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Just watched Friday’s Have I Got News For You on the BBC iplayer. Fucking ruined by some smug twat called Charlie Brooker in the chair. Only watched to the end because I was hoping Paul Merton would thump the cunt.

Pretty shocking when Diane Abbott isn’t the biggest arsehole on a TV show. What a total cunt.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

Charlie Brooker is a pseudo socialist cunt, sucking at the teat of the BBC and Guardian whilst appearing to be anti-establishment , married to a coke head (Konnie Huq)

I have indulged in copious amounts of cocaine and I can tell you know she is fucking wired in this picture! It’s obviously photoshopped cleavage, but check her eyes! That’s fucking cocaine, not camera flash!

Nominated by: Boaby

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  1. You can tell that eau de mackerel gluebag Huq skank is with Brooker for his fame and money… He looks like Winston Churchill with a very bad toupee…

    Brooker makes out he is against ‘The Man’ but he never takes it too far, in case he upsets his BBC and Guardian paymasters… Cunt or not, at least Clarkson was a real cunt and wasn’t afraid to do his (or give out) shit… Brooker isn’t even a real cunt… He’s a plastic cunt… A prefabricated panto villain… I think he’d be better using his ‘talents’ as an X-Factor judge… He’d fit in with all those other fake as fuck cunts…

    • Brooker’s Weekly Wipe was funny a while back, but the last series was piss-poor. I’m going to quote Norman here – ‘Brooker makes out he is against ‘The Man’ but he never takes it too far, in case he upsets his BBC and Guardian paymasters’.

    • Kin’ell Sir! I wish you’d stuck to Abbott. I couldn’t get the old man hard looking at that if I covered it in butter and pounded it with a mallet, on second thoughts: if I covered her with butter…………………………..

  2. Uber-cunt walter palmer has just got away with murder. The right amount of money has been paid to the correct Zim official and they have suddenly decided the cunt had the proper papers.

    Is there a crowd fund set up to administer justice upon palmer? I would part with serious cash to see that pig gets what he deserves.

  3. I got an email from a supposed fellow United fan today… It read: ‘My top red mate from Mumbai wants to know what a Newton Heath is?’

    I replied ‘Tell your mate from Mumbai to fuck off, and you can fuck off and all!, you cunt!’

    • At first I thought BINGO, I’ve got to get me some of that good stuff. Then I saw the price and decided she is taking the piss, 2 quid an once! Are you sure?

    • She is also a dilusional twat if she thinks her customers are other women. It will be dirty old pervs who are buying her milk. Cunts.

      • I don’t think she cares who she sells it to, as long as she gets the cash… She has the morality of a rat with a crack habit….

  4. Tom Watson, brilliantly Christened by Richard Littlejohn, ‘The Nonce Finder General’. On the face of it, it was such a noble cause. Bringing famous rapists and paedo’s who had previously escaped it, to justice. Then it became clear that Watson’s crusade was entirely motivated by a burning desire for justice. Because people started to realise that he was only going after pervs of Tory persuasion.

    Labour run councils responsible for scandals in Rochdale, Rotherham, Islington and Lambeth raised not an eyebrow from Watson, even the crimes were heinous. His refusal to sign the petition that celebrities and other MP’s had signed, calling for Labour peer to be put on trial for his alleged crimes brought him a certain amount of criticism. And then there was revelation that his own Uncle was a filthy pervert.

    But what, in my opinion, qualifies this obese, bespectacled, self righteous piece of shit for an intergalactic cunting, is his handling of the Leon Brittan debacle, and trust me, it IS a debacle. The Met investigated the allegations that Watson had levelled at Lord Brittan. Having found that, not only was there no evidence to back up the claims, but that the accuser had absolutely NO credibility, they dropped the case.

    Watson was furious and demanded the Met reopen the investigation because that the accuser, a Labour activist who had admitted to hating Tories and had serious mental health problems and a tenuous grasp on reality, was considered by Watson to be entire credible. Now, I suppose it’s possible that during the course of his nonce finding investigations, Watson began to confuse himself with Dr John Watson, the loyal yet somewhat bumbling companion of Sherlock Holmes. Obviously though he was wrong. He was still the obese, nasty, Tory hating, self righteous prick that he’s always been.

