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  1. So what the fucks going on?? Joao Havelange is on his last legs and I wanna know if that cunt dies will I be claiming another win.

    • What’s going on?
      WE’RE STILL ON POOL 27!!!!!!!!!!!

      And if Havelange dies, then Shaun of the Dead 69 wins because he nominated him first.

      You nominated him in pool 26 not 27. In fact I have no nominations from you at all in pool 27 yet so if you want to make some, then let me know.

      You’ll find the definitive list in the comments for pool 27 and there’s been a couple more names added since…

  2. European Council President Donald Tusk (I think he’s an ex schoolmate of Cameron) is a CUNT.
    He’s now saying that Russias’s bombing of ISIS and the other Syrian terrorist/”freedom fighters” is bumping up the mIgrant numbers to Europe.
    He says fuck all about Turkey (that massive cunt Erdogan) giving travel vouchers to Syrians, Iraquis and assorted Africans so they can pay the people smugglers to cross the Med.
    He says nothing about the US sponsoring/funding ISIS ‘cos he’s a lying, bought and paid for CUNT.
    You just have to look at him – he’s got CUNT written all over his face; I don’t know how he got elected, or it may be European Council members just buy or blackmail their way in like our own House of Lords, another bunch of CUNTS.
    Putin is not a nice man, far from it – I wouldn’t want to upset him (he does need a serious cunting some time soon though), but he does seem to be makng a contribution to stabilizing Syria (not through altruism, he’s probably worried about his naval base in Latakia), and anyway he can’t be causing the Syrian exodus because I’ve seen a few bleeding heart liberals say/tweet/post after the Paris massaceres that the refugees have come to Europe to get away from perpertrators, I have to assume they mean ISIS since no-ones blamed Russia for the attacks – yet.
    Why does every country pick a cunt to lead them?
    Going back to me whisky.

  3. Paris Lees “y’know” needs to be cunted. Saw her on last QT – jeez what an inarticulate, uneducated bitch? I had to google her to see what her claim to fame is and it turns out s/he’s a transgender- go Beeb. Comes over as thick as pig shit. Once her 15 minutes are up she should fuck off to Thailand or somewhere equally liberal.
    Whilst I’m at it let’s cunt Huffington Post for being unbalanced cunts.

    • She looks the type to have sex with dogs. I think I’ve seen her in “K9s on Holiday” with some Alsatians.

      • She/he/it is better looking than any of the lady boys I’ve seen in Thailand yet. So what if she/he/it is as dense as Pavarotti’s shit on boxing day morning, so long as the only time it opens it’s mouth is so you can shove your cock in it, who cares?

        “there are no chicks with dicks, only dudes with tits”

  4. Madonna

    I coukd nevef stand this self centered cunt. The latest in I need attention stimulation? A pause and a cry for a minute in honour of Paris shootings.

    im sure she pulled out a nose hair to draw a tear as unless she was shot herself i csnf see who else she would feel for.. If she was that upset about it she could have cancelled the concert and gone there.

    What happened is a cunt of highest proportion, like everthing else these sand niggers for their own attention, but, why cant these media whores leave if alone.

    At least the busker cunt took his piano there.

    • Couldn’t agree more… The attention seeking sack of shit that is ‘Madge’ would use anything for her own gain…. A tarantula has more sincerity..

      For all his faults, at least Bono and his lot didn’t just fuck off the minute it happened, and they bothered to pay tribute in person… On the subject of U2, it just shows what cowardly cunts these goatfucking IS shitehawks are… They didn’t attempt to cause carnage at a U2 gig with high levels of security (just like the suicide bombing fucktards couldn’t get into the Stade De France)… Instead they pick a small concert hall with little security and bars and restaurants… These greasy savages wouldn’t have a hope in hell if they fought man to man against a proper fighting force…

  5. I’d like to nominate Car Insurance companies!

    I just spend a few days getting quotes with exactly my same details and was offered exactly the same cover and restrictions that ranged for £500 to £1200, a bigger bunch of inconsistent shyster cunts is hard to imagine!

  6. Jeremy Corbyn is such a cunt…
    Corbyn wants a political settlement in wake of Paris….. Can someone explain what political settlement we are supposed to reach with those ISIS cunts…

  7. Fake watches
    What a cunt! Anyone who wears a fake watch is a cunt. Any one who knows anything about watches can tell a fake from 100m so by wearing one you are announcing to the world “I’m a faking cunt” Just be honest and wear a Tag instead.

    Rolex are prone to this. Any Rolex, genuine or fake is assumed to be fake. And even if they are not fake they say “CUNT” as clear as day. We call them clitoris watches, i.e every cunt has one.

    The cunts who have a rolex are the same sorts of cunt who think bang and olufsen make good hifi, harley davidson make good motorbikes and hugo boss make good suits. Cunts.

    • A agree with the fake part, but Rolex, every cunt has one lol not the last time I was out and about in town they didn’t. In fact the only one I spotted was mine, a Rolex president 18238 double quick set, cunt as maybe, but a cunt with a 10k watch on his wrist which even after 6 months hasn’t given me one iota of buyers remorse.

      Tags are for fags, everyone knows that 😉

      • My sisters’ best mate’s boyfriend is a total tag fag…. He has to have every Apple product that comes out (whether he can use it/needs it or not), just to tell people he’s got one… He always has to buy Lacoste shirts (and display the fucking alligator thing!)… He changes his telly every six months, and he even only goes in Starbucks (which is shite anyway) for his coffee….

