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Nominated by: Curly Cuntington

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  1. Agreed he is a cunt of the highest order,but I would like to cunt that wanker who murdered lee rigby,he,s now trying to sue because he,s had his teeth knocked out in prison the cunt,i think he is lucky to still have his fucking head attached to his body the murdering,musslim ,actavist terrorist cunt,i know its what they want but we should bring back the chair for cunts like this

    • We never used the chair, however having lived in chapie mans country the custom is to take you down to bar beach tie you to a pole in front of a load of tyres and shoot you!
      (I once bought a little wood carving of the firing squad)

    • He’s doing it to cause outrage, and he’s succeeding. Y’see, this piece of shit and his butt buddy are still pissed that the police didn’t shoot them dead. They wanted martyrdom, and to spend their eternity in the afterlife with 72 four year old girls. Instead, they’re languishing in jail with absolutely NOBODY in the terrorist community singing their praises.

      Actually, they should be grateful that they weren’t shot dead. Because the firearms cop who shot one of the filthy scumbags was a woman. There is nothing worse for a muslim terrorist…well…a muslim…than being killed by a woman. It means that they don’t get into heaven, so they don’t get to live out their paedo dreams. Instead, it’s an eternity being forced to shag demonic pigs.

      • Thinking of something QDM wrote recently, they should put those two murdering muzzie pieces of shit in with Charles Bronson…

        • he changed his name, he is salvidor or something equaly stupid, seeing as he is a two bit criminal who gained notoriaty by acting like a dick in prison (because he was scared they would release him to the nasty outside world) I ask you what kind of fucking dick goes to prison and manages to extend his stay way over 10 times his initial sentence, the man is a total cunt.
          Any way there are much more suitable people to lock him up with.
          Me for starters, I am sure we would get along just fine………..

          • Yes but bronson’s story is quite fascinating and he changed his name to charles salvador because of (salvador dali surrealist painter) Your right though he’s in there because of his fuck ups . He was a free man in 88 but he robbed a jewellery shop, kept a ring for his girl, and sold the rest pretty stupid shite but ballzy. By the way who the fuck is nick grimshaw? sounds like a poof.

          • Like that time he took two Iraqi hijackers hostage. He sang and laughed and forced the Iraqis to tickle his feet and call him ‘General’. He demanded a plane to take him to Libya, two Uzi sub-machine guns, 5,000 rounds of ammunition, and an axe. He released Greasley, but began chanting “I want ice cream”. Another seven years were added to his sentence, though this was reduced to five on appeal

  2. lol. at the risk of appearing somewhat Spivey obsessed this is yet more confirmation of the bollocks that appears on his site. according to him the 2 Michaels were part of a false flag. very poor deal they got didnt they? of course he has hinted that he thinks they are not even in prison for fucks sake!. another heap of shite he came up with is that the killers of lee rigby may have been ‘mind controlled’. and to think i used to point people towards his site. what a cunt i was.

    • while he serves the rest of his life in jail he will lose other parts too, my guess is someone will gouge his eye out at some point, followed by a few more teeth, his nose will probably get bitten off, his food will be covered in piss on a daily basis, he’ll end up being found hung, it will be announced as suicide but the truth is no one will really care who strung him up, alllllllll great stuff and i’ll look forward to reading about it. Fucking nigger savage, despite the fact I used the word nigger I’m not a racist, I think I was in short pants the last time I used it, but this cunt is a nigger savage and deserves the term nigger as far as i’m concerned, simple.

      • And the other nigger coon was no better.

        Truth is they will be generally treated OK in prison as that is just how it is. Hopefully over his years there however some other cunt will get his hands on him and the reports of which will make many of us smile.

        Stoning is barbaric but I’m sure I would trust a few in his direction given the chance.

        • I hope both the murdering cunts who killed Drummer Rigby end up with arseholes the size of Wembley Stadium after being dry buggered by some big bitch called Bubba for the next 20 plus years….

        • Its ok for a nigger to call a nigger a nigger but for a white person to call a nigger a nigger is “racist” aparently ! (excuse the spelling). but from now on as will be callun a nigger a nigger. From a white honky, pale faced cunt.

  3. Grimshaw is not only a dirty northern cunt he is a fucking mincing cunt too.

    Now don’t get me wrong, if you want to park your boat in poo bay then fair enough crack on with it but the FUCKING MINCING CUNT voice added to the northern twang fucking kills me!!!

    And now I can’t even listen to Radio1 in the mornings and it is one of only two fucking stations I can get on my drive to work through the Buckinghamshire hills!!


      • The way Bono is attempting to ‘own’ the Paris terrorist atttacks is pretty disgusting… What a cunt…

          • yeh that ol’ skanky spunk bucket madonna is at it again, “busking” in paris square, doing a cover of that fellow cunt Davide Martello’s song “imagine theres no muslims”

            next thing madge and bono and no doubt yoko will be endorsing a celebrty charity song together with eagles of death metal as their backing band with the likes of other fellow cunts like chris martian band aid style, just in time for christmas number 1…

            THE FUCKING CUNTS!!!!!

