Walter Palmer [2]

screen-shot-2015-07-28-at-10-26-56-am1‘Dr’ Walter Palmer is the ignorant piece of shit who is currently the target of the entire planet’s disgust, because he killed Cecil, a very popular lion, who used to live in a Zimbabwean National Park with a compound bow. Palmer bribed two park workers $55,000 to guide him on a hunt for a Cecil. Apparently, he fucked up his first shot, wounding the animal and leaving it pain for two days before finally killing, skinning and decapitating a fairly famous member of an endangered species.

Now, Palmer claims he didn’t know that Cecil was so famous, or that what he did was illegal. The problem he has, is that is he’s known to be a lying cunt. In 2008, he got into trouble in the US, for lying about where he’d killed a bear. He was also fined nearly $3000 for hunting without a licence. There’s also the simple fact that Cecil was lured out of the park and killed on private property. So SOMEBODY knew it was illegal. The even greater tragedy, is the Cecil’s death probably won’t be the only one, because he had had six cubs. When another lion in the pride, apparently named ‘Jericho’ takes over, there’s a strong possibility that he’ll kill those six cubs. So in the end, this selfish cunt will have killed SEVEN lions.

Apparently Palmer has 43 kills, including leopards and rhino. The American half of my family are hunters, and I’ve been with them on several occasions. The difference though, is that my family have never been trophy hunters. There are no animal heads on the walls of their houses. Like many hunters in the US, my family hunt for food, and we’re talking wild hogs, deer, etc. My family regularly hunt with some Apache friends. Once they’ve taken all the meat they need, our Apache friends take the rest, which is a lot, and NOTHING gets wasted.

Scum like Palmer, although they like to think so, are NOT hunters. They are just killers. They have no respect for anything, least of the animals they slaughter. Looking at some of the photos in which he poses with the animals he’s killed, it’s clear that he thinks he’s some kind of hard man. There’s even one Putinesque image of him shirtless whilst lifting a dead leapord. In truth, he’s a small man, with a small mind. Anyone who kills for fun is nothing but a worthless scumbag.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Click [here] if you want to see just what a monumental cunt this bloke is…

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  1. What an utter Cunt this prick is, any Cunt doing this in this day and age is a total cunt. Makes me ashamed to be half White, then again there are plenty of Black cunts who make me ashamed to be half Black. Which makes me a super Cunt, First post on here and if you don’t it or me then fuck of you Cunts.

    • Black cunt
      White cunt

      The common factor here is cunt………..and there are plenty of those in the world.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Changing the subject, Why is Dioclese always on holiday? He is either a rich cunt or a lazy cunt.

        • Because life is too short to waste it sitting on your arse – and I’m not getting any younger!

          Plus my neighbours are the biggest bunch of cunts you could ever hope to encounter (see posts passim over at mine) so it’s a good excuse to bugger off somewhere else and get away from the bastards. Plus I pay for it by not spending the dosh on moving somewhere else!

          And if you really want to be pissed off, I’m off to Australia later in the year and through the Panama Canal in a tall ship in the New Year.

          Flaxen Saxon is in Thailand at the moment. He lives in NZ and I met him last year when we were circumnavigating NZ on a very nice boat (actually the same on I’m going round Oz on). Nice to share a beer – albeit briefly – with a mate you’ve never met on the far side of the world…

          • I stand corrected. Off to Panama, Australia drinking Beer in Thailand you are a lucky Cunt. Talking of Neighbours I have some Romanians next door and the Parents are unsocial, loud and annoying Cunts. I wonder if they (Romaniacs) could be my first Cunting?

          • God you are a lucky rich bastard, I can’t even travel more then 100 miles with out going flat out broke. Then again I’m a lazy young cunt who smokes too much hash and plays too much music,video games .

      • I believe the prince of pop Michael Jackson wrote a song saying it didn’t matter if you were black or white, you could still be a cunt. A fine sentiment as I’m sure we all agree, but sadly it would appear he wrote such populist ditties to mask the fact he abused kids. Ah well, it was a nice thought whilst it lasted and he wasn’t the first nor will he be the last…….unfortunately.

  2. I don’t think he has endeared himself to many people by saying that slaughtering animals is an activity that he loves. How inadequate do you have to be, to think that this is some kind of achievement?
    I think his actions and subsequent comments may have the same effect on his business as the speech made by Gerald Ratner in 1991.

    • Indeed I would have entered his dental practice into the dead pool if I had not already selected my 5 .

  3. I would be a hypocrite to say I was against hunting because I love meat, but trophy hunting is something else and all trophy hunters are cunts. Killing rare and beautiful animals for fun is just bizarre, I’m sure they must get some kind of perverted sexual gratification from it. Cunts !

    • I always reckon that if you kill an animal, the least you can do it to pay it the respect it deserves by eating as much of it as possible. Killing for fun is sick…

      • Who says killing for fun is sick? I’d certainly kill that stupid specky fucking cunt and I’d have a ball while I’m about it…

  4. Sometimes, when you move a rock or a stone, something unpleasant crawls out. In this case, that something is Ted Nugent. For those who don’t know, Nugent is a ‘singer’, NRA activist, hunter, asshole, loudmouth, dickhead, you get the picture. He’s a slightly less paranoid Alex Jones (google if you don’t who HE is). Anyway, perhaps unsurprisingly, Nugent has crawled out to defend Walter Palmer.

