Mark Ronson


Why the fuck has Mark Ronson not been cunted before?

This rich privileged talentless fucker has a stranglehold on the music biz simply because he can pull off a half decent cover. Fuck me , the words original, talented, creative or even ‘can write a basic tune with three chords’ will never ever be applied to this rich cunt.

On the other hand he could pull off a very good wedding band playing everyones favourites. CUNT.

Nominated by: Vermin Cunt Spotter

41 thoughts on “Mark Ronson

  1. Five minutes ago I didn’t know him and now I wish I’d never heard of him. 4×2 brat hanging on daddy’s coat tails.

    You’re a Cunt.

  2. Calls himself a music producer. What a load of tosh. If it wasn’t for Amy Shitehouse no one would of heard of the skinny cunt. At the right place at the right time springs to mind !

  3. Dear Mr Dio,
    In the interest of balance, can we have a website where we can nominate all things which are not a cunt?

    For example beer, sheds and tits.

    Erm, can’t think of anything else.

    Thank you


  4. Ronson has a slight look of a young Morrissey about him and in my book that just compounds his cuntitude a hundredfold.


      • Still a better musician then mark ronson, yeah I thought zappa giving names like ahmet , moon unit (yeah I know) Diva muffin,and dweezil was pretty cunty and elitist. Still released alot of great music not all of it was good but still alot better then most musicians. Lets put it this way Frank zappa released 100 Official albums the rolling stones only released 29 official studio albums even if jagger and the gang pulled another album outta their arse he still has them beat by 70 albums. And yes I know rolling stones are single makers not album makers per se still think the brian jones and mick taylor years were the best, fuck ronnie wood alright guitarist but don’t like his contributions as much.

    • All good until he starts going on about French “culture”. He’s still a pretty big cunt though.

  5. Ronson is just like that other cunt, Taylor Swift: with rich as fuck parents who put everything on a gold plate and greased palms within the music industry to get their precious brats an easy ride… I would like to see Ronson produce a proper band who have a reputation for turbulence… Say, The Kinks in their prime, Cream or Pink Floyd… Ronson would shit himself and be crying for mummy and daddy… Ray Davies or Roger Waters reducing Ronson to a blubbering wreck would be most entertaining indeed…

    • The pop and rock’n’roll music of today is a sad state of affairs my friend. I remember that cunt from oasis slagging off genesis but I rather listen to genesis then most of the crap thats vomited outta the mouth of the industry nowadays. This is suppers ready by genesis, a brilliant song its a LONG song but its epic kinda like atom heart mother suite or echoes from floyd.

        • Thanks, Its not just musical box though but fountain of salamuis , twilight in the alehouse, musical box, and the giant hogweed. I’m glad there is so much live recorded material from the peter gabriel years. Do you know how rare it is for a bands live concert to be recorded back in those days in 72,73 no less?
          The bleeding BBC(bollocking Basterds and child abusers) wouldn’t have allowed this type of performance. That’s why they went to paris, belgium and germany(beat club,and Musikladen) they also played at the bataclan club in paris(it’s recorded too). These countries were more welcoming to these acts being recorded and preserved.

          • Thanks for the info on the live stuff… I know The Stones recorded and have kept a lot of live stuff themselves from the Mick Taylor era (like the 73 gig known as ‘The Brussels Affair’), and that they did very little live stuff for the BBC (if at all) in the 1970s… The recently (officially) released Leeds University gig from 71 and the Marquee concert (also from 71) are definitely worth checking out… All the BBC had was The Old Grey Whistle Test and even that was limited… In fact the only act that was allowed to go over five minutes was fucking Meat Loaf!

            I recall Granada TV in Manchester did a great live show: It featured Deep Purple, Faces, Badfinger, Free and more… Great footage of Purple on the show here:


          • The BBC didnt promote this type of music as it didnt attract the young girls and boys they wanted to abuse.

