Not Hungary !


Hungary are definitely not cunts.

They have stopped the migrant cunts in their tracks, which is a job the Greek and Italian cunts should have done.

As a mark of my admiration and respect for the Hungarian anti-cunts I may well jump on a plane and visit their fine country, drink loads of beer and engage the services of what I imagine to be very reasonably priced prostitutes, thus bolstering their meager economy.

Nominated by: Fat Rich

129 thoughts on “Not Hungary !

  1. Budapest is indeed a fine town. Hungarian beer is also very good!

    They need all the money they can get at the moment as they are building a 175km fence along the Macedonian border to slow these cunts up a bit…

    Why don’t they just let them get on the trains and then run them non-stop back to Greece? And if I hear one more time about that child’s body being washed up then I’ll scream. Interesting that they seem to have found photographs of him when he was alive isn’t it? I’m sure the Spivey cunt has an explanation…

    • The death of that kid is fairly and squarely at the feet of his stupid fucking cunt parents! Who the fuck puts their kid in a dodgy little inflatable dingy then sets sail at night with not a fucking clue where they are going or what they are doing? And for what? No, not to escape the war in Syria, they had already achieved that goal by getting into Turkey where they were safe and being looked after.

      Mark my words, if those cunts get accepted into the EU there will follow a mass migration of some of the worst dregs of the Earth from some of the most bum fucked countries on the planet. 10s of millions of the fuckers will see it as a clear message to come and have a go. We will all look back on the day of seeing a single dead kid on a beach in Turkey with a nostalgic glow.

      Fuck it, time to leave Europe me thinks.

    • Oddly enough I have a number of Bulgarians that work for me. Not Hungarians, true. But their method of dealing with the plague of illegal immigrants should be copied throughout the old eastern block.

      Illegal muslim scum rock up expecting handouts and five star treatment.

      Illegal muslim scum get rounded up and stuck in secure ex Soviet barracks.

      Illegal muslim scum are left in secure barracks and given basic food and water, they are told that their paperwork is being processed and this takes a long time.

      After six to twelve months of waiting for their paperwork to be processed, they get bored of waiting and demand to go home.

      Bulgarian government obliges.

      Cost to Bulgarian tax payer minimal (basic food and water).

      Bulgarian government never bothers to look at illegal muslim scum’s paperwork and instead files it in the bin, where it belongs.

      See, easy isn’t it.

    • Something doesn’t feel right with that dead kid reportage.
      The way the guy handles the ‘body’.
      He’s not surrounded by a mob a-wailing & a-gnashing.
      No shots of sobbing do-gooders.
      Whatever the intended effect I don’t care. We can’t find the wherewithal to look after our own never mind tens of thousands of unwanted cunts. I care about me and mine and the rest of you cunts can fuck right off; any more honest cunts out there?

        • 🙂 No. It just wasn’t what I expect from the over dramatising main stream media. That said, radio 4 are making with the ‘so sad’ voices. I think I am supposed to take a share of the guilt. Foook off cunts. Not my fault. Not even through my inaction. Nothing to do with me just moving along here.

        • Yeah, that dead child exactly resembles the female lawyer “shot” in the false flag attack at the Sydney coffee shop. Therefore it’s a crisis actor. Right, Spivey?

          • Spive won’t be talking about stuff like this for a long time he’ll have to focus on his trial. Also he won’t have anything but articles on the trial and to be fair he doesn’t always label things as crisis actors sometimes he says its false flag , covert op,inside job, and government cover up these things do happen but I admit he’s got some pretty wacky theorys that may or may not be true. He’s definitely wrong about the lee rigby thing cause the cunts are in jail . ….Unless they are in jail living it up getting 1st class meals living the good life as crisis actors.., haha see what I did there?

        • This is actually all about the fathers teeth Now mainstream heeb media is basically saying we need to take in 20,000 thieving, raping immigrants because the irresponsible parents sent their child in a overcrowded boat. Who knows one of the filthy muzzies probably pushed the poor kid off like they have done countless times before to christian migrants. Some evil cunts wants western nations to be islamified to the point of collapse destroying a already weakened christianity based belief, thanks to the bloody marxist cuckservitives and libtards.

  2. I admired their Prime Minister`s speech saying it is a German problem.It clearly is and the German`s are being right cunts by saying oh we have taken in 800,000 you should all do the same.If they want to open the floodgates that is their prerogative but in doing so it means all of Europe gets trampled across by migrants wanting to get to Germany.Thank Fuck England has the channel that`s all I can say.