    Apparently, anyone who criticises Palmer is an idiot. It’s curious that such a comment would come from someone who constantly demands to exercise his right to freedom of speech. Anyway, Nugent reckons Palmer has the God given right to destroy endangered species, because it’s good for them. They’re not his exact words, but they do represent the gist of it.

    He also reckons that it’s legal to kill animals, like lions, in the Zimbabwean park that Cecil lived in. That’s bollocks, it’s ILLEGAL to kill in that park, why else would Palmer and Co tie a dead prey animal to their vehicle in order to lure a lion out of its protected zone? And as it turns out, it was also illegal to kill that lion on that patch of land, because there was no permit to do so. As I said, Nugent is a loudmouth, and not a particularly bright one either in my opinion.

    Unsurprisingly, Nugent himself is a trophy killer. I won’t call them hunters, because hunters kill for food. He uses both rifles and a bow. He even has his own range of arrows, made by a company called Gold Tip. It doesn’t stop him being a grade A cunt though. ANYONE, who would condone the killing of a lion, or any animal, just so some impotent, brain dead, socially inadequate piece of shit can stick its head on a wall deserves a serious kicking. They’re also cunts.

    • Nugent is an inbred, bloodthirsty, redneck cunt…. Like an Elmer Fudd with a bad perm….

      • Nugent is a real cunt and I actually think he’s worse then Palmer because of his canned hunts which should be illegal cause you don’t let the animal run away. Also his package deals where you spend $10,000 or so you can hunt and kill with the motor city madman cunt is pretty lame . Amboy Dukes were alright but Teds solo stuff is pretty weak and thats when he went crazy with killing animals.

    • I wouldn’t call them Hunters either. I prefer the title Psychopath. For that is what lies behind their mind set.

    • 1) Good for the lion. 2) Those brave fuckers with their guns are pretty shit shots.

    • Sadly I don’t think it did kill him but the small cocked cunt shat himself big time. It was fucking majestic though in slow motion. Go Simba. !

  5. Wow second cunting in 24 hours you guys must be quite taken with this trophy killer cunt, is that a first? By the way can you even eat lion I’m sure you could but it wouldn’t taste good anyway.

    • Yeah – it is a first actually!

      There were three nominations that I put up and then this one that was just too good not to put up. Let’s face it, the guy really is a megacunt of the first order. Let’s hope his dental practice is well and truly fucked given the protests he’s getting back in the States…

  6. I would Like to Cunt Romanians, or Romaniacs as they should be known. I have had a family move in next door. The Kids are nice but the parents? They are loud (hear the Cunts through the walls) and antisocial, I am sure the Father is a thieving Cunt as they have loads of wires in the back garden which appeared over time. I saw one of the elder Kids peeling them to get the copper or whatever the fuck metal it is. Now don’t get me wrong I am partial to a bit of Romanian, (Had a fling with a sexy Hotel worker in Cyprus) and generally the women are nice but a lot of the new arrivals here seem like Cunts. My neighbours don’t seem to work, live in a two bedroom house with 5 kids, I wonder who the fuck pays for it all? Ridiculous.

  7. Feed this cunt to the lions, chuck him into a pit with a couple that havn’t been fed for a couple of days then see how he gets on without his fuckin rifle. What a complete cunt and bastard this fucker is.

  8. I bet the cunt wishes he’d taken up chess or stamp collecting as a hobby instead of killing things. The cunt.

  9. This cunt must surely be the yardstick by which all other cunts be measured, his cuntiness rating is 1 Palmer (Pa), while lesser cunts are measured in milli or micro Palmers ( mPa or uPa ). For example Chris Evans, a world class cunt, would only rate a couple of hundred mPa at the most compared with this cunt.

    • Indeed, while we are at it we could also induct another new unit namely a ‘Chilcot’. This is could be used when measuring a vast unfathomable length of time. For example the age of the known universe is a micro Chilcot.

  10. Even those three cunts, May, Hammond and Clarkson (a big money deal with Amazon? They should be sent up the Amazon: with deadly spiders, alligators and blowpipes!) don’t outcunt Palmer… Even those dirty scrounging shitehawks infesting the Eurotunnel don’t outcunt Palmer….

  11. Yes fuck Clarkson and his fag hags and his Amazon deal.
    FUCK OFF AMAZON, no one wants Amazon TV or Amazon Prime so fuck off.

    This shit show will be up on the torrents within 2 minutes of the show ending, lets see how much money that makes Amazon, fucking homogenized corporate take-over of the Net, much like Ebay, iTunes etc.

    The Internet is becoming what it was always intended to be, a subscription cable TV service with a few retailers selling you shit.
    George Orwell is wanking in his grave right now at this unfolding before our eyes.

    • Orwell has been jizzing in his crypt for a long time now, surveillance cameras on every corner, CIA and GCHQ hacking every phone and e-mail account on the planet, the ministry of truth peddling propaganda, politicians who converse exclusively in double speak, don’t get me fucking started on that one…..

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