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The Royal Mail are cunts.

My cousin, Mark has applied for some night work over the Xmas period to get a few extra quid on top of his day job. He applied and they sent him an email telling him he’s been invited to something called a ‘registration event…’ But instead of giving him a date, time and place the cunts just sent a link: which leads to a fucking great big error page. He also tells me his application won’t even show up or print out either.

Anyway, he’s complained (and others too, no doubt), but the twats don’t seem arsed. It’s been three days since he got the message and their site is still fucked and riddled with problems. I’ve told him, if they can’t even provide a decent service and treat people properly then he shouldn’t even bother with them.

I hope TNT put them out of business eventually, the useless, clueless cunts…

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    • At least they replied to his application, which is more than they did when I applied years ago. So I suppose that means Royal Mail are improving.

    • Accept the job, go stick a card through their letterbox stating you turned up , but they were out and would they come and collect please allow twenty-four hours.

  1. The Royal Mail are pretty dreadful aren’t they. There’s the odd old-fashioned cheerful postie, the rest are lazy, useless, thieving bastards. I occasionally enter competitions where you write your details and the answer on the back of an envelope, with the competition address on the front. To help out the morons I write ‘TO’ and ‘FROM’ in big letters on the relevant sides as well, just in case the address on the side that has the fucking stamp on it is somehow ambiguous. How many do I get delivered back to me? Many. Many.

    • Too true…. When I was a kid my dad used to read his mail before he went to work (this was around 8am), now these cunts deliver mail in the late afternoon… And if the weather is bad, our letters get piss wet through… There’s been this new postie on our street the last couple of weeks and he’s a tosser… He’ll knock on the door (in the fucking afternoon!) and hand over the mail and any small parcels….Then a few minutes later he knocks again, saying he’s found another one for our address… This has happened three times to my knowledge…. The daft get also had a parcel for my neighbour (she’s OK, known her for over 30 years, but the neighbours on the other side are cunts), so I say I’ll accept the parcel for her…. Then he says to me, ‘Shall I put a card through her door?’ He’s a Royal Mail employee and he’s asking me that?! My reply was,’Well you lot put them through everyone else’s door, so she should get one too…’ Didn’t like it, the soft cunt…. And the cunt leaves a load of elastic bands all over the pavement and road… The twat…

      What happened to our Mark was he eventually got invited to this registration event: he turns up with all the crap he had to get printed out (Royal Mail are lazy cheapskate cunts too) and they tell him, ‘Oh, sorry all the jobs have gone…’ They give the lad an interview time, he travels 8 miles to get there and he doesn’t even get seen… Tell him there’s a job up for grabs when there isn’t….

      But it gets worse… These Royal Mail shithouses are now re-advertising the job Mark went for… Turns out they gave the jobs to absolutely any cunt who turned up, only they’ve discovered a lot of them are foreign cunts who either can’t speak proper English or actually aren’t eligible to work here… And after the Paris thing they are acting like headless chickens and ‘re-evaluating their policy…’ Every man jack of them is a fucking whopper of a cunt…

  2. Yeah I saw that. A very large proportion of religious people are the sneakiest, dishonest most hypocritical cunts you are likely to run into with Welby being no exception! The sneaky cunt soon turned his words around in the interview though “Welby said he was certain, however, about the existence of Jesus, even talking about his presence beside him”. Which i’m sure was the sneaky cunts intention in the first place via his underhanded soundbite.

    Hmmm so Welby doubts the existence of god but he is certain about the existence of jesus….well as I remember it jesus was the son of god so if god doesn’t existence…thick twat!

    Have you seen what the sneaky christian cunts the church of England have been up to, trying to get their advert shown before the new Star Wars film in every cinema, their advert is a bunch of religious cunts in different scenarios trying not to look like nutjobs reciting the lords prayer!

    Thankfully in the last couple of weeks the cinemas have banned it. Then the sneaky cunt the bishop cottrell said in displeasure about the ban but our advert was given a U rating so it obviously won’t offend anyone lol what about disgust, I’m not going to see the Star Wars film but if I did and they showed that nonsense fucking ad trying to brainwash decent people trying to scoff their M&MS, it would probably offend, annoy or disgust most of the people that aren’t religious, i’d sooner see another useless tampon ad with some fucking bint jumping around on a pogostick, cunts!

    So what’s next, the fucking muslims firing in an ad with more religious nutters reciting some nonsense from the quran.


  3. TTIP is a cunt. For those who do not know what the fuck I’m talking about it stands for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and is being dictated by the good ol U.S of A to the EU “parliament”. All this is going on behind closed doors in total secrecy. Even MEPs have to apply for permission to see it and even then cannot make copies. So secret is the deal that Wikileaks has offered $100,000 to leak it’s contents. And once the TTIP is complete it will be presented to the EU as a take it or leave it proposition, no amendments, no ifs and no buts.

    Up to 250,000 people marched in demonstration against the treaty in Berlin last month, but in UK there is silence. Mainly because TTIP is being ignored by the BBC and other mainstream media in favour of sympathetic stories about so called refugees.

    Whats it all going to mean to you? Well, job losses as your job is transferred to the US. Reduced environmental and food standards to bring EU standards down to the same level as the US like washing poultry in bleach. Opening up the NHS to US corporate ownership. GMO Frankenstein food on the shelves. Data privacy will be compromised again to bring EU regulations down to US standards. But the real nasty one, the real niga in da wood pile are Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) These will allow private corporations to sue a government if that government should pass legislation which harms the corporations’ profits. There are many examples of this going on already in other parts of the world, for example Philip Morris are suing Australia and Uruguay over cigarette packaging regulations. If this goes through, US corporations will be able to dictate EU member states government policy. If you think politicians are coporate whores at the moment, the TTIP will make it official.

    And the real kick in the balls is we can do fuck all about it because it is being written by Brussels’ technocrats. Cunts!

  4. All he will be doing over the weeks leading up to christmas will be delivering those wee red slips saying they cant be arsed to deliver your parcel or use their initiative as you weren’t at home. The local post Offices are chocka late afternoon with folk queing to get the parcels that they didnt deliver. Every other delivery company find a way but not the Royal Mail. Cunts.

  5. Without the royal mail this site wouldn’t exist as the word CUNT! didn’t appear in the lexicon till 1516.

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