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I hate unfunny spackmo keith Lemon, i’d love to twat the cunt in the face with big bat with nails on it, then feed him Ant and Dec (also known as cunt and dick) then Lemon can shat out Ant and Dec, THEN use stupid unfunny cunt Lee Francis (aka Lemon) head as a shitty stick to poke Ant and Dic down the fucking skiddy toilet

Unfunny talentless cunts, only famous by being at the right place at the right time, i’d like a hungry lion to be released Live during ‘I’m a so-called Celebrity get me out of here’ and watch the lion rip out Ant and Decs fucking throats and rip off limps etc, yep, you guessed it, I FUCKING HATE THEM and the Ant and Dec overkill on TV

Nominated by: I hate Ant & Dec

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  1. How about relocating the whole “im a celeb” thing to Borneo and not tell the cunts when they arrive……it would make the whole thing much more interesting and sort of reminds me of the camp in Laos from “Appocolypse Now”.
    I doubt voting them off would be necessary, the locals would depleat their numbers quite nicely and I would have some genuine respect for the surviver.

    • well said mate,i also hate the ‘aren,t ant and dec lovely peaple’ brigade.Ask anybody who has met them in real life and they will tell you what grade A cunts they really are.

  2. They’re a pair of ordinary cunts, happily I don’t watch that jungle nonsense so our paths don’t cross.

  3. Hold the throat by the left hand and pummel with the right; southpaws please reverse.



  4. yep ant,dec and Leith fucking lemon send the fuckers to Syrian were they can be spit roasted by Syrian beggars and isis until they have had enough and the a double tap in the head each and the world world be better for it,if that’s as popular as I suspect it might be we can have I’m a celebrity vote me in to Syria for the same treatment and it can be called strictly cunts dancing

  5. As the old saying goes ‘You’ll never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator’.

    Ant and Dec demonstrate this beautifully.

  6. Yvette Cooper-Balls. She was on that Sunday politics show yesterday spouting off about how we should be taking in more muslims from Calais. There was even a video segment of her visiting ‘The Jungle’. One part that stood out for me, perfectly demonstrated why we SHOULDN’T be taking these scum. She said that the women and children; what few there were anyway tended to stick to the outer edges of the camp because the central part was too dangerous for them. Yes? And why was it too dangerous? Because that’s where most of the single young men lived. And yet still this dopey, left wing cunt wants US to take in these obviously dangerous scum.

    After that she was in the studio being questioned, poorly, by Andrew Neil. Not once did the fat, Scottish shit bag ask the ugly fucker why she still hasn’t made good on her promise to house an ‘refugee’ family in one of her own properties. He allowed to get away with that. A completely impartial interviewer would have skewered the hypocritical arsehole with that one. I’m sure the interview’s on YouTube or something. Watch it, and compare it with Neil’s interview with Katie Hopkins.

    The point is though. Cooper-Balls is a monumental piece of shit cunt. And like every so called liberal, she’s happy to call for the UK to take more muslims who WON’T contribute a single positive thing to the country, but she’s not so quick to honour a promise that she publicly made.

    • I had a long debate with a muslim in his late teens once about the merits/non merits for their women wearing burkas/hijabs. He said is was so the men didn’t get impure thoughts. I suggested to him perhaps there are more reasons, male control, stopping other men looking at your wife/sister etc I.E jealousy, dehumanising the female to a degree.

      He commented on the wife and sister part and said he didn’t have a wife but he was glad his sister and mother wore hijabs because he would hate to have impure thoughts about them.

      The moral of this tale is the burka and hijab are there because muslim men have very little to no self control, I mean that dirty cunt couldn’t even trust himself over impure thoughts on his own sister and mother so when these filthy cunts are let in here on masse what chance does even a moderately dressed Western women have, never mind when it comes to summer!

      I’ve nominated islam as cunt of the year for reasons just like this, second to mine black and white cunts cunting of the UK in general is up there for me for being as weak as piss on this subject and a fair few others he has got spot on!

      Rant over…..for now!

    • Why didn’t you refer to Cooper Balls as a monumental English shit cunt since you thought it appropriate to include Brillos nationality. Couldn’t be because you are a monumental bigoted fuck wank ? Asking for a friend.

      • No, I’m not a monumental bigoted fuck wank. You however sound a monumental, brain dead, cocksucker. Or rather, you can tell your ‘friend’. Now fuck off.

  7. Who watches this shite? reality shows are a akin to where the audience gets dumber and the stupid egotistical so called celebrities get richer from being attention whores. Celebrity culture is toxic!

    • The ‘Celebrity’ culture is now bullshit has been for years. People being famous for getting their tits out or releasing some Sex tape. I blame all the dumb cunts who buy Hello and whatever other shit magazines there are and also the TOWIE and other reality show viewers. I suppose you can’t blame the reality ‘Stars’ for getting their money out of the pile of shit this whole reality shit is. The cunts.