          • Madonna what a stupid grief jacking cunt seems like all the a-list celebrity cunts are grief jacking to boost album sales. Madonna seems to love adopting black kids.

          • These cunts like Bono and that eau de mackerel scrag-end Madonna are only ‘paying tribute’ because Paris is high profile and a haunt of the rich twaterati… If such a terrorist attack happened in, say, Brussels, Wolverhampton or Bombay they wouldn’t give a fuck, and they certainly wouldn’t go there…But swanky ‘Paree?; That’ll do nicely and boost album sales… Fucking shithouses…

    • I think its fucking sick that Bono and his stooges u2 have gone to Paris to use the recent Paris masacare as a platform to promote their own selfish publicity. But then thats Bono all over. Hence the many well deserved cuntings he has received on this site. Bono is a monumental cunt.

  4. Id love to Cunt Donald Trump but he is doing a great job of cunting himeself. Its not that I dont entirely disagree with what the cunt says but he must be a prime candidate for the dead pool anytime soon?

    Be it the camel jockeys or Uncle Sam, someone is bound to have him up any time soon.

  5. Oh dear is Granny Madonna inflicting herself on us again, she just won’t give up. She is one person I wish would become a Muslim,then she would have to cover up from head to toe and the world would be saved from the grotesque peepshow she has become.

  6. Nick Grimshaw = Typical modern, moisturiser wearing, shave your chest, can’t punch, told what to do by his Girlfriend, one of the ‘Lads’, spends an hour ‘doing his hair’ in the morning, skinny jean (like leggings) wearing, Twitter loving CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNT.

    • Girlfriend ??? Are you having a fucking laugh ? Unless of course her name is Harry.

  7. I would like to Cunt the U.K,

    As much as I love this country its become a joke.

    -Work till your 67 they say and then you have to beg for your Pension if they still have the money that is.

    -Homeless British people on the street and some cunt from abroad gets a Housing association Flat after being here a short while. (I have never understood why people are homeless)

    -Government doesn’t give a fuck what we think or want.

    They let the Banks fuck up the finances and then use our money to bail them out! Then sell off our the shares we own at a 1 Billion loss! (RBS)

    Give foreign aid to soon to be richer than us countries like India and leave UK charities to ask us for money to help people the Government should be helping.

    We have hardly any Industry and buy in most things.

    Energy Cunt Companies blatantly allowed to rip us off.

    Stopped the outdoor Raves and free parties.

    Allow us to be bombarded with cooking shows and then wonder why there are a load of Fat cunts.

    Allowed us into the EU and now we have fucking Eastern european cunts everywhere acting like they own the fucking place.

    Allows in all these cunts from countries that have fuck all (Colonial) history with the UK/Britain.

    Now Im of English and Jamaican descent and I know there have been a lot of Jamaican cunts but at least they integrated and contributed financially (Lots of Drug dealing money) and culturally (Music). What the fuck do these Muslim can’t even speak English, shaved head with beard cunts contribute? They don’t integrate, don’t bother to learn English, their culture has hardly anything in common with British culture and they breed like fucking rats.

    Anyways thats my view, if you don’t like it I don’t give a fuck and if you do then click the like button you cunts.

    • “We have hardly any Industry and buy in most things.
      Energy Cunt Companies blatantly allowed to rip us off.”

      Industry closed down or sold off for a few quid (usually by Tories). Energy Companies sold to FOREIGN energy companies for a few quid (usually by Tories) who immediately put prices up.

      Now, in the face of grave concerns of the British security services, Gideon ‘George’ Osborne has sold the Chinese an invitation to our nuclear power industry. Just imagine the outcry if Corbyn had done that…

      • Agreed Fred,
        Cant believe they sold it to the Chinese, the way they were parading the Chinese cunt around licking his Balls to get the investment was embarrassing. I don’t understand why they have let the Chinese into our nuclear power industry after all the concerns and the Chinese now or soon will know too much about our Nuclear power. Talking of foreign owned companies operating here isn’t hames water owned by some company in New Zealand? The Tories seem to be all about money and don’t give a fuck whose money it is.

      • And the Arabs sold the chinks into Man City. They can go celebrate in the Shard owned by Qatar. Don’t get me started on towel head airlines. These cunts make Branson look normal.

      • Fony Tony got rid of British Nuclear Fuels, which was largely self funding due to its reprocessing activities, the Springfields site was sold off so all our Nuclear know-how went down the toilet. It was in the midst of the renewables rush and the monocular schottish fuckwit’s ‘Carbon Trading’ bollocks, so the short sighted politico fucks at Gordo’s behest failed to realise then that even with a 70% owned Nuclear Energy company it was going to take 10-12 years to bring plans on line. This ranks up there with the ‘I’m going to sell all the gold’ moment.

        I used to work in the industry, was amazed to find this little snippet still online, remember this day well:

        Rather the Chinese build power plants than the French, Have you ever owned a modern french car? Neither mechanically or electrically sound and reliable, a piss poor assembly of off the shelf parts from sub suppliers.

        Corbyn is not half bad, at least he is honest that he wants to send britain back to the early 1900’s.

