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Ian Wright robbery

I am impelled to cunt the anglo-centric, sycophantic, foreigner hating, British punditry displayed by football ‘experts’ in the media. There has never been a more openly xenophobic collection of people than the ex-footballers and managers who get away with calling any professional who isn’t from these shores every stereotypical insult you can imagine.

Some rank-average, overpaid cunt from Gillingham can be as lazy as he fucking likes, display no skill, not show any interest, get torn apart by his opposition and these wankers are completely petrified to throw DESERVED abuse at him just in case they bump into each other on the golf course the next day. “He’s clearly out of from Jeff”, “He’ll come good Steve, class always shines through in the end”, “When you join a new club you have to allow some time for settling in Alan”. I would say “He is fucking useless, get the lazy cunt off and sell him to some Conference team for a Dairy-lea triangle. The fucking prick.”
Some fella from the hills of the Andes whose supporting about 60 of his extended family, has perfectly learnt a completely foreign language, acts like a total professional and treats all the staff and fans with respect has a dip in form for a fortnight or struggles to come to terms with a massively different pressure of expectation, and all of a sudden these fucking has-beens, and more than likely, never-have-beens spout shit like ‘He’s not up to it at this level’, ‘He’s only picking up the pay-cheque’, ‘Lads not interested’, ‘They’ve not got the mental toughness for the Premier League’. Fuck off you racist cunts and make yourselves busy by trying to finger the female presenters on Sky Sports News whilst regaling them with tales of the japes you had in Corfu one year with Dave Beasant.

United got their arses handed to them the other week by Arsenal, and rightly so, they were shit. Two fullbacks were on show that day, Ashley fucking young and Matteo Darmian. They were both awful. Darmian got pulled to pieces by the likes of Redknob, Shitty Neville and that droning cunt Shearer. ‘He wasnt good enough’ and all that shit. ‘Needs to come to terms with the pace of the league.’ ‘Has a lot to learn if he wants to succeed at United.’ Young, on the other hand, whose plied his trade in the English game his entire life, and for 70% of that time been absolute fucking dog shit, with only one foot, was handed every possible excuse by his bum-buddies back in the studios. Eventually his dire display was put down to the fact that one of the best players in the world and a World Cup Winning captain (Schweinsteiger) wasnt helping him enough. No, he was shit because he’s shit, that day and practically every other day of his career, but I’m sure your expert opinions will ensure a Christmas card from Ashley this year and the chance of a tit pic from his wife on Facebook if you’re lucky.

Last night I had to listen to one of the stupidest cunts to ever grace a football field (Ian Wright) aimlessly and without any real point defend the ability of the most over-rated sack of shit to pull on a United shirt, ever (Wayne Rooney).Some scholar had rung up to point out that Rooney has been dreadful for about 5 years, not once pulling a performance out against a team of any note whilst holding the biggest club in England to ransom and handing in a number of transfer requests. Wright was aghast that a Englishman could question Waynes quality, ignoring the facts that he’s had more opportunities than Jimmy Saville and relies on spot kicks for most of his goals. It was blind, patriotic shit that held no water when put under scrutiny, but this nonsensical arse-licking is rife from TV to radio to the Press.

The only people who should be allowed to comment on football in this country are Gullit, Souness, Dietmar Hamann and myself. The rest can fuck off to after dinner speeches.

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

16 thoughts on “Footie experts

  1. If you are cunting Ian Wright i’m in.

    Punditry in general, far too many scouse cunts, I turn over at half time so I don’t have to listen to them! I reckon the media have been made to employ them or face discrimination charges!

    Owen Hargreaves and Micheal Owen, spend their whole carriers injured and have the cheek to complain about other players out injured. Hargreaves is a fucking useless specimen of a pundit!

    Ps, bit too much of a read for a cunting but i’m lazy.

  2. The only half decent pundits now are Graeme Souness and Gary Neville… Cunts like Niall ‘The Blue Donkey’ Quinn, Jamie Redknapp and Martin ‘Gorilla’ Keown are among the worst… But the biggest cunts are the aforementioned Ian Wright, Phil Neville and that utter smug and know all twat, Garth Crooks… I fucking despise Garth Crooks… It’s a football show, not the Open University, Crooks you fucking cunt…

    And Ashley Young is fucking shite….

