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Sort of connected to the Walter Palmer cunting, Karen Anderson is also a double decker bus of a cunt…

Self styled ‘animal psychic’ Anderson An ‘animal communicator’ claims to have spoken to the spirit of Cecil the lion, and it turns out he was quite a deep thinker……Karen Anderson says she ‘connected’ with the animal after he was killed in Zimbabwe by the cunt Palmer…

Rather than wanting revenge on Palmer, Cecil is apparently more concerned with moving on….Cecil wants closure…. Anderson claims Cecil said the following:

‘Let not the actions of these few men defeat us or allow darkness to enter our hearts. If we do then we become one of them… Raise your vibration and allow this energy to move us forward…. What happened does not need to be discussed as it is what it is…
Take heart my child, I am finer than ever, grander than before as no one can take our purity, our truth or our soul. Ever…. ‘I am here… Be strong and speak for all the others who suffer needlessly to satisfy human greed. Bring Light and Love and we will rise above this….’

Anderson, who describes herself as a psychic medium, said the words brought tears to her eyes…. Brings tears to mine too…. Tears of fucking laughter… Someone should tell this silly attention seeking crackpot bitch that lions can’t talk, end of… It’s loony cunts like her that give the Internet its bad name… Of course it’s total bollocks, but if she did have a natter with Cecil, the silly cow should have asked the old boy next week’s lottery numbers… Seriously though, what a complete fucking bake, and what a cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

48 thoughts on “Karen Anderson

  1. Yea Gods and little fishes! The world is going to hell in a hand cart and this tosser is deflecting the sheeples attention away from the important things happening right now…………..Oh! Wait.
    Surely the powers that be wouldn’t be that devious.
    Would they?
    I think I may be coming down with a dose of Spivyitis.
    I bet this ‘animal psychotic’ has a busy time around halal and kosher slaughterhouses.

    Yep! A cunt she is.

  2. This is the result of watching the Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe while off her tits on liberty caps.

    Silly bint.

  3. Silly cunt, but the sort of cunt that could get her own show on the BBC. You can see it now: Michael Barrymore touring the country looking for people with dead animals in their sheds. Then in steps this freakish cunt and holds conversations with Tiddles the pussy (RIP) who tells her previous owners that heaven is great. Shoot this fucking cunt on safari – and that cunt Barrymore at the same time!

  4. i;m always puzzled by these twats, do they actually believe their shite or are they 100% con artists? google ‘the great randi humiliates psychic’ flippin hilarious

    • “The Great Randi” or as he might say “prove it”. One orf me favourite stage names. For a crap magician himself, Randi has made a career and serious money himself oit orf debunking the bunkum. Shot to prominence for his war with Uri Geller and bugger me do I remember the credulous fawning that the Israeli cunt got from the chat show circus, Parkinson, that camp cunt Harty et al. I can bend a spoon too if I shove it up me arse.
      They are all 200% con artists and just a part orf show business. Like any actor they can sell the business more convincingly if they become the role whilst in performance. So in a sense they do believe it while doing it just like any other con artist.
      An old cliche that some orf them are unable to step back into reality and go orn believing the performance is real.
      After his encounters with Randi, Geller stopped calling himself a magician and now uses the term “mystifyer” which seems a pretty good synonym for con artist to me.
      Worth checking this out if just to get an eyeful orf what the old cunt Randi looks like now:

    • And, not quite so well known as Geller, there’s the recently deceased “Reverend” Colin Fry – who, incidentally, had a sideline as company director of this company:

      http://crackstuffers.com/about.html (I believe Dave The Troll is their product-tester).

      Fry at one time performed under the stage name of “Lincoln” and was reportedly exposed in 1992 when, during a séance, the lights were unexpectedly turned on and he was seen holding a “spirit trumpet” in the air, which the audience had been led to believe was being levitated by spiritual energy. Lying, cheating, charlatan cunt.

      • What a fucking cunt! Problem is that people love this sort of stuff. Contacting the dead and masturbating in the dark with a rabbit shoved up one’s arse is a great way to get bums on seats. Pays big bucks. I think that this is how that fucking cunt Noel Edmonds got his cunting foot on the showbiz ladder.

