Non smokers are joyless, self-righteous cunts.

During the winter, thanks to our stupid anti-smoking laws, I have to stand outside in the snow and pissing rain to pursue my favourite pastime.

As soon as the weather improves, these cunts are in the beer garden with their spoilt, screaming brats and they assume they have some kind of right to complain as soon as I light up.Well, they can all fuck off because they’re cunts.

As soon as they can shut up their ill-mannered, selfish, noisy cunt offspring, I’ll put my ciggie out, but until then, they can fuck off and find somebody who might give a flying fuck about what they think. Cunts

Nominated by: little lord cuntleroy

27 thoughts on “Non-Smokers

  1. Adolf Hitler was an avid anti smoker.

    He was also a complete cunt.

    His spirit lives on in all other anti smokers.

    • Adolf Hitler recognised smokers irritated non smokers in the work place but allowed them their rights to smoke at work as long as it didn’t annoy him or other non smokers. Being the dictator he was, he could have easily and aggressively persecuted all smokers, but he didn’t. And he certainly didn’t make smoking ban laws anywhere in Germany or his WW2 Empire.

    • That would explain why some of the most vehement anti-smokers are such Naziesque bastards. More than once, I’ve heard these cunts telling their equally shithouse friends how smokers should be put in concentration camps, put in gas chambers, shot, and a whole list of other things that actually disgusted me. And it’s not easy to provoke that emotion in me.

      I’ve never smoked cigarettes, or pipes, but I’ve got no problem with those who do. The fact is, the smoking ban was never about protecting the rights of pub workers to work in a smoke free environment. They weren’t even fucking asked. The smoking ban, as with everything that cunt Blair did, was about control.

      If we truly lived in a free country, there would have a been a proper, honest, consultation with the British people. And then the government would have the truly democratic thing, and allowed landlords and breweries, etc, the choice of whether or not to ban smoking. I believe the majority would have chosen to allow smoking, which would have embarrassed the government, and shown up the likes of ASH as the gobshite minority they are.

  2. I’m a non-smoker but couldn’t care less about people actually smoking, I don’t smoke not because I think it’s an unhealthy habit but because it costs a bloody fortune.

    But yes I hate judgmental fuckers, it’s like people who don’t have tattoos criticising those who do have tattoos although it never happens the other way around.

  3. Ex-smokers are the worst, like so many ex-people. Full of self-righteous indignation and cuntishness. As it happens I gave up last year, but I’ve made a pact with myself that if I ever start behaving like the above I’ll light up again.

  4. I tell you who are the biggest cunts in the anti-smoking world.Health advisors.Just the other day they recommended that smoking be banned in parks and in beer gardens in pubs in order to “de-normalise ” smoking to youngsters.What the thick cunts fail to see is that the more devious you make smoking look the more teenagers are going to fucking do it out of rebellion.As a smoker I absolutely love it when someone comes up to me and says “Oh smoking causes cancer” :no shit Sherlock and not smoking causes you to get old lose your memory and piss yourself in an old folks home and seeing as there is a strong history of Alzheimer`s in the family I will take the first.Then there`s also the cunts who insist on coughing when they walk past you in the street despite the fact that the exhaust fumes from the cars are polluting their air far more than a measly fucking fag!Funny thing is so many non smokers I know are fat borderline alcoholics so to be given a lecture on health by those cunts is slightly ironic to say the least

  5. I hate the attitude of non smokers , they are all cunts and part of the reason you can’t smoke in restaurants or anywhere for that matter . Pretty soon I won’t be able to smoke in my own home for fook sake. Don’t get me started on the taxing of smoking thats a bunch of bullshite too. It seems to increase constantly there used to be a time when rolling your own was way cheaper now its the same price practically, fooking corrupt taxing cunts.
    Here is my favorite song of the day check it out if you have 2 minutes to spare its Family “the Chase” the last 25 seconds of the song are infectious because of that peculiar sound from ric grechs viola actually might be the sound of the Mellotron i dunno one or the other or maybe both.

  6. I quit the fags 12 years ago now, but a lot of my mates still smoke… And the attitude towards smokers is ridiculous… You can’t smoke in a pub or club any more, but you can fuck up your liver and drink yourself to death every night…. Retailers display booze and highly dangerous fireworks, yet cigs, cigars, baccy and even rizlas are behind closed doors these days… I’ve never seen such hypocritical shite… The attitude of a lot of non/ex-smokers is a joke too… They’ll get all self righteous and holier than thou: telling someone (even in an outdoors beer garden) to get that smoke away from them and how it’s a waste of money, as they sit there after downing pints of lager all day and gambling all their cash away on the lottery or bingo… Typical British laws and government and typical health & safety bullshit… You can abuse your body and wallet, but only in the ways we say are acceptable…. Bloody cheek…

    • It’s money , these cunts don’t care if its dangerous they tax the fuck out of it, screw over the farmers they could care less. Now they have this very lame loose tobacco tax law , loose tobacco tax? Are you fooking kidding me Has this been invented by some brilliant rabbi or something, whats next a tight tobacco tax law.I mean if the tobacco is compressed and put in a nice shiny package we should tax the fook outta that too and let’s not stop there we should tax everytime someone rolls up a smoke which is exactly what the loose tobacco tax is.

