I’d like to cunt Skrillex, the fucking phoney cunt, for infecting people with his robotic diarrhea music devoid of any real talent. It’s a good thing all his fan fags are too high on ecstasy or on methamphetmine to realize how shitte his music is.

I dislike Skrillex for multiple reasons but mostly for why his fabled “drops” sound like a down syndrome android taking a dump through a vocoder. How that is genius I will never know! I don’t hate all EDM but most of it is shite. No dubstep or brostep song that was made will be remembered or of serious quality in 20 years. Especially from this skrillex cunt. It will be a fad that will die, hopefully sooner than later.

Ultimately it will be remembered as a particularly embarrassing fad that testifies to the fail of cunts who are failed musicians. I’m also pretty sure this bellend gets fake views on youtube because I have no clue how 200,000,000 people think this is good music. Also to note is how he has plaguarised most of the founders of dubstep, brostep, EDM and other shite masquerading as music.

Nominated by: Titslapper

32 thoughts on “Skrillex

  1. Good call Ts. The photo alone assures him of a good Cunting and I have no idea who he is.

  2. Is he another posh cunt with contacts in the BIZ but with no descernible talent what so ever ?

  3. Anyone who looks like that and puts out ‘music’ (for want of a better word!) like he does is a gold plated cunt… Expect this knobcheese to ‘collaborate’ with other cunts soon (Taylor Swift, Timbaland, Rita Ora etc)…..

    • He has already collaborated with justin buttboy beiber here’s the video It contains Aids, Herpes,Fail, and Bad music in a neat little package expect a loss of dead brain cells after watching it. Also there is auto tune being used on buttboys voice he sounds half black there is no way he sounds like that, all no talent musicians use auto tune so it sounds rubber and plastic.

  4. He thinks he’s that bloke who used to be in The Human League….This Skrillex cunt is another case of the classic excuse for ‘musicians’ who can’t actually do anything…. ‘I can’t actually write, sing, or play anything…. But I’m good at pressing buttons…’ Like these cuntbuckets who claim to be ‘DJs’ when they don’t actually use any vinyl records or any sort of turntable…. The ‘Guest Celebrity DJ’ has become an unpleasant disease in UK clubs…. Usuallly someone who has never DJd in their life… Usually some D-List knob from Corrie or Emmerdale (or some other crap show) with a pre-programmed (not by them of course) laptop full of ‘Dalek Music’ shite…..

  5. Oh, and good riddance to Jonny Evans…. The useless clodhopping cunt….
    I’ll say one thing for LVG: He’s a marvel at clearing out unwanted crap (Anderson, Cleverley, Nani, Evans etc… Set of cunts…)….

    • ….typical Man Utd glory hunting buy success cunt….Evans was a good servant to the club, came through the youth system and he deserves better than that.

      • Up your’s, you cunt! I’m from Newton Heath and I’ve been on the Stretford End since the days of Docherty… I’ve seen United both relegated and at the very top of the game… I watched some dire crap under early Docherty, Sexton, early Fergie and Moyes… I’d be a red if United were in the Conference League, so fuck you…

        As for him being a great servant: so servants get paid thousands, do they? And the ‘came through the ranks’ crap doesn’t wash either… Scott McGarvey came through the youth system… So did Simon Davies, so did Pat McGibbon, Robbie Savage and many others… None of them were up to the mark… Being a youth player doesn’t give them special rights… My favourite player of all time? George Best… He wasn’t bought, so bollocks…

        • It’s like all those clueless nu-footie cunts who wailed when Danny Wellbeck was sold to Arsenal… Apparently it shouldn’t have been done because Danny was a United youth player… I didn’t see Danny complaining about getting a huge signing on fee and going to a huge club like Arsenal… Also, I don’t recall any outcry when United sold youth products in the past (Brian Kidd, Nobby Stiles, Mark Hughes, Jimmy Nicholl, Keith Gillespie etc)… It’s part of football and part of business… Every club does it (especially Man City. But there’s no whining about that!) This new fake sentimentality is yet another plague on the modern game

        • Man United, Didn’t they start out as a part time oily rag tag and bobtail outfit of the Yorkshire and Lancashire railway loco shed in err………Ah yes! Newton Heath. The boys done good, and you have stayed absolutely true to their roots.

          My interest lies with the L&Y.