    • Fred,

      You KNOW he is one of Spivey’s bum boys. But only when it isn’t sucking off blokes in a disabled toilet for crack.

    • He was. He isn’t now.

      You gotta admit that the thick cunt is persistent tho’
      I’ve blocked him again. Amazingly even when he knew he was blocked he still threw his abuse into the comments and they were automatically deleted. Nobody was reading them. Apart from the stats tracking the silly sod, I wouldn’t have known he was even there…

  3. We now have rich as fuck rock star, Brian May lecturing people on the migrant crisis… This is the cunt who played Sun City when apartheid was rampant….

    Bayern Munich are cunts too… Germans opening camps… Where have I heard that before?….

  4. Motored doine South Coast way to meet with a compadre in the farming dodge and stopped orf at an oyster bar in Brighton then went orf to take a piss in the sea. Could not believe me eyes. Beach was swarming with ’em. Now I know me wogs from a career spent in such parts and this lot were definitely Eritrean. How the fuck did they get here? Got me intelligence johnnies to monitor the bush telegraph and low and behold they came up with this:

    Dear all

    The Sanctuary on Sea movement believes that the people of Brighton and Hove wish to provide a welcome to those in trouble seeking sanctuary among us. During Refugee Week this year, Brighton and Hove City Council was awarded City of Sanctuary status for its support of this principle.

    Apparently there is a network orf these dogooding quisling cunts up and doine the country bugger the bastards. Cop oit Cameron is actually doing bugger all about migration to this once fair land despite the publicity. He crapped his pants and folded over the Scottish question and the gauleiters orf the EU have not forgotten. Merkel is bullying him into acquiescence just like she did the Greekos and by thunder taking the moral high ground in the doing orf it. Apparently telling the wogs and gypos to fuck orf back to their shite hole is racist and the smoke and mirror tactics orf the krauts and their illusory offer orf places for 800 000 wog cunts is not.

    Let the krauts take their wogs (maybe eventually) but in no way will it compensate for the unique stain on history left by the psyco racist policies orf the Third Reich. There may not be many orf us left now but we do not forget.

    • And there are some nicely maintained accommodations around still at Mauthausen, Treblinka, Dachau, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen, Oranienburg, Ravensbruck, Sachsenhausen ect ect ect……

      • neungamme The brickworks by me FUCKING CONTAINERS NO END and fucking all new and these cunts will not go back home a twat of a German actor till Schweiger thinks i am cunt and the press has gone into overload “over run by cher ”
        and the “gypsies tramps and thieves”and lost for words cunts one and all
        I do not know wether to have a shit or a haircut

  5. The cunts who think that Blighty should let these ‘migrants’ through in droves will be complaining about poor public services, huge NHS queues, the benefits system being strangled and the risks of further possible terrorist activity a few months from now…
    And anyone (and I do mean anyone!) who uses that picture of that dead kid to either (a) Make others feel guilty (b) Justify their views that Britain should be a migrant’s paradise
    Or (c) Make themselves appear all caring and look good on social media is an outright Hindenberg airship sized cunt…

  6. If they make it to the Fatherland will they need to take “a shower” before being allowed to enter the re-education camps?

  7. The humble city of hamburg or as michael caine said “fasands of em” our Arfican chums ,romanian jolly pickpockets and of course the two bob bulgarian workers and the norman wisdom mafia Albania ALLE ACHTUNG lol

  8. That cunt carrying the rubber dolly on the beach is definitely from central casting. I’ve seen him in plenty of ‘compassionate wog’ roles in the fake news on the BBC.

    The real giant cunt is David Cameron saying these ‘poor’ Syrians should be allowed into Britain as refugees (obviously not to live next door to him or cost him a penny).

    The unholy cunt David Cameron has spent £37 billion of our money on the Afghanistan pointless murder-fest, and has already spent over a £billion bombing Syria.

    Anyway, David Cameron is a filthy soulless cunt from hell.

    • It’s a proud English tradition of duplicity hr has to uphold. But it’s Blair the war criminal who is the real cunt.

        • Our blog our rules – we can’t publish libellous remarks so we remove them.

          To be fair, there aren’t many in that category and pretty much anything goes but once in a while we have to edit or delete comments altogether or risk getting our arses sued off and the site shut down.

          The comment you’re referring to was clearly libellous so I took that bit out and left the rest of it. It’s rare, but sometimes it is necessary.

          Hope that clarifies things.

    • It’s so bleeding obvious what the point is by the evil propaganda cunts manipulating the mindless sentimental sheep.