  5. If Cesar Milan is the ‘Dog Whisperer’ then this cunt must be the ‘Dog Bullshitter’

    Has anyone Cunted Sally Morgan yet? Another physic who not only can speak to the dead but has a team of researchers listening in the foyer before the show, uses an ear-piece to glean this information on stage and is about as physic as Clinton Baptiste

  6. Yep, con artist and cunt. She’s just come up with a new slant on the oldest con trick in the book; that life continues after death. Other famous con artists and cunts include Pope Francis, Justin Welby, Ephraim Mirvis and any other cunt who prays on the insecurities of people who either don’t know or else cant face the truth; when you are dead you are dead, end fucking of. CUNTS!!

  7. Well bugger the Belgians. Now we have it. Cameron wants to let in 20000 syrian wogs from the pool in the EU plus 5000 or so as part orf his plan to resettle those already in camps in Jordan and Turkey ect and we can add another 5000 who enter illegally so we are up to 30000 already. On top orf that we can expect untold numbers orf tragic little kiddywinks who have already tugged Cameron and missus’ heart strings God fuck ’em.
    Cameron, you credulous cunt, time to decouple the migrant “crisis” from your pathetic attempts to renegotiate our terms with the EU. Put orf those negotiations until this migrant show settles doine and thus ckeckmate the kraut blackmail.

  8. If lions could talk they’d be saying “Hmmm, I think I’ll shag that lioness, then kill an antelope or something, and then I’ll sleep for ages, occasionally growling at my kids. Ah fuck, here comes that dentist cunt.”

  9. I am an animal psychic and I have recently been in touch with the spirit of Cecil the lion. Contrary to what this silly Anderson bitch reports, Cecil actually said “I want the shit kicked out of that cunt that shot me, I want his fucking balls chopped off and I want the twat to be tied by his ankles to the back of a fucking truck and to be dragged along the ground all the way from Harare to fucking Bulawayo.”
    They have a way with words, these lions.

  10. What a surprise, yet another peado who just happened to be working at the BBC.
    Anyone else seeing a pattern here?
    Chris Spivey will quite literally be cumming in his pants at this, there must be an article being written right now….

    Fuck the BBC, I implore everyone to cancel your TV licenses.
    after all, £5 BILLION a year will pay for a lot of kids, cover-ups and silences.
    That’s probably why Cameron is allowing all these migrants in, a fresh batch of kiddies for all his cronies and the BBC, apparently ‘brown’ ones are highly sought after, especially if they are Muslim.

    • The BBC is a cunting shite-hole which is home to gay bastsrds, ugly cunts and fucking shit-stained underpant wearing twats who have nothing interesting to say. Bruce Forsyth is a fucking cunt who earned tons of money off licence-payers backs. Larry Grayson was another BBC cunt. EastEnders is fucking shite but not as bad as Coronation Street, which is cunting ITV’s flagship. Fuck those northern cunts up their arses because EastEnders is 65 much times better. And then there’s that other load of cunt juice called Songs Of Praise, which used to fuck up my Sunday night viewing. Cunts – all of them!!!

      • There are more rapes and murders per year in Albert Square, Walford than there are in New York City… There’s also more incest in NeverEnders than there is in the whole of ‘I, Claudius’ and ‘Caligula’ combined… Both are now utter turd, but I reckon Enders is worse than Corrie… Enders with its ‘Is me sister me mum?’ shite and wannabe Krays… Still, neither of them are as bad as the steamig pile of Scouse shite that was Brookside…

    • I agree TV is full of shite nowadays your better off buying your favorite shows and movies or get netflix or hulu , let BBC go belly up.Cameron Cunt is letting them in because this will complete the caliphate andhe wants more children. BBC =Bastards Buggering Children

    • “What a surprise, yet another peado who just happened to be working at the BBC. Anyone else seeing a pattern here?”

      – he’s also an adviser to the Tory Party. There’s another patterm there, surely?

    • Fucking disgrace that Dio’s petition is still ‘under review..’

      50,000 ‘refugees’ (or Turkish cunts with smartphones and Nike trainers?) for Hopkins? I’d swap Katie Hopkins for a sack of horseshit…

      • Thanks, Norman.
        The other petition has now passed the 100,000 signature mark and is growing rapidly.
        Interestingly, at 10,000 “Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures” – the reaction so far ? “Waiting for 3 days for a government response”
        At 100,000 signatures “Parliament will consider this for a debate” – but only “consider” notice! Strangely when the feeling goes their way, they have a debate but when it goes the other way, they take forever ‘considering’ it.

