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Benedict Cumberbatch – daft trollops wanting to commit suicide because he’s got married, for fucks sake, this man is just a complete cunt of the highest order, and why so fucking posh?

For what I can work out using the internet, and old VHS tapes, his sister is married to Rodney Trotter, his mum is a bossy old tart who drives around in futuristic cars from the 1970s, and his dad is a bloke who owns a printing firm and a limousine company hiring out old Ford Granada’s.

I also found out that his dad’s been in nick, and also buys old dodgy mobile phones off someone called Arthur Dailey, Arthur bloody Dailey, the biggest used car salesman in north London.

Nominated by: Ram it home Ginger Rogers

Yet another rich born left wing twat, who thinks he has a god given right to lecture people on the need to bring an unlimited number of ‘refugees’ to the UK. Which is what he did at the end of his Hamlet gigs. If I’d been at one of those performances, I’d have got up and walked out as soon as the Hamlet bit was over.

It’s all very well shouting “FUCK THE GOVERNMENT” (very classy by the way), and demanding that more foreign parasites be allowed to permanently settle in the UK. But people like Bendydick were born into privilege. They’ve never lived in the areas that these so called refugees get sent to. They’ve never seen the disruption, or the tensions it’s caused with the indigenous people, because nobody asked if they WANTED a bunch of, mostly, aggressive and hostile strangers to bring their alien culture to a long established community.

The only experience cunts like Benzadrine Cuntflaps have of immigrants, come from the fucking au pairs, maids and cleaners they hire on the cheap. The worst of them, are those like Geldof and Cooper-Balls. They both offered to put up a Syrian ‘refugee’ family in their own homes. Now that the fuckers are over here, Geldof and Cooper-Balls have both been strangely silent on that issue. Cooper-Balls was interviewed over the phone by Nick Ferrari on his radio show a few weeks back. All was going well until Nick enquired about her promise to house a refugee family. The line suddenly went dead. Refugees welcome? Only until she has to keep a promise.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Cumberbatch was really quite good as Hamlet. Shame’s he’s such a cunt in real life…

Have a refugee for Christmas, Bennie. It’s cheaper than a turkey!

Nominated by: Dioclese

24 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch

  1. Like Dio says, he’s a very good actor. Sadly that means he thinks he’s entitled to lecture us fucking riff-raff with his comfortable socialism. I blame Tony Benn myself…

  2. Hollywood’s latest rent-a-British Baddie, now that Anthony Hopkins and Alan Rickman are getting a bit long in the tooth.

  3. For the left, socialist ideas always happen to someone else.

    So comprenhensive schools a great idea, apart from their kid (Shirley Williams, Dianne Abbot and the rest) who is “special” and gets to go to a private school

    So the “home a refugue” is so much socialist bollocks, what Cooper-bollocks really means is dump them in some shitty council estate, the residents will vote labour anyway.

  4. A fine cunting sir, all the girls at my work fancy this guy for reasons I can’t quite fathom. Could be something to do with the fact he’s famous although I’ve always thought his face looks like a walrus scrotum that has been stretched over ETs misshapen head.

  5. My auntie got it right when she said Cuntberbatch was a ‘poor man’s Roger Moore…’
    They’ll probably remake The Persuaders, with Benedict Humperdinck and some other cunt…

  6. I think his mum was in the cult classic “UFO” as some stuck up bitch or other.

    Now that bint with the purple wig on moonbase, well that was another matter

    • I think the poor performance of the interceptors against the UFOs was like this “let’s just fire this rocket off into space, and the first one back gets to drain their load into Lieutenant Ellis

      And let the bloke in the skydiver deal with the shite

        • His Mum is Wanda Ventham, a right good looker. Appeared in Who several times, better known to the general public as Cassandra’s mother in Only Fools And Horses, when it turned shit.

          • I remember Wanda Ventham and Wendy Richard as a pair of dolly birds in The Likely Lads…

            And I agree: Only Fools turned to shit when they fucked with the Del, Rodders and Grandad/Uncle Albert dynamic and made the brothers ‘domesticated’… Cassandra helped ruin it, but Racquel was even worse… A well known ladies man like Del Boy, ending up with a nagging, man-hating cunt like that… It just didn’t add up..

  7. Prime for cunting our Cumberbatch, deserves everyone. When he has ten refugee families living in his garden I may well take note of what he utters. Otherwise have a big cup of shut the fuck up and piss off to LA or someother place the luvvies go to try their hand or other body part.
    PS. Enjoy all the comments very much. Wise words indeed and a tonic for one as cynical as me who is also on some heavy meds.
    I know I am not alone.

  8. Guess what!! You have a serious mental issue.
    It is you the one who feels inferior because he just lives his life without minding others. You, instead, are just trying to feel a bit better (on a moral or social ground, who knows), by “insulting” others.
    You are a cunt, truly, maybe a cuntbatch.

  9. This is so obviously an obfuscation wedding, exactly the same as David Walliams, he only got married so he can continue to go cottaging on Hampstead Heath, Benedict so obviously loves the cock.
    And he looks like right mincer too, he has the Stephen Fry, Micheal Barrymore demonic ass-fister look about him.

  10. The very worst sort of guardinista cunt, I’m okay jack! , what!! You don’t agree with mass immigration?? Competing with Eastern European joe?? You must be a facist, racist or a bigot!! , 2 nd rate actor!, 1st rate cunt!! …..

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