      “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic”

      I’m surprised they didn’t have the kid (that the cunts probably drowned in a bucket of their own boozy piss before tossing it on the beach just before the press call) clutching a dead kitten called ‘Cuddles’.

  9. The cunting Krauts with their “welcome refugees” banners at football matches.As we all know the bullying cunts have plenty to be guilty about.Regarding genocide we don’t.

    Englands already over run with sponging fuckers with no interest in integration and a total lack of respect for our lifestyle.why aren’t Saudi Arabia,Quatar etc taking in their own brothers?Part of me would like to see some these Isis cunts housed in a lefty bandit Brighton.Bending over on a carpet 5 times a day would go down ok with the locals & men holding hands is common practice in the Middle East as well.

  10. Emma Thompson is a lefty cunt of the highest order i.e of the metropolitan elitist nature who looks out of their Ivory Tower at the rest of the country who she claims to represent the views of.She has claimed that the reason Britain cannot take in more migrants is`racism`.Oh so it is racist not to want to set a precedent that everyone in an impoverished war torn country can swan in here through illegal means.What an assumption to make that British people would prefer white refugees.Maybe she is pre-occupied with peoples ethnicity while the rest of us are simply focusing on space and resources as arguments against the cosy Guardian BBC luvvie world which she is pretty much the patron saint of.Come to mention it didn`t her and her cunt of a husband say that they were willing to go to prison for not paying their taxes.Anyone here in a position to intervene in this important “humanitarian cause”.

    • That ugly camel-faced bitch, Thompson, should flog a few of her expensive diamonds and give the cash to these migrants if she feels that strongly about it… But, of course, she won’t… Because she is a fucking cunt!

          • So does Madonna and Angelina Jolie… Having a ‘brown baby’ is must-have accessory for a lot of celebrities, apparently…

  11. I see the uber cunt Sturgeon is making political capital out of all of this.

    It would be a good idea to take them all in , resettle them to Scotland, no extra funding and see how they all get on

    Glasgow on a friday night cant be all that far away from the fighting in Damascus, so they would all be at home

    We could also ship all the other leftie cunts to “paradise scotland”

      • Oddly there is no antonym for clearance (I lookled).

        I suppose ‘cultural enrichment’ or ‘diversity’ or ‘restocking state kids homes with fresh arse-holes’ might serve these days.

        I reckon sodomy is driving immigration. Judges, MPs, teachers, and scout leaders are keen to get at dusky young bum holes, and want as many as possible while the pickings are good.

  12. A lot of stupid cunts in Britain have this warped idea bout what’s OK and what isn’t… Now it’s Syrian migrants are OK, while the Calais swarm isn’t… A bit like How Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter are (rightly) reviled as nonces, but Pete Townshend and Bill Wyman have their ‘tendencies’ conveniently overlooked….

  13. What a lot professional do-gooders and cunts in the media are doing with that photo of that deceased child…. Fucking hell, Joseph Goebbels couldn’t have done a better job…

      • Not to mention all the hand wringing griefmonkeys, Dio….
        Looks like this kid is going to knock Cilla off the No.1 spot in the griefjacker charts…

        • With Fluff Freeman doing the voice over in an Old School Pick of the Pops chart countdown style:

          “Hey griefjackers! New In at Nº1, this weeks deadpool dodger is: drowned turkeyboy, possibly done inna bucket of piss, maybe even rubberoid……..”

  14. Seems a little strange to have a ‘non’ cunting. But having been to Hungary, I can confirm that they are definitely NOT cunts. Let’s not make a habit of this though. Maybe there should be blog for non cuntings. Anyway, I shall be away from tomorrow until Saturday 12th. I’m going wild camping again, so 8 days of no wifi connection. Just me, my 2 tarps, hammock, food, a few beers, my bushcraft tools and the great outdoors. I’ll shall be in a place that few people ever venture to, (a forest on a farmer friend’s land). So I’ll be going days without seeing another human being. Fucking heaven.

    I actually tried it last week in a different place, but I ended up having to help two young fuckwits, who thought watching the tv shows of Bear Grylls and Ray Mears, and reading their books made them experts in outdoor living. They couldn’t even put their fucking tarp up properly, and they had no idea how to start a fire correctly. If I hadn’t shown them, they’d have burned themselves to death, and destroyed a reasonably decent forest that’s not far from my house. I think when I get back I’ll do a couple of cuntings. One for Mears and Grylls, and one for the ignorant cunts who buy the shit they’re selling.