      • In 20 years time the British pub will no longer exist…. I’ll say one thing for the Paddies, at least they still have some decent alehouses over there…

        • In 20 years time, BRITAIN won’t exist. It’ll either be a Caliphate, thanks to the treason of successive government, or it’ll be a failed state locked in a civil war, with various foreign cunts vying for control.

  7. If all smokers believed that it is only bad for a non smoker to smell a smoker, and if all non smokers believed that it is only good for a smoker to smell a non smoker, then it would automatically promote a compromise in every situation for smokers and non smokers to live happily together.

    Or is this too fucking complicated for dumb cunts to understand?

    • Look at it this way if the reason for this tax is because its dangerous and can kill you. Then lets tax scissors, rope and ladders, rat poison ,knifes, any form of gun, any chemical solvent or cleaning fluid, thumbtacks, drunk drivers, razor blades and etc. Taxing Tobacco like this is the most jewish law in the history of stupid laws made by corrupt cunts greedy for money. People have turned into such dumb cunts once upon a time if a tax like this came underway it wouldn’t of never reached the courts the people would protest against it but cunts rather bitch about religion and if you don’t believe what I believe then therefore I don’t agree with you. Also if its so dangerous then instead of campaigning spending millions or billions on stop smoking ads and what not just spend it on detox for smokers. What the stop smoking ads accomplish is fear mongering , business within a business. Don’t forget it was doctors who use to advertise to get you into smoking “smoke a fag and relax” health care industry is very hypocritical and power hungry cunts just like the government.

      • Just noticed your reply to my comment. Notice I said “if” one believes; and I don’t believe nor disbelieve any arguments that I read or hear about the smoking debate. And I didn’t mention the government’s oppressive and aggressive tobacco taxes.

        My comment is made out of experience. My wife is a non smoker and I am a smoker. But we get on just fine and dandy together because we have compromised a solution. The Mrs hates the smell of ciggie smoke, but has never ever denied me for my vice of smoking or smoking in her presence or in the house. Because my wife dislikes my smoking habit, a long time ago I opened up the chimney of our house and switched to a solid fuel heating system. I also done a lot of DIY to effect good air ventilation in all rooms in the house which also mitigate the confines of double glazed windows. Now whenever I light up a ciggie in my home the smoke always rapidly disappears up the chimney flue or through hidden vents in other rooms. Result of which the Mrs don’t smell any smoke. Even though I might have finished a ciggie just before some new non smoking visitors came into our house, some have commented they thought it was a smoke free house until they saw an ashtray with fag ends in it.

  8. I roll my own and drink a beer after a hard days graft and when i get approached by these dung flies LEAVE ME ALONE or WILL YOU LIKE A KID AND LETS CALL IT BASTARD or on a train station at 6oclock in the morning and some arsewipe skinny thing widow tells me to put my cig out IT IS MADE OF CONCRETE AND NOT BURNABLE but on the plus i can drink and smoke in SMOKEY ,DRINKY hamburg pubs

  9. To quote the late, great Bill Hicks “Every day, thousands of non-smokers…… DIE!! HAHAHAHA!!”

  10. In Shinjuku they’ve made it illegal to smoke in the streets, they have these cigarette police who herd smokers into smoking ‘lounges’, like shops with no doors, in which they’re allowed to stand around and light up. Presumably there’s an xpelair inside, which is more than can be said for the bars and cafes.

  11. Online shopping idiots are cunts…. These wankers who will order stuff from Ebay or Amazon and are too pig ignorant or lazy to read the details…. Cunts who will leave negative feedback like “This DVD doesn’t work in my player!” When it clearly states that the disc is Region 1… Same goes for twats who tantrum about their order not arriving when there’s a specific (and very plain) pre-order date on the bloody thing… Same goes for American shoe sizes, European electrical goods and oriental (ie: smaller) shirt sizes…. Stupid cunts like this shouldn’t be allowed into normal society… Thick as fucking pig shit…

  12. I smoked 80 a day until I quit in the 70s when they hit £1 a packet.

    Couldn’t give a fuck if people smoke. It’s their life…

  13. Who the fuck smokes these days?

    13-year-old orange slags with bow legs and mashed-up cock-sucking mouths; “heedy hardy hoo bix nood” blacks; schizophrenic goggle-eyed bus-stop people who talk to biscuits; old women with leatherette heads and the ‘essence of piss’ emanating from their nylon under clothes.


    • I fucking do and i enjoy it r kelly (pun)
      what is my enjoyment is my enjoyment
      I do not take drugs anymore but concentrate on my life and love to have a beer and crack up a good old tabend and my nicotined stained fingers are optional

  14. There is and has been for a long while an argument for smoking:

    Carry on Screaming.

    Fenella Fielding.

    With a cunt that tastes of unicorn tears, collected by nubile virgins and filtered through rose petals. I imagine.

  15. Oh the fucking hypocrisy, the UK Government are clamping down on smokers, truth is they are the biggest payers in government tax, can you imagine if smoking was outlawed over-night? the government would lose at least £15 billion a year in tax.
    Of course if this happened, it would be blamed on immigrants, benefit claimants and chav scum.

    Society is fucked, the control system is crumbling but unfortunately 99% of the public are so fucking cretinised from school education, shit food, celeb culture and TV that they will not even notice!

    The fact I have no mortgage, enough savings to see me right for 30 years, my own garden growing my own produce, my own solar panels and I never watch TV so I will be fine, enjoy the shitstorm you fucking Facebook/Youtube/TV watching wankers :0

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