    • 10-12 million which is pretty fucking scary
      probably the sort of cunts who would go and watch public executions, make up lynch mobs, burn “witches”

      I have seen the future and it is Idiocracy – the 0.1% will have fucked off to another planet by then

  8. Rachel Dolezal is a cunt…

    Why pretend for years to be something that you are not?
    I’ve known both black and white lads from Jamaica and, like the black lads, the white lads also love their weed, their reggae and talk in patois… But they don’t pretend to be black, because they aren’t… And why is this silly bitch trying to make out she spread all this bullshit in order to be a race rights activist? One can be white and still stand against racism and be a race rights activist… Just like a man can speak up foe feminism (it won’t be me though)… A cause that somebody fights for or supports is about belief… It has fuck all to do with skin colour… The daft tart probably did it to get attention and appear ‘cool…’ The stupid cow wants to ask people who lived in Apartheid stricken South Africa or the USA in the 1950s and 1960s how ‘cool’ it was to be black…. Fighting for a cause is one thing, but pretending you are one of them and know what they are going through? That is just taking the piss and is so patronising… What a cunt, and I thought Plastic Paddies were bad…

    • Fuckin ell, heard about this Cunf a while ago. I didn’t realise she was such a cunt. So by her logic I can be whatever I identify with? What a stupid ‘in denial’ Americunt. I like Curry so I am gonna be Indian tomorrow. What a cunt.

      • In true fantasy land style, I’m going to wake up tomorrow and live my life as a millionaire, because I identify with millionaires.

        There is only one small snag.

        I’m not a millionaire.

        Now, if we can only get that annoying hit of reality sunk into the dense skulls of cunts like Rachel Dolezal and the LBTGQ community, life will be so much easier for everyone.

  9. Ken’Newt Loving Cunt’ Livingston has somehow managed to achieve the impossible and outcunt himself again by admitting he’d accept a peerage from fellow ubercunt Jeremy Corbyn, if one was offered. This is despite the fact he’s had many a wankfest fantasising about and attempting to abolish the House of Lords. Utterly typical behavior from a champagne socialist who has suckled at the teat of public office for decades. I hope there’s a national holiday when this cunt who despises his own country finally meets his maker.

    • Half of me agrees with you, Lord Flashcunt, but half of me thinks that having a loose cannon troublemaking cunt like Livingstone in the House of Lords would be fucking hilarious.

    • Like many if these opinionated politians, they try to verbally defend their so called principles whilst in practice they contravene every principle they apparently stand for. Livingstone is yet another one of the many hypocritical cunts that exist today.

  10. Ant and Dec are fodder for the masses, they sell tremendous amounts of advertising air time, its brainwashing by stealth. I’d rather watch Spongebob Squarepants its intellectually more stimulating.

  11. That Freddie from the Tesco xmas adverts is a really irritating cunt. In fact the whole series of adverts is a cunt. I hope ben MIller is doing them to get enough fuck you money to retire. The mum is supposed to be a comedian whatever the fuck that is nowadays.

    • Almost all the comedians nowadays suck, besides the best comedy is realife experiences. Who the fuck goes to a comedians set just to get yelled at and made fun of, that isn’t comedy or maybe it is.

    • Speaking of Christmas adverts, that fucking McDonalds advert. Jesus Christ! What a family of irritating cunts.
      “Dad, why are you so grumpy?!” squeals one of little shits in the back of the car. If that was me I would pull the car over, grip the wheel tighter than my Mrs’ arsehole and calmly explain ” I’m grumpy because I’ve created the worst domestic unit known to man. You shits and your mother are such a disappointment to me that I’ve been spending most of my evenings indulging in smack and having sex with the local street walkers. I hate every fiber of your beings”.
      I would then systematically shoot each one of them in the face. Leaving that fucking little fuck pig-boy till last so I could see the despair that the child locks had put onto his chubby shitty face, then delicately kiss him on the forehead and whisper in his ear “Like Wizard do you, you camp cunt?”, then put the twats brains over the back window.
      Well, that would be what I would do anyway. Merry Christmas.

      • It’s probably slightly over the top to wipe out your whole family on the way to purchase a “happy meal”, but Christmas is a fraught time of year.

        But an excellent rant !

  12. Any families in food halls should be shot,Il correct that,any noisy families should be shot,everyones entitled to eat out but nothing pushes my buttons more than noisy brats in pubs,cafes,food halls etc,usually pre schoolers with the high pitched screams,its the reason I dont eat out as much now,its just pure hell and kills the whole exoerience

  13. Me & Mrs Boaby never eat out anymore, not since we went to a restaurant in our city that served a shit salad (looked like a bag of mixed salad from the supermarket)
    This culinary masterpiece was garnished with a splash of balsamic vinegar and they charged £12 for the fucking thing.
    I could have made it myself for about £2.50.
    Don’t even get me started on the sommelier, he recommended a bottle of red Cabernet Sauvignon – Cassilie Del Diablo that turned out to be £18 for the bottle, it was a nice bottle of wine, but imagine my shock when I saw it in Oddbins 2 weeks later for £6.99.


    • Just as well you didn’t see how much it is in Tescos then mate…£5.00! I never buy wine in restaurants now, absolute pure greed considering they buy it by the case/s so it must be even fucking cheaper!

    • They don’t serve proper salads anymore, what you get is the cuttings from the grass verge outside the pub, probably garnished with dog or cat piss.

  14. Not a fan of Ant and Dec especially Dec laughing at people being sick on I’m a celebrity and making fun of people on BGT. Apparently that is now entertainment?

  15. I genuinely do not see the fascination with these pair of 5th rate, untalented, unfunny,over-rated pair of CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS. Just like 95percent of the shite on TV, in the ‘music chart’s, on the comedy circuit, in all ‘respective parliament’s’, on the small and big screen,and more importantly, the CUNT’S on this planet, they cater for a brain-dead, labotamised, un-educated, un-intelligent, immature bunch of CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS. GOD HELP US. ARRRGGGHHH😣.

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