        Fuck it. I’m of to Oz. See you all in October…

      • You have to be royalty, non british,a nonce , or a employee of BBC which is a combination of all three(royal non-british nonce) for a petition to go through lickity split you know that D. By the time they review it will be too late although I hope I’m wrong and it does go through quickly. Your right Katie was actually right on this for a change and she was right about the “our cilla” bullshite grief fest she’s still a bitch tho. You’re going to OZ where is that or are you taking magic mushrooms or lsd to get there?… just joking but seriously where the hell is OZ ?

        • Oz? FFS! Australia, mate. Australia.

          One of the few countries in the world that turns away boat people. We could learn a thing or two from Tony Abbott…

          • Ah.. australia the lucky Cuntry you leaving soon then? well have fun, watch out for the dingos tricky bunch also lots of crisis actors this time of year 🙂

    • Yes – interesting isn’t it? Personally, I agree with Hopkins. She might be a prize cunt, but I agree with her on this one because I don’t care either…

      • At least you will see first hand how immigration is handled aussie style. Point is the Hopkins particition is a spot orf fluff, it is not serious and could never be enacted upon by the gov and therefore by their rules should not see the light of day.
        Whereas the Dioclese proposition, although proposed by an ancient Greek gent orf dubious personal cleanliness and sexuality, is puka and as far as I can see does properly follow the guidelines. Yet still it has been kicked into the long grass.

    • A Nandos type nonce. Finger lickin’ good. No doubt we will get the full sp orn this from Fred West but these nonces always seem to fall doine at the old deleted files gag. Cunts fail to realise that in Windows a file remains on the hard disk long after it is deleted and is only flagged as hidden so the operating system does not show it up in a normal search. Tons orf free software that will find “deleted” files. More to it than that but enough said in case such a paedo nonce ever reads this. Know what I mean.

  11. I would like to Emergency Nominate Reaad Khan. The cunt Killed in Syria.

    Not only him but any individual who even feels a question on why this cunt and any other individual, British or otherwise, was killed by a missile shot by British Forces without the OK of Parliament. The key reason it was is if they had to wait they would be calling Nandos and delivering the cunts dinner, based on the rights they would say they had.

    Just so all is clear, this cunt and his Camel fucking mates leave a year ago to join ISIS in Syria. That is his right as a human, as is anything that happens to him from thereon. Including a hellfire a year later.

    Speaking of Tony Abbot, Australia had no hesitation grenading the cunt that conducted the Sydney Lindt seige a few months back. Even the Frogs ironed out the cunts that did Charlie Hebdo. I feel any individual, in or out of Britain that feels even a minute should be wasted on why the death of these cunts needs to be investigate, should be listed as terroists themselves and condemed to the same fate. They should be investigated shot for supporting treason.

  12. Total members all over the place now: questioning the legality of the drone strikes by the RAF…What a world of cunts we live with in the UK…..

  13. Left wing Beeboid Danny Cohen is an out and out cunt….But I’m sure that everyone knows that alreadt

  14. If World War II happened now (and we tonked the Hun again!), there would be leftie ‘reach out and touch somebody’s hand’ arse fondling cunts questioning the legality of Hitler, Eichmann, Ribbentrop etc standing trial…. It’d be ‘They may be evil Nazi cunts, but they’re also human beings and have rights…’

    This is what Blighty has become…. A fucking shitheap….

  15. And Harriett Harman is a huge, gaping, scab encrusted, pus weeping, rotten mackerel stinking gash of a cunt… Questioning the legality of taking out ISIS scum?!! First of all, defending terrorists who rape and behead people? And secondly, says one of the Blairite cunts who helped start the whole fucking mess in the first place by invading Iraq?

    What a crabby old cunt…

    • She is, I agree, for a multitude of undeniable reasons. The point is though that parliament voted against action in Syria. If Chicken Dave had more evidence/intel, he should have brought it back to parliament instead of sneakily disregarding the outcome of the vote in the House of Commons. Admittedly this simply demonstrates Cameron’s cuntitude – it doesn’t negate the cuntitude of Harman or indeed ISIS.

      • Lets not forget that the Harman witch was also running the council for civil liberties which had the peadophile information exchange as one of its members, and then refused to apologies for the monumental fuck up.

        Has she been cunted yet?

        • I’ll be surprised if she hasn’t, Rich…

          Harriet Harman on refugees “Children need safety and security”

          One word to the hoary old cunt: Rotherham….

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