    To their eternal shame, senior Met officers acquiesced to Watson’s demands and ordered detectives to reopen the investigation. Finding, for the second time, that the allegations against Brittan were complete bullshit, the police again dropped the case. It didn’t there though. Because Brittan, by now in the end stage of terminal cancer was completely unaware that he’d been cleared, and he died without ever knowing that he had been found to be, as he already knew, and innocent. The police only told his widow just before the Panorama programme on the subject.

    What made this farce particularly bad though, was that two days after his death in January, Watson wrote about Brittan, and using the word ‘evil’ pretty much painted the man as the devil. The fat cunt didn’t have the guts to write THAT while Brittan was still alive, he had to wait until he was two days dead.

    Over the past week or so, there has been much criticism of Watson, and calls for him to apologise to Leon Brittan’s widow. To date, Watson has refused to do so. What’s his fucking problem? He’s been proved to be wrong, so why can’t the ignorant fat bastard be a man and apologise to Leon Brittan’s widow? This exactly why I despise left wingers. Even when it’s proved they are wrong, they refuse to admit it. And they, and their supporters have the brass neck to call the Tories the nasty part, and scum. They should look in a fucking mirror.

    • I’m pretty sure that if Watson (is the fat cunt fatter than Pickles?) wrote (and had published) his Brittan comments he wouldn’t have enjoyed parliamentary privilege. If his “constituent” actually retracted his claim then Watson should have apologised or been sanctioned as far as possible under our fucked up parliamentary rules.
      What pisses me off about these paedo / rape allegations / accusations is that there is never anything about lie detector tests (try this before truth drugs, waterboarding etc) being administered to accused and accusers. I’m fucking sure it would be lot more cost effective than plod’s tea and sympathy or good cop / bad cop routines. Only problem is HMG would probably outsource the tests to ATOS or G4S or some other such cunt.

      • The trouble with these hard left cunts is that they are so dogmatic, they just cannot envisage a world where they are wrong. They are fanatics lacking any form of moderation, and it is that lack of moderation which eventually leads to their downfall. They always finish up fucking themselves up the arse. Labour has fucked itself by choosing Corbin as it’s leader and this wank stain Watson as his deputy.

        Here is a very graphic illustration of my point;

      • Lie-detector tests are a waste of time, designed for Jeremy Kyle and other shit reality TV shows.
        Lie detectors are inadmissible in court, because they cannot prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt’
        Amazing how all these stories about political peados only emerge after their death, Yewtree should be looking at the current crop of peado cunts, not looking in to allegations regarding someone who has been buried 10 years!

        Our PM is a pig fucker, that should set the alarm bells ringing, but no, let’s bleat on about Pickles,Savile and the other long dead peados!

    • I haven’t heard Watson being too vocal about that dirty old cunt, Grenville Janner….

      A lot of this Yewtree stuff is also a cash-in and made up…. Like Tarby is a Scouse cunt, but I don’t think he’s a nonce… When Bill Roache was ‘charged’ because some silly bitch said he got up to no good years ago , it was obvious it was crap… The daft cow couldn’t even get her story right, and she tried the ‘dead person card’… First she said ‘Oh Mike Baldwin warned me to stay away from him (Roache)…’ The daft slag didn’t even know (or bother to find out) that Baldwin only died on screen and actor, Johnny Briggs (who had never seen her before) was still alive… She then said, ‘Oh, I meant Len Fairclough…’ Also not doing her research… Everyone else knows about the dubious accusations aimed at Peter Adamson… She could have chosen a more upstanding dead ex-cast member… There were more holes in her story than there were in Jack Kenndey and JR Ewing combined… I’m not particularly a fan of Roache (and certainly not of Brittan), but as Weller said, Bullshit is bullshit…

    • The rape claim you refer to was not and is not the reason Brittan needed investigating.

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