        Needless to say he is a complete cunt….

    • I’ve got a fake Rolex. Cost me £50 from a bloke in China. Looks really good.

      The genuine article is £26,000

      The real cunt is not fakes – it’s the cunts who pay £26,000 for a fucking watch!

    • I have wanted one for 30 odd years. for most of that I couldn’t afford one to be honest but even when I could I put myself off more times than I can remember. I saw one this year that ticked all the boxes regarding the double quick set which is a bloody godsend, the dial I wanted….white with gold roman numerals, also the bracelet was about 8/10 which is rare, finding a president bracelet on a 1996 rolex that hasn’t stretched like Kerry Kuntonas vag is a major plus given it’s 18k gold is quite soft it suffers badly from wear, it had the original Rolex paperwork, box and receipt which is also a major plus, especially if I ever have to sell the cunt.

      You are right about other watches for that sort of money though, and fuck me I did look at others believe me but the heart wants etc

      • Do you also want a harley davidson?

        These are the watches to look at;

        Girard Perregaux
        Franck Muller

        Nothing as common as a Rolex…..

        • Well you keep saying that but they’re not as common as you make out.

          Thanks for the list but I have a small watch collection so I do know my watches Rich.

          I have an S & S Boyd Coddington commissioned softail just to get you ranting a bit more, but hey, I can take the flack.

          • Horses for courses I guess

            I have a Benelli TNT cafe racer 1130

            KTM duke 690

            Triumph T100

            Though the benelli does spend most of it’s time leaking oil on my garage floor.

  8. Juts googled it, looks just like one I saw at Patpong night market the other night. 10K? Fuck off!

  9. Sorry, Mate. I hope you are very happy with your watch. Being a bit of a snobby cunt, I’m afraid.

    And Daniel Craig can fuck right off with his shitty little omega.

    • haha that’s ok mate. If the novelty wears off i’ll sell it simple, it was a bucket list want really, but for now i’m happy with the choice, I’m equally happy with some of my much cheaper vintage watches too so it’s not just about cost.

      What watch/es do you have? Fuck me this is now the watch thread lol

        • My every day watch is a Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic on a steel band, I like the weight. Also a Breitling Navitimer on a brown leather band, but my eyes are not up to that so it may have to go. A couple of Tags most notably a Monza ( sorry, I am a fag ) and several vintage Oris including a big crown which might be a bit shit in this company but I love it as it was the first quality watch I ever bought, on 30th August 1997. The day before that cunt the so called princess Di fucked off.

          • I know the others but I had to google your Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic, doesn’t the crown guard dig into your wrist/back of hand? That’s what i’ve wondered about the big crown watches too. Tag has never really done it for me although I’m a big fan of anything well made and engineered.

            Fuck me I know what you’re saying about eyes, as much as I like the Rolex I have to hold it away a bit to see the time and need my glasses on to see the day, the dates ok because of the magnification bubble, I thought a good idea would be if they made a sapphire crystal with a date AND day magnification bubble, but die hard Rolex cunts would probably want me burned alive as a heretic!

            I have a 9ct gold 1964 Omega seamaster automatic 552 movement with an age related gold rice band strap, made in the year I was born so it’s a keeper, a 60s gold Avia and a 40s Russian rose gold Paul (Pavel) Buhre.

            We may have to tone this down afore we are accused of being a couple of budding bromance cunts with too much in common!

  10. Horses for courses I guess

    I have a Benelli TNT cafe racer 1130

    KTM duke 690

    Triumph T100

    Though the benelli does spend most of it’s time leaking oil on my garage floor.

    Great list, I like all of them but especially if the T100 is the vintage one not the modern one with hardly any exhaust note. Sadly these days I class myself as a motorbike owner more than a motorbike rider but I still love my bikes. Nothing can give me the sort of grin of a ton plus if i’m pissed off.

  11. The Benelli goes like fucking stink, only about 120 bhp but geared for low down grunt. The T100 is a nice relaxed cruiser but the KTM is as mad as a box of fogs!!! Fuck, does that thing make you sit up and take notice!!! Had an LC 3 and a half when I was a kid and is very similar, only more so.

    Been thinking about a Victory eight ball, now I’m old and fat. NEVER a harley though.

    • Fuck me 120 BHP isn’t to be sniffed at mate, plenty fast enough.

      The only thing left of my softail that is harley davidson is where it’s says harley davidson on the logbook, everything else engine-gearbox wise is S&S or others…S&S 6 speed chain drive conversion so no belt, S&S crank and oil pump, Sputhe barrels, Edelbrock heads, rpm cams so is now 1560cc instead of 1340cc. One off upside down forks with billet yokes, Boyd Coddington billet switchblade wheels with matching calipers, discs and chain cog, jesse james fuel tank, custom made front and rear fenders, flip paint job, carlini bars,digital speedo rev counter in the mirrors, Arlen ness bullet stretch headlamp and cases, Forlan twin air shocks, vance and hines shotgun straight through pipes, …I could write another page mate, bottom line is I did fuck all to it, that’s how I bought it, based on a harley yes…a harley nope.

    • best I call it a night, time for the walking dead and a couple o night caps, nice talking with you mate

  12. I would like to cunt this conversation for being the most boring biker wank fest since the dawn of the internet

    • Boring quality time-piece and bike wank fest cunt, but fair cunting as it got a bit bromancy.

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