          • The stones had alot of live audio recordings but barely no decent taped live recordings aside from films. Before Mick Taylor they were the Anti-Beatles after Mick Taylor they were a waste of time. Brian Jones gets a bad rap. He was the one who put the band together. He was one of the first rockstars to produce a world music recording. Richards taking away his girlfriend was scummy. Although Jones was quite promiscuous. It was probably Jagger who got Jones hooked like he did Mary Ann Faithful on drugs,but Jagger knew his limits on drugs.
            I personally hate Jagger. When mick taylor left the band Jagger deliberately switched publishing and record companies so they didn’t have to pay the great guitarist Taylor royalties which amounted to about a million pounds or so. A couple of years ago i saw a story about Taylor. He was living in a ramshackle semi and had a 1980’s car that didn’t work. Jagger gave no royalties to the artist who designed lips logo only 50 quid. Jagger is one of most exploitative cunts in rock history. It was also keef who acted nasty towards taylor.

          • It’s a little known fact that my mate Chas C replaced Mick Taylor when he left John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers to join the Stones.


          • “It’s a little known fact that my mate Chas C replaced Mick Taylor” cool but he didn’t record with him or toured? I’m guessing mayall was more of a teacher to him heard he gave lessons for cheap in those days sometimes for free.

        • You’re quite right that I never recorded with Mayall. It’s a long story, but basically I filled in when Taylor left for a few gigs on the end of a tour. In those days, ‘tour’ was more seedy backstreet pubs than stadiums!

          I never heard of him giving ‘private lessons’ if that’s what you’re intimating but I’m no expert. All I would say is that I learnt a lot. When you play in a band of that quality then they tend to lift you up to their standard.

          It was only a couple of fill in gigs though to put it in perspective

          • I meant mentor more then music teacher but I heard mayall and alex korner were both helpful to guitarist’s just getting define their playing style or starting out but you would know more then me on that issue.
            Peter Green once said he was a baby on the guitar before mayall and after he played with mayall he was a beast on the guitar. So I’m guessing he learnt a thing or two. That’s great that you got to play with him though, quite a experience.

            Yes pubs are more common especially with blues, R&B and jazz in those days even now but less so. I prefer Pubs with most music genres more personal experience then stadiums but it depends on the band .
            I just listened to part of bluesbreakers Bare Wires LP last night actually not bad at all.

          • I think Chas’d agree with you. I knew him when he was younger and he was shite!
            Listen to his current stuff and you can defo tell the difference!

  6. DC Comics are cunts….
    Their ‘New 52’ revamp is shite…. They’ve ruined classic characters like Batman, Superman and Green Arrow… Characters like Batman are killed off and then brought back in the most ridculous storylines… The original (and best) Robin, Dick Grayson, is celebrating his 75th anniversary by becoming a run of the mill ‘secret agent’ (no name or costume, just a gun)… The second Robin (Jason Todd) who was so gloriously bludgeoned to death by The Joker in 1988 has now come back alive… And the current Robin (Damian Wayne, a little cunt) was murdered merely months ago, only to come back from the dead after Batman goes to Hell to save him…

    I was brought up on tales by Dennis O’ Neil, Steve Engelhart, Neil Adams, John Byrne and George Perez…Not this fucking soap opera with superheroes shite…

    • And they can stick their new film up their arses too…
      Ben ‘Cunt’ Affleck as The Caped Crusader? Jared ‘Another cunt’ Leto as The Joker? Some stick of wind skinny tart as Wonder Woman? Bollocks to that…

      • I proudly put my arthritis in both wrists down to the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, well her and Judy from Lost in Space.

        • “Judy from Lost in Space” or: the Kleenex lady as I knew her. A bit of arthritis is but a small price to pay.

          • Too true… Lynda Carter, and the bird from Lost In Space.. Also Cheryl Ladd in Charlie’s Angels and Lindsay Wagner as The Bionic Woman…

    • DC have always been shite, especially superman. Superman is too invulnerable, the only way to kill the cunt is with cryptonite of which their seems to be an inexhaustible supply.

      Marvel have always had the huge advantage of being set in the real world, New York not Gotham. The characters are human and they all have their flaws.

      • Batman was easily DC’s greatest character, but they’ve fucked him up… I think there were two peaks for The Dark Knight: the early 70s stuff written by O’Neil and Engelheart, with art by Adams, Aparo and Rogers…. The second era was the late 80s when DC got the boys from 2000AD/Judge Dredd (Wagner and Grant) in, with art by Norm Breyfogle… Batman is easily the most human and flawed DC character too, with The Joker as a perfect foil…. But what’s been done with both of them in the past few years has ruined them…

  7. Quality nutting, but in my experience they normaly go down and stay down. Unless they have most of Bolivas GDP up their hooter.

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