I fucking loved it. The only downer was that most of what was on telly was shite. Still by 10pm I was too pissed to care, I happily drifted off to sleep in my camping hammock. Which reminds me, I must restock my beer fridge.

      • Well it is kinda rude if she didn’t want any just say no thank and thats that. Personally I wouldn’t eat veal mostly because the torture those animals go through doesn’t feel right to me but if people wanna eat it thats their business.

  10. Germany are trying to ‘Lead’ by example and show the rest of Europe how compassionate they are etc by taking in loads of Syrian refugees. I think they still feel (and rightly so) guilty for the Wars and their unparalleled Cuntitude and are trying to look like the most tolerant. Well I have got news for you, you bunch of German cunts no matter how many Syrian or whoever the fuck they are cunts you accept, the world will always regard you as the cuntry by which all other potential cuntries are measured against. The cunts.

    • I like German Studio equipment though, and Cars, and Electrical appliances. The cunts.

  11. Rape coming to a european city near you If we can save just one syrian beach boy even the rape of 6 million women it would still be justified.
    The kebab is in your base goyim and they are raping your women! cuck or not to cuck that is the question- Burka Merkel
    I bet all those people who made Rock against racism because eric claptons supposed racist rant 25 yrs ago must feel pretty bloody stupid & cucked. Clapton wasn’t being racist he was just anti-immgration.

  12. An excellent cunting, you nailed it! However, if it wasn’t for the fat frau doing this, we might be ankle deep in these “so called” (to use the phrase that the BBC news is overusing) refugees. Therefore we owe a debt of gratitude to her for keeping these “so called” rapists and “so called” muggers in Germany. and away from us, the “so called” fuckers

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