NHS Doctors

#ImInWorkJeremy – What, you want a medal for it you Doctor Cunts? Is £100K a year basic plus over time not enough for you, you bunch of whining martyr cunts?

If you don’t like being an NHS Doctor, feel free to fuck off elsewhere. See how much you get paid elsewhere in the developed world, because it won’t be any where near what you get from the NHS.

Whats that? Liability insurance? What, you mean I actually have to insure myself against malpractice elsewhere in the world? No, didn’t think so you puss filled whinge bag cunts. Continue to work in the NHS, safe in the knowledge that you can dispatch all manner of taxpayers with your negligence and almost never have to face the consequences of your action.

Oh, how I would love to live in the gilded cage that NHS Doctors do. I don’t see many of them going of to work in say, America, do you? Or even France? What about the Far east? You see, they won’t have the fuckers on account of the massive ego and entitlement these cunts have, with little ability to function and above all perform in the real world.

NHS Doctors: CUNTS.

In fact they are such cunts, they make Harold Shipman look professional. He actually set out to kill folk and was good at it.

Nominated by: The Captain

25 thoughts on “NHS Doctors

  1. It all started going down hill with Emergency Ward 10 feeding their egos. Ten came the fekin haggis chomper and his house keeper; yer right! And it’s not just the quacks, you can add in the coppers, road side recovery “we’re the fourth emergency service” no you’re a fekin oil rag just get on with it. TV has a lot to answer for and supercilious quacks are part of it. Yes I expect them to be there when I need them, that’s what they are paid for.

    Can’t argue with a Cunter that is right.

    Contentious, but a good Cunting.

  2. The reason we have so many too well paid Asian foreigner doctors in the NHS is because all the British white doctors are escaping to the private sector. They are pissed off with with all the over demand from anywhere-in-the world-foreigner-migrant-fucker-patients over streching the NHS .

    The NHS is fast becoming majority immigrant foreigners serving majority migrant free loaders.

    • Not to mention 1500 of them go to Australia or New Zealend every year – and are being offered “Fully Fundeded Schemes” on return as an incentive to come back.

      • Fuck me. I didn’t know the government politician fuckers were also wasting my tax monies bribing expat doctors to come back.

  3. Harold Shipman was a good NHS doctor. He just turned out to be a murderer psycho cunt of old biddies and thankfully got caught and jailed. There are many NHS doctors murdering their patients through neglect or gross incompetence. Many are caught but are not even struck off the register, let alone jailed.

    In countries like the USA state doctors caught mal-practicing would face big jail time or even execution. And private insurance, not the state tax-payers, would pay out the compensation to the patient victim or his/her family.

  4. NHS GPs aren’t even proper doctors, they are the failures of the medical world. Who goes to medical school wanting to finish up treating a procession of cunts whingeing on about some minor commonplace ailment? Fucking nobody, they all envisage a career as a top surgeon, a consultant or maybe carrying out cutting edge research. But only the best get to do those things, the rest, the fuckwits who represent 90% of doctors become GPs instead. And by God is it an easy touch, all they do is peddle drugs on behalf of the pharmaceutical corporations.

    Here is how to be a GP in 3 easy steps;

    1 Endure a 5 minute consultation with some whingeing cunt you no doubt view with nothing but contempt.

    2 Prescribe said whingeing cunt one of 4 basic types of drug, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antibiotic or antihistamine.

    3 If the whingeing cunt returns in a week send them to some one who knows what they are doing.

    Honestly, the hardest part of the job is thinking up ways of spending the wages.

  5. Doctors are cunts no matter how nice I ask them for drugs like heroin or amphetimines they tell me no you can’t have it they say I have a addictive personality the cunts. Well I suppose it’s better then having a suicidal personality but all joking aside doctors have this holier then thou attitude messiah complex thing about them. They try to you assume things about you and make you uncomfortable in every profession there are those who strive to help and those who could give FUCK ALL, I unfortunately get the latter usually get some wanker who thinks he’s highly important in his field of wankery.

    • We only need doctors to tell us what disease we might have if we don’t know; suggest and recommend medicines or therapy to cure our illness; patch us up because of accident or violence; perform surgery to repair or cut out/off damage. Or, if asked for, give entitled welfare benefit patients their free medical equipment, medicines and drugs.

      Nobody needs a fucking doctor for anything else. And we certainly shouldn’t need a fucking doctor’s permission to obtain or privately buy ANY medicine or drug.

      For instance, sometimes I suffer from tooth ache and know just the perfect antibiotic drug to cure it dead. But I can’t buy it over the counter at the pharmacist because I need a fucking doctors permission (get a doctor’s private prescription) to buy it.

      Fucking control freak cunts all.

      • You’re right, they are control freaks; and we on the outside don’t have the secret hand shake, or what ever it is, so we can stop on the outside and worship at their alter.


  6. I wholeheartedly agree with the initial cunting, doctors are useful but don’t them fuckers just know it. Fucking moaning arse-holes, they don’t have to actually do any paid work until they’re about 26-27 anyway. Pricks.

    But now I would like to raise a concern I’ve had for a few years. Men with beards who think they’ve reinvented the face are obnoxious, narcissistic, waistcoat wearing cunts.
    I have a beard, beards are fine, at the end of the day it’s hair that grows on your face. It serves no real function other than indicating you are a lazy bastard at times who can’t be fucked to shave. Don not walk around like you’re some kind of rule-breaker simply because you have one.
    Just come back from a shop in Tesco, at 11 on a Friday morning, and 3 lads were in the alcohol aisle wearing turned up jeans, no socks (No fucking socks, mind you!), and a collection of the most pompous bristles you’re ever likely to see. One cunt had even twirled his mustache, Jesus wept. If that counts as style these days then I’m shaving my face to the bone tomorrow.

  7. SKY news are insisting on calling the wog cunts currently swarming across Europe “refugees”. FUCK OFF!! The UNHCR’s own website defines a refugee as “persons fleeing armed conflict or persecution…they cross national borders to seek safety in nearby countries.” Since when has Germany been nearby Syria?

  8. Dear Dioclese,

    How come some people on here get to put a picture next to their name and I get a cunty cartoon pic?

  9. I must admit while my GP is low on the cuntitude scale the cowboys who missed the fact that I had broken my arm in three (yes THREE!) places then told me I should not even strap it up to control the pain. Fortunately I ignored the idiot and almost three weeks later I got a desperate call from the A&E wanting me to get my arm fixed! Spent the best part of the next four months off work (so a silver lining I suppose).

  10. The blakes from Africa with medical degrees conjured up from the ether using a John Bull set in a mud hut, and printing it on goat skin using ink made from Ebola black-heads from baby corpses, are the worst. They will prescribe anything for a few quid from ‘big pharma’.

    When you come across a big fat shiny black pig-face ‘doctor’ talking with the same evil arrogance as the black beast Diane Abbott – run away.

  11. I worked on the pharmaceutical side for a bit, and without a doubt over 50% of NHS doctors are routinely participating in fraud with pharmacists.

    Asians will write a script for any old shit just so the pharmacy adjoined to their piss-smelly surgery (usually painted orange) gets a fee for making it up. And of course, Asian doctors lick the words of ‘love harts’ and give them to old hags as expensive drugs (then claim a big wads of cash off the government [taxpayers] for the non-existent).

    At least 40% of the NHS pharmaceutical budget is fraud thieved by doctors and pharmacists.

    You have never really met a filthy corrupt cunt until you have met an NHS doctor.

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