Anne-Marie Duff (Violet) and Carey Mulligan (Maud) in SUFFRAGETTE

That’s all we’ve had on telly for weeks now. “Suffragette” this and “Suffragette” fucking that, endless free-cinema-ticket-grabbing poncey critics fawning and raving about it, that and Daniel “Mega Cunt” Craig’s latest emasculated, warmed up leftovers Bond borefest which finally lurched drunkenly into theatres.

“Ooooh! Look how troubled and gloomy he looks, how intelligent and progressive this film is”. Yawn.

Thankfully Mrs B has expressed absolutely no interest in going to see Suffragette, maybe there is a God after all. There is however a disquieting rumour of a Downton Abbey movie (shudder!)…..

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

20 thoughts on “Sufragette

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    I am an EE customer and we have had this conversation many a time about adult content, this site comes under adult content, and through the magic of wi fi I can access it, but on my network ooh no, I need to present a credit card, do some other shit or as planned go to an EE shop and pull some poor spoty cunt accross the counter and shout in his face “im old enough to be your father, why are you blocking me!”
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    • DVLA, HMRC and InHealth (NHS appoitments) are great places to waste your life waiting for a person to talk to if you fancy a change.

    • I’ve just checked, and 02 allow it. No problem at all. While we’re on the subject of cunty mobile phone companies, Vodaphone are also cunts. I joined 02 in February this year. Prior to that I was with Vodaphone. My contract with them ended in July, everything was paid up, bye bye Vodaphone. Except it isn’t because on the 14th of each month, the cunts insist on sending me a bill for £0.00p.

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    • You wanted to shoot it because you couldn’t take a picture of it? It wasn’t the fox’s fault.

      • Actually no, I have had livestock since the age of 4 and have gone out and collected the body’s of my “pets” mindlessly killed by foxes, its a short step, from protecting, your stock, to hunting humans, you get skills.
        Although rather bizarre some of my colleagues could not handle food with a face, but could kill another families child, food for thought I think.

          • Signed. Just hope it is not as big a waste orf time as the last immigration petition which was debated in what looked like the House orf Commons khazi by a bunch orf supercilious rent a liberal cunts.
            Should get many millions orf signatures though unless it is fixed.

    • I’m looking forward to Spivey’s take on recent events in Paris.

      I don’t know why, but I just have this nagging suspicion he might claim it was all a hoax, that no one was killed, and that all the wounded were crisis actors….

      • He wont mention it because it is a strange fact thay Spivey never really talks about the really big events like these but rather zeros in on accidents in theme parks , bin lorry crashes and his latest, man posing as pudsey beat in a pub. as evidence of false flags.He is a daft cunt.

  2. It’s win win because ISIS will most likely never be truly defeated so if passed our borders will remain shut forever….yes wishful thinking I know but I can dream can’t I.

  3. Anyone have the Luncheon Voucher Brothel Madam, Cynthia Payne, in the Dead Pool? (Or should I say, anyone have her AND have their noms picked up…?)

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