          • Yeah, nice one… It’s a modern cliché that all United fans are gloryhunters and/or non-Mancs… Who the fuck do these pricks think were packing out Old Trafford when United were in Division 2 in 75? We won only three trophies (all FA Cups) between 1969 and 1990 (Fergie’s first one, and another FA Cup)… But I followed and (mostly) loved every minute of it (apart from Dave Sexton’s tenure)…. It was a bloody sight better then watching United than it is now… Unfortunately the Premier League has brought us gloryhunters, armchair fans, daytrippers and those who would rather have trophies over style…. But only a spaz would think all reds were like that…

        • Aye, you’re the greatest fan of them all right enough.
          What sort of fan calls a player who has been with his club for eighteen years a cunt?
          A real fan, not a cunt, says good luck in the future. Are you going to boo Evans when he returns playing for West Brom?

  6. Has anyone else noticed that the inherently thick and morbidly odese children of the fucking retards that spawned them always have a look of shocked surprise on their moon like faces?

    More of an observation than a cunting really.

    Imagine if you will, telling these fat, useless cunts that there is no gallon of tomato sauce to throw over their double portion of cheesy chips.

    Yes, thats the look i’m talking about. Permenantly plastered across their pastey endomorphic faces at all times.

    Wouldn’t it be more humane to have them put to sleep and have some overpaid premier league footballer appropriate the shit looking council estate mohican haircut for their own ends?

    Just a thought.

  7. The videos seem to be working again
    This is interesting. It is a link to the yank TV shootings/murders as seen live on air plus the video that the killer took orf his work. It is hosted on a right wing anti gun control website deedicated to defending the freedoms orf the good ol’ US orf A. The videos are here offered to cunters for their salutory and educational value and viewer discretion is advised. You will note that they are preceded by a good wodge orf advertising. God Bless the American Way.
    A word orf warning for those orf a nervous disposition. The filums seem to be taken down every couple orf minutes then put up again. Quite a battle orf free speech going orn. Persevere:

    • Sir Limply those are crisis actors dammit! I’m disappointed you failed to see that, the camera drops as soon as she runs away after being shot and he continues shooting her, there is a simple explanation… crisis actors. That women who got shot with blanks is laughing all the way to the bank, probably enjoying a sandwich somewhere in peru. You’ve all been duped !

      • No I disagree, the incident is real but it was carried out by Barbara Bush on the instructions of Jimmy Savile who is not really dead but living it up with Cliff Richard somewhere in Israel.

      • Sorry me peepers have gorn a bit bacon what with me advancing years. Failed to recorgnise the Spivey family up to their old tricks.

  8. Before being mentioned and cunted on ISAC, I didn’t know this obnoxious looking Skrillex cunt existed.

    The cunters here who enjoy their music and follow the music industry have my sincerist commiserations.

  9. Never heard of…err…him? But yes, he definitely has the look of an ocean going cunt.

  10. ‘Never heard of the cunt either, thanks for opening my eyes to another class A cunt.

    The music biz churns the fuckers out without any regard to the misery and human suffering they cause.

  11. The TV stations should no longer bother interviewing Jose Mourinho after a game… They should just play the same tape of him after each match… After all, it’s always the same: ‘I blame the referee, I blame the club doctors, I blame the groundsman, I blame the tea lady, suchabody should have been sent off, we should have had a penalty’ and so on…. Fucking whining poe-faced cunt….

  12. fucking what a total cunt, no idea who ‘it’ is but the picture screams CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTTTT

    • Absolutely Nothing they are both cunts who make shitty music to brainwash the masses with their turd polished talent Although at least U2 writes and plays their own music with real instruments and made at least 1 decent album but aside from that they both are sellout phony cunts. Actually that would be bono the muzak genius cunt who saved africa from starving now everyone in africa has loads of food 5 3million dollar mansions… oh wait nevermind its wanker bono who has all that and africa is still a slum. I looked into it and Bono is actually gaelic for cunt so maybe that’s why he is such a fraud sellout who is United Nation’s poof poster boy.

  13. Fucking hell, I despise the cunt known as Sue Perkins.

    Facially, she reminds me of Vic Reeves’ old ‘Morrissey The Consumer Monkey’ puppet.

  14. Skrillex the cunt looks like Phil Okey at a Billy Ray Cyrus lookalike contest.

    The clueless yank hears some Aphex Twin whilst having a shit, as he’s straining one out, sees the words “Andrex” and Skillrex is born.

  15. The deffenition of skrillex is a shit sniffer with a biscuit tin full of rusty nails shaking it in his grandads shed CUNT

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