Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj is a stupid stunned cunt with no talent and a fake arse.

The only reason she got a record contract is because she probably blew 20 guys probably executives and managers so she could infect shite music to the masses. I assure you her Muzak propaganda is worse than opium.

Supposedly her music sounds really good on MDMA though. (Just joking it still sounds like shite!)

Nominated by: Titslapper

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    • So would I, but using a builder’s industrial nail gun, I’d bang the fake-arsed bint onto the stage back ceiling of her last music venue, and leave her spread up there as a reminder what should happen to the talentless performing crap music.

    • Minge is the cunt hair around the vagina but thats funny never thought about that before and Nicki kind of sounds like Nick it in the Minge or something hahaha. I just hate rap with a passion and Fred’s right it is MOCO music, for fucking bloody idots who have no taste in actual music. Rap is truly evil “music” the effects of it alone are demonic, think about it. It spawns retards who dress like wannabe gangsters, turns white boys and young men who want to act/be black,Its makes blacks more dangerous to each other and everyone around them Also more violent, influences gangs encourages it, makes nigga’s and wiggers to act like some dangerous badass. Its music for cunts that’s all I can say about it you can’t convince me thats “music” its not, Not even close. If Rap isn’t dead soon I’ll pull a Mr Nada From They Live(good movie) and destroy the thing myself just need those glasses. Also theres a new word for people who don’t like rap or hip hop it’s called being rockist what a bunch of evil cunts outlaw & ban Rap before its too late.

      • Minaj is fucking minging…

        Almost all rap is shite, I agree… That Vanilla Ice… What a complete cunt he was…

        • Almost all rap is shite? what rap do you consider good? it’s all sucks to me. I’m 100% convinced it’s made by the le happy merchants it’s truly cuntishess music with evil purpose but people are too stupid to line up the dots.

        • Arse arse Baby… Yes he was (still is?) a cunt. Probably slapping burgers for a living now.

          • The Beastie Boys ‘Paul’s Boutique’ album from 1989… I still don’t know how they got away with those Beatles samples… Best track is ‘The Sounds Of Science’ featuring samples from a few Beatles tracks… It’s not the rapping on the album that I like (Ad Rock irritates the shit out of me! He’s like Jerry Lewis!), but the use of samples was clever, not just the usual Chic bassline on a loop…

  1. Sue Perkins is a holographic cunt (a cunt from all angles).

    There is nothing to like — The cunt is unkempt, unfunny, ugly, clumsy, hateful, condescending, has a revolting deformed body, lank shity hair, dirty big greasy man hands, and her vagina stinks of rotting pig offal and Jenny Abramsky’s halitosis.

    The hideous beast gets jobs at the BBC in areas (s)he knows nothing about, obviously in exchange for eating out the crusty slits and leaking bum holes of the loathsome parasitic ‘Jimmys’ and ‘Jimmyettes’ that run the BBC.

    Why is this talentless ugly mindless crude, rancid filthy cunt, even on TV. Why is the affront to God not in a mental hospital getting some ECG to stop it talking shire.

    • I second that nomination!
      She and her side-kick Smell (Mel) truly deserve cunting, you will not find another pair of wannabe pseudo intellectual unfunny, dyke cunts, unless you go round Sandi Toksvig’s house!
      It’s no wonder the BBC fawn over them, they are a bunch of £5 Billion public tax wasting fucking parasites too.

    • “………….holographic cunt (a cunt from all angles).”

      You have no idea how much you have brightened a miserable Sunday morning for me.

      This warrants the start of a Cunters dictionary.

    • Apparently, just typing ‘Nice one’, is too short a comment. So I congratulate on the wit and humour that your comment contains.

    • Remember shitheads consider this rancid piece of shite music , how can it be music if you steal a sample add shitty beats, set it on fire then c-rap over it, how?. Also the view count is fixed or something because there is no way 521,442,120 million people have viewed that turd. Rap is not music neither is hip hop. This is the cunts “music”

      • Feck me that’s one ugly bitch who can’t sing doing a truly naff video!

        You seriously tell me there are people out there who buy this awful shit? We’re doomed!!!!

        • I managed 21 seconds, which surprised me. What really infuriates me is if you tried playing any real music (classical, jazz, pop, take your pick) to the cunts that buy this they’d doubtless call it “shit”.

          Why am I winding myself up like this?

  2. I would like to nominate Kelly Cates (nee Dalglish)

    Presenter of the new pile of arsewank on Channel 5 called Football League Tonight, an utter abomination of a football highlights show, as with all new TV shows it’s all about ‘fans’ ramblings on Twitter, come on get involved with the hashtag #IAMAFUCKINGNARCISSISTCUNT

    She has a face that resembles Odo from Star Trek DS9 (or she sat too close to a naked flame and her face melted)
    She is only on TV because her Daddy was Liverpool (legend?) Kenny Dalglish and has about as much sex appeal as a holed-out Melon with fake hair glued to it to resemble pubes, Her voice annoys the hell out of me to the point I want to stick pens in my ears.

    Cunt this cunt, I implore you!

  3. In that photo she looks white, yet she also looks black. Has anyone tested her DNA? I think she has some Michael Jackson in her.

    • Doesn’t she look a bit old for the plastic peril? (White, plastic and dangerous to children: AKA M Jackson).

      • It’s the new fad in hollyweird, in order to be accepted you have you wipe some of the black off you in order to be accepted into there club of cunts where you get payed large sums of money for being a talentless hack Nicki Minge has had some bleaching done. Reminds me of that Frank Zappa video “You are what you is”, good song better then most of what was being played in the 80’s anyway.

  4. What makes me laugh about these cunts (Minaj, Wacko Jacko, Beyonce etc) is they’ll go on about how proud they are to be black, yet they try to look as white as they possbily can….

    • I agree but to be fair a lot of proud white people want a permanent tan either from a holiday or from the Tan shop.

  5. I remember she cried out racism when Taylor Swift won an award for best video even though hers was just her in a jungle shaking her silicone arse .It had no interesting camera angles ,Special effects or memorability. .It had a pineapple on a fucking spinning record player at one point.Christ knows why: but no she has to win because she is black.Maybe she has been taking lessons from that smug no talented big headed cunt Kanye West .Has anyone seen the Cunt`s(Minaj`s) teeth by the way?They are worse than Mr Ed`s.She should forget keep having work done on her arse and tits and look in the mirror.Does anyone really look for silicone in a woman.If I wanted to fuck a good looking bit of plastic I would get one of those sex dolls at least they don`t post selfies every minute.

      • Oh god Mtv! those stupid assholes who helped destroy music, the funny thing is they don’t even play music videos anymore but even if they did it would be the nicki minge and taylor swift twat variety hour with stupid rap. Its just shitty reality shite shows like real world and cribs where rich douchy cunts show off their multimillion mansions and their collection of 15 cars trucks and tanks. Who the fuck would want to watch that? Cunts that who, MTV are fooking cunts

  6. Minaj, Rihanna , Scherzinger, all whores hired by paedophiles to sell sex to kids.

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