    Anyway, keep up the cuntings chaps, and I’ll see you when I get back.

    • Oddly we actually have a category for ‘not a cunt’
      Don’t ask me to explain as it’s before my time!

      Enjoy your trip. I’m off to the Kimberley for the same reason – no fucking people!

  15. I can’t believe how thoughtless those Hungarians are, closing their train station like that. If all the refugees and migrants handed in their tickets and demanded a refund, it would serve them right.

  16. Lewis Hamilton is still a cunt… The diamond earrings and the gold chains were bad enough, but now look at his fucking hair…. He says he is at an ‘experimental’ stage in his life… I bet he bloody well is… I wonder when Labrokes are going to start taking bets on when Hamilton finally comes out?….

    • The fact that he was ‘dating’ one of the music businesses prime fake girlfriends Nicole Scherzinger is the give away.

  17. I’ve started an online petition to counter the current wave of emotional knee jerk reaction to bring all these people to the UK. Please support it. It reads :

    Reject calls to open our borders to migrants.

    There is an endless stream of economic migrants and refugees trying to cross Europe to settle in the UK. The government should make it clear that we will not open our borders to them. Divert money from the foreign aid budget to helping genuine refugees in their own regions.

    Click this link to support it

  18. The Fucktard that sent this link …is a Cunt.

    For thinking I would pay anything to see Sean Lock let alone £2500 + oy Vot A Tragedy! or even a special corporate area (Ring for price) with side orders of: Ed Byrene & Mark Dolan. I would sooner scoop my own eye balls out with red hot tea spoons than sit through this, this…argh cunty shitting fuck-bollocks you BASTARDS! It’s a good job we can’t arm ourselves; thank you Thomas Hamilton you Cunt!

    • Agreed… What a cuntfest that will be…. Ed Byrne is about as funny as gout and he is a total cunt…. The only thing that could make this lineup even worse are those two cunts, Ross Noble and John ‘Scouse cunt’ Bishop…

  19. I wonder how long it will be before those two champagne socialist gobshites, Bob Geldof and Bono, ‘decide to do something’ about this migrant situation?

    Which will basically involve making a crap record or having a ‘benefit’ gig where joe public gets told to ‘Give us yer focken money!’ and numerous celebrities get their arses kissed, stuff their faces with Harrods hampers and are presented with lavish goodie bags… A friend of mine worked for a firm that was hired as a caterer for Live 8 (The touchy feely gig that was meant to raise awareness about poverty?)… She told me about marquees full of Moet champers. caviar and other bits of ludicrously expensive grub… There was also a celebrity status pecking order with the goodie bags… Cunts like Madonna and Brad Pitt (who didn’t even sing or play!) were given top of the range goodies, while acts like Keane and Travis got the fuzzy lollipop end of the range… Anyway, why were these lavish sweeteners given out to these cunts when it was supposed to be a benefit concert? If Geldof and Bono do organise some sort of ‘Migrant Aid’ then they can fuck right off… I, for one, will not be going anywhere near it… As I know already it will be a hypocritical celebrity wankfest, with backstage pampering that would put the court of Louis XIV to shame…

    • Saint Bob has already offered a place in his house for a migrant family. I hope he looks after them better than he did his own.

      • Bob needs to remember that an illegal immigrant family isn’t just for the publicity period…..its for life.

        Bwa ha ha ha!

        Stupid piss smelling Oirish tramp.

    • Elton John is on record as saying the original Live Aid concert was a coke fest back stage. Hypocritical cunts of the highest order.

  20. I wouldn’t mind so much if these ‘migrants’ didn’t bring all their religious crap with them and were prepared to integrate here in the UK… But they won’t… They will bring all their religous fanaticism with them and expect everyone here to cater for it and give them special treatment, most of them will not learn English and get some council/social services interpreter on tap, and they don’t want to mix with people who are already here and become part of the place… They just want all its perks and handouts… I know many people and familes who came to Manchester in the early 70s from India or Uganda and they worked hard: they worked hard at their jobs and they also worked hard to fit in and gain respect… But this new lot don’t (and won’t) give a fuck…

    • norman REM(end of the world as we know it) even my niece is filled with bullshit WIR HILFEN
      I bought a couple of beers after work and a little cunt said “oh alchahol “and the shit stick pulled out a zip bag with his pocket money
      And women are meat
      The older Germans turks and us jamacains

  21. Of course Cameron the Cunt and Barmy Obama (whose country started this mess!) haven’t yet cottoned on to how they could stop these people fleeing Syria…. Actually make Syria a safer place to live by sending some military in to take out the cunts that are known as The Islamic State…

  22. If the cunts who accept these cunts told them to fuck off, Ozzie style, there wouldn’t be any of this shit in the first place.
    No point taking ISIS out though. Another set of sectarian cunts will replace then within weeks. They are called Muslims and are basically all the same.