  3. Lady Colin Campbell is a cunt…
    First off, who the fuck is this crabby old zit? And next, how the frig does she qualify as a celebrity? The old Froggies used to put obnoxious above themselves cunts like her on the guillotine… Now that is a TV show I would watch….

  4. Garv Nev must be off his fucking rocker… Leaving that pile of cash and the Sky Sports studio to work in Spain with that useless cunt brother of his as his assistant… Now it’ll be more of that Scouse bastard, Carragher and Jamie fucking Redknapp on the telly… It wouldn’t surprise me if Sky Sports brought in that other Scouse cunt, Stevie G… Then the cuntfest would be complete…

  5. Well done Parliament for standing with the rest of the world to fight the murderous stinking excrement that is ISIS, and all the apologists and that cunt trumpet Corbyn can fuck right off …. The scruffy old cunt wasn’t opposed to bombing when him and Livingston were up the arse of Gerry Adams…

    The apologist lefty knobs are thick anyway… ‘Don’t bomb Syria?’ Bombing IS scum in Syria is no different from bombing Nazis in World War II Belgium or targeting murderous Micks in Gibraltar (dey got theirs, the IRA cunts, to be sure now!)… What part of it ever said ‘Bomb all of Syria?’ Stupid lefty cunts….

    • No, they are just joining the shit-fest aimless bombing of syria without affecting those beard isil cunts cause these cunts are every-fucking-where. There’s probably an isil cunt living next door to you. Bombing syria will only bring the moderate muslim cunts to the fore to be exploited by the isil cunts. In the meantime, all the british cunts who have vested interests in the weapons industry will be licking their lips at the prospect of a new fat government contract. So fuck off cunt, because bombing is counter productive. Fucking deal with the bearded cunts in your own country before shooting your load in another country.

      • Nah, there’s no ISIL cunt living next door to me… Just some wanker who has a DIY fetish (and who is a cunt!)…

        And fuck off yourself, you fucking twatbag!

      • There is no such thing as a moderate muslim loco, so Norm’s on the money on this point. Bomb em all ‘moderate’ Muslims included, I’ve had enough of their nonsense, most of us have now so fuck em n fuck you too come to that, cunt!

      • The RAF have just reported successful airstrikes against IS controlled oil fields near the Syria-Iraq border… So how is that bombing Syria willy nilly? These pilots will have precise and specific targets and know what they are doing… So fuck off, loco, yer mong..

      • If we are to take everything the media tells us as gospel, then bravo cunts. But I’ll be hard pressed to tell you ‘i told you so’ when some bearded brit-muslim cunt decides to blow himself up in the middle of the city in retaliation. However, I’m not a brit, so what do i know. I’m only a cunt residing in a hot humid former british colony where 60% of the population are fucking muslim cunts.

      • Some bearded muslim cunt is going to do that anyway you fucking idiot so stick your I told you sos up your ass. You’re not British, well what a shock lol, fuck off you boring weak cunt and try and enjoy what little life you have left before you get beheaded for not being a muslim cunt anyway….ally akbar!

      • As you say, pagliacci, this knob is not British… Probably another Paddy troll… And those cunts lecturing anyone about bombings is fucking rich….

      • I once had a similar opinion to ol cuntybollocks here but now i’m done with the soft approach of ‘let’s try dialog first’, we did, it didn’t work, it never will, so now i’m of the opinion to bomb the fucking lot of em, the guilty, the innocent, men women and children….yup the fucking lot of em. There will be attacks here make no mistake, there have been in the past, there will be in the future, there are no moderate muslims just muslims who can’t get guns and bombs yet. Most muslims aren’t terrorists but most terrorists are muslims, wipe them all out and then start on the cunts we got living here too until they get the fucking message as well!

        The only words I want the next weak as piss mincing politician that has a say on our internal security regarding the enemy we already have living within is ‘No more Mr Nice Guy’ and fucking prove it by taking what can only be described as ‘no go areas’ in some parts on England back one street at a time and stomping any cunt that gets in their way to death!

        Now i’m going to have a nice cup of Earl Grey and a biccy…

  6. Football is watched by closeted homosexuals. It is played by barely-closeted homosexuals. I guess this makes pundits the equivalent of spectators at gay dogging sites.

    • I have heard some unsavoury rumours about Gary Nev… Ever wonder why he has that dubious looking tache?

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