    • People can be homeless for a number of reasons which have nothing to do with them being cunts, sexual or physical abuse and mental illness for example. Now I’m a right wing cunt and even I can see that.

      • I wasn’t saying Homeless people are cunts at all, what I meant when I said I don’t understand how people can be homeless is why don’t they demand a Flat from the council or go on the waiting list or get some Housing Benefit and get a Bedsit with the money. You are entitled to housing benefit if you can find a place.

  8. If we’re not going nominate Spivey for Cunt Of The Year, maybe we could all agree that Bono ought to get it?

    I don’t think anything that any politician has said or done this year (even Salmond or Sturgeon) comes close to the self-important, sanctimonious cuntery that Bono has spouted. His latest comment about sympathising with the families of terrorists and his description of Islam as a “beautiful religion” surely takes the fucking biscuit.

    As Norman pointed out above, Bono is now trying to “own” the Paris terrorist attacks. Norman is dead right – this goes way beyond mere grief-jacking: the tax-avoiding paddy cunt wants to “own” it, just like the scruffy cunt Geldof “owned” Ethiopian famine.

    Added to which, I believe Bono is currently the most cunted public figure on ISAC, so we ought to make it official.

    Add your names/nominations to the Cunt Of The Year page if you agree?

  9. Clicked!

    Best cunting i’ve seen here yet and I will happily change my islam vote as cunt of the year nomination to this one if you decide to COTY it, especially given your astute, factual and sad truth points, well played sir.

    • And this is directed at black and white cunts UK cunting, not Fred’s shameful bono vote jacking party political broadcast!

    • Thanks Pagliacci,

      It pisses me off big time seeing this Country changing so much and most of it for the worse. I have already posted my Cunt of the Year nomination on the page (Iain Duncan Smith) although I might change/overwrite it.

      • Well here’s the thing, merkunt, bonio, spasticey etc etc etc, they’re all cunts but just ordinary cunts, cunt enablers if you will to a degree but they’re not life changing/civilisation changing cunts like islam and as you have very well put the fucking shocking double standards in the UK.

        You and I are cunting the bigger picture I think, potentially life changing cunts, they’re the worst cunts of all!

  10. I’d say hold off a little and anounce it on Jan 1st as theres still a few weeks left for plently of cunts to out-cunt each other, especially during the festivities.

    sure their will be swarms of celebrety christmasy cuntishness to come.

    to quote geldoff and bono “its christmas time….”

    cuntmas time, I mean

    • True it will soon be Boxing day, I might cave in and nominate Gordon Jackson in the Great Escape for saying “Thank you”

      Stupid Scottish cunt

    • That Band Aid song was shite anyway… Just a bad rip-off of the Z-Cars theme… And only Queen bothered to turn up on the day of the Live Aid concert… Everyone else was crap….

      • Talking of Live Cunt. I really like Bowie but his getting down on one knee doing his ‘our Father’ bit was gut wrenching cheese of the highest order. Maybe it’s the cocaine that prevents someone seeing what a lame cunt they look.

  11. According to some news reports, that fat little cunt Kim Jong Whatsisname now has his own H-Bomb Xmas playset, so we’ve all edged just a tad closer to “Goodbye World”. That’s a bit of a cunt…..

  12. Same old propaganda for the last 20 years, they aint got a box of fucking matches between em mate

    • Yeah… If those Korean cunts acted up, they know that the Russians and Chinese would just blow them to buggery… Kim Jong Cunt’s usual bullshit…

      • Yup true Norm.

        Every few months haircut 100 makes an outrageous claim so people think he’s his dad who wouldn’t of let the porky little cunt loose with a sparkler never mind nukes.

        • To be fair I read about it in Huffington Post so hopefully it is all bollocks. From many accounts the N.Korean airforce still uses planes with propellers and their missiles are ignited with a blue touch paper (then stand well back)…..

      • North Korea are a useful tool for Russia, China, U.S. Etc. basically Kim Jung cunt fags for them.

  13. Im Northern and proud of it but I must agree Grimshaw is a Northern Cunt,sadly these metrosexual hipster ponces are everywhere be it Scotland ,London or Hull,hel be part of that trendy Camden set with their tight jeans ,converse and baggy jumpers on …..Ive been to Camden a couple of times and didnt see what all the fuss was about……everythings just cunted beyond cuntage these days……

    • The League Of Gentleman got Camden spot on with their character, Tish Guppy… A total cunt in a place perfect for cunts…

  14. Oh yeah, I almost forgot…. moyles stopped me listening to radio one but if I’m in someone else’s motor and grimshaw is on he sounds just another wishy washy vapid mincing ladyboy, yup grimshaw is a cunt.

    • Moyles was a thieving fraudster cunt who lied on his tax returns yet fuck all happened to him.

  15. Now how could someone with no particular talent and who in fact lost listeners from a prime time radio show get so much exposure in the media ? It couldn’t be because of sucking cocks and taking it up the arse could it ?

  16. Apparently the cunt looks likely to get the heave-ho off x-factor due to negative fan response. Perhaps there’s some hope for the great unwashed after all.

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