  23. Apprently up to 3 million Syrians have fled.
    That’s quite an army if they’d stayed and fought…. Cunts…

    • First thing that struck me on seeing news footage orf migrants ect ect was that the were mostly fit young men orf service age. To wit gangs orf gutless young fuckers bottling it for a life orn benefits street instead orf fighting for their countries. Said countries fly blown shite holes granted but what a yellow arsed shower.

      • Nail hit on head, if these cunts want a better life then why don’t they make it for themselves in their own cuntries, instead of trying to ride on the backs of civilizations which took over 1000 years to make? CUNTS!!

          • It’s interesting that there isn’t a flood of migrants going to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman etc. You would have thought they would have felt more at home in such places.

  24. Since police have said they will not attend crimes in houses with odd numbers I recommend all cunters avoid the thought police by moving to a residence with an even number.

  25. Hungary setting the standard.

    4 EU countries say they won’t have migrant/refugee quotas imposed on them this afternoon and not one of our MSM sites fucking reports it. It’s been on the Russia Today TV headline bar for about 8 hours now.

    I don’t suppose this display of EU solidarity goes down too well with the Europhile cunts.

      • Saw that on Russia Today (bugger me bolshy what an old aristo has to watch to get a spot orf balance and it is rather comical to watch the distortions on Al Jazeera) and not orn BBC news or Yahoo websites. Marks one’s card.

        • Sad but true, sir. The putrid sentimental spunk bubble shite which the majority of the UK population think of as news will lead the world to ruin.

  26. I’d say there’ll be another English Civil War in years to come… But there won’t be…. One lot are ‘I’m alright, Jack!’ rich cunts, while the rest are just apathetic and don’t give a shit as long as they have their I-phone and X-Factor is on…. I wonder what Ollie Cromwell would make of Britain today?…..

    • Old Nol! Steady on Norm. He started it by letting the fekin red sea pedestrians back in after Ed.I kicked them out, but then again he was known to indulge in a bit of regicide; sooooooooo he’d probably think one crown’d head upon shoulders is one too many and get shut of the old Kraut before next Thursday, or whenever, and fuck up the sales of coins, mugs, tea towels and so on.

  27. Apparently Natalie Bennett says Britain should take a quarter of a million migrants.
    Thankfully, nobody really gives a flying fuck what she thinks.

    But then as an Australian migrant herself, she would say that wouldn’t she?

    Vote Green. Get Brown.

  28. Come orn cunters. Help make it to the ton on comments. Will donate a selfie orf me old arse to the lucky punter who makes the hundredth (trolls and cock puppets exluded).

  29. Watching Sky news is becoming masochistic as yet another dumb cunt, this time an Irish Muslim convert if you please, says she will give up her home to house some migrant scum. Fucking idiot. The bosh have opened the floodgates to an estimated 20 million on the borders of the EU with a clear and simple message; get yourself into Europe by whatever means you can and we will give you a home, job, schools, hospitals etc. I wonder what will happen next…

    I’m reminded of a quote by George Carlin, whom I normally regard to be a cunt but in this instance he is spot on;

    “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

    • Thing is sky news isn’t, News that is. It has descended into a quagmire of pointless cunts, in pairs, ‘doing the Newspapers’. Should I ever want to ‘do the newspapers’ I would go out and steal one; if I wanted -insert 2x celebricunts- to ‘do’ said paper for me I would hunt them down, tie them up and stitch their eyes open so they could read me to sleep. TV doesn’t do news. Papers don’t do truth. Anyone who thinks otherwise say after me: Baaa Baaa Baaa Ba………………………..

  30. I’m almost tempted to write ‘Disabled toilet’ just to get the numbers up to the magic ton.

    Go on Limply! You know you want to…. 😉

  31. And what is the first thing these cunts do when they get their feet under the table in Europe? Well, they steal an Apple telephone, they steal whisky from supermarkets and they expect free Happy Meals from McDonalds? It wouldn’t be so bad if the cunts looked for a job instead of getting pissed and not learning English. Still, at least the scousers will be happy, because not even a fucking immigrant would want to spend a night in Liverpool.

  32. Sky News jhave interviewed a guy who hadn’t lived in Syria for five years and was going to Germany for “a free house and money….” There are other places nearer to Syria that are perfectly safe, but Syrians don’t want to claim asylum here as there’s no welfare state…..
    Every piece of shit in the world will be posing as a ‘refugee’ and will be en route to Germany for a free house…. What a total farce….

    And as for The Sun and their ‘For Aylan (or whatever the poor kid’s name was)’ charity appeal, using the kid’s face badge/bumper sticker style, their retarded readers lapping it up and Simon Cowell letting everyone know he’s given ten grand to it (Cowell wipes his fat arse on ten grand!): Get to fuck, you fucking cunts!

    • Well said! Once again, TV is cunting up all of this. I see a new TV reality show on the horizon: I’m A Cunting Immigrant, Please Save Me.

      Also, please fuck that cunt Rupert Murdoch!

      • The horrible thing about it is that The Sun are probably glad that the young kid drowned…. It’s a gift from the gods for scum like that… These cunts will milk the kid’s image (alive and dead) to sell as many copies of their rag as they possibly can… And the giant smear of shit that is their readers willl swallow all their crap, inbetween watching X-Factor and Strictly Cunt Dancing…. Never mind migrants. Britain has enough cunts as it is…..

        And, I agree…. Scousers are cunts…

      • It’s hard to find a NHS dentist these days, but going to sea in a rubber dingy in a gale is probably going to end in tears

    • Cowell may well have given ten grand but that’s not as much as he put up for paedophile pal Jonathan King.

  33. I grow increasingly pissed off with this maudlin, funereal society we have become

    The most vocal “do gooders” will be moaning about NHS waiting times, housing shortages and the rest

  34. All these touchy feely cunts who want these ‘migrants’ let into the UK… I wonder how many of them will even give a thought to how many elderly British people will fall ill or die this winter, due to being unable to afford adequate food or heating? Not many? Oh silly me… I should have realised… British OAPs don’t count… It seems everyone matters in Britain except the British people themselves…

  35. One can imagine inside The Sun’s offices: ‘Some genuinely impaired or mentally ill person has been declared fit for full-time work, so they’ve killed themself? Nah! who gives a fuck about that? A drowned kid: that’s more like it… And let’s tie it in with Simon Cowell and The X-Factor… That’ll appeal to our mongs for readers…’

  36. There’s an old saying “learn from your mistakes” that the politicians and bleeding heart lefties and liberals could do with applying. Previous policies of allowing any old scum bag into this country and the misguided multicultural crap where we all integrate and live as one big happy family, has resulted in the total fucking mess we have today. And now they want to allow even more of the buggers in! The trouble is that they will just do what they want to do, mainly to please the EU twats and soft arsed cunts who say we have a duty to accept more. Well we don’t have any duty or responsibility to accept any at all and these latest cunts had already fled to Turkey which was a safe place for them. However the Turks probably don’t have a benefits system and won’t hand out goodies like we do. I compare this country and our supposed leaders to the Titanic. Were sailing along at full fucking speed into a massive immigration iceberg that we can clearly see and that will eventually sink us. The cunt Cameron needs to grow some balls and start making decisions that protect the future of this country, instead of cowering down to the EU and minority twats. If the fucking Germans and Frogs want to take in more of these migrants, that’s their choice, just don’t insist that we also do the same. Point the fuckers in the direction of the Arabic/Islam countries, where the culture is similar.

  37. Silver lining time:

    The EU have shown themselves to be an incompetent bunch of fucking dick head twats who couldn’t agree on how to best run a piss up in a brewery. They have known about the cunts itching to get into Europe for over a year and have done precisely fuck all about it and when the inevitable actually occurred all they could do was argue about what to do about it. Only Hungary actually followed the rules that were in place, and now the media is calling them a set of cunts for doing so.

    Surely after this farce even the most pro-European cunts can’t be daft enough to vote to stay in come the referendum next year. Surely to fuck no cunt is that stupid. Surely?

    • The migrant scum were becoming aggressive and uncooperative. Case in point the fucker who threw himself on the railway tracks along with his wife and kid then proceeded to beat himself around the head screaming allahu akbar. I’ve seen similar scenes in supermarkets when a 3 year old cant get its own way.

      The Hungarians had 2 choices, to let the cunts through or to break out the tear gas, water cannon and dogs. While the sight of an Alsatian biting one of the cunts’ face off would have been appealing I think the Hungarians had little choice especially due to the lack of support they were receiving from the rest of the EU.

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