The SNP [4]


The SNP are cunts. Financially illiterate cunts. Scotland cannot stand on its own feet without Englands subsidies.

The UK works (just) and has influence (not so much these days) because of what the ‘U’ in UK stands for you stupid bagpipe fondlers. Undo that and you’ll be back in the days of Robert ‘Spider botherer’ Bruce, living in mud huts and foraging for haggis. Fucking idiots.

SNP = Simply No Point …

Nominated by: Fleaboy

19 thoughts on “The SNP [4]

  1. In spite of all her anti-English shite and deluded sense of superiority, that deep fried mars bar sucking nazi dwarf (and leader of the SNP) will probably get honoured in a few years….

    Dame Burney Nesbitt…

  2. Listen you SNP cunts. Do you think by going Scottish Independence the EU will give you more?

    Ever since your ruling forefathers decided to stop renting useless you Jock serfs to work their land, and graze sheep instead, you whinging working Scots have pleaded to the English for supporting handouts. Fucking get your act together and make and create something to give back in kind what the English have sacrificed to give you.

    • Considering they want to dissolve the British Union, but keep going with the European Union, the phrase “Scottish Independence” is an oxymoron.

  3. People who moan about the warm weather are cunts…. All I have seen on the telly and in the papers is whinging about 30 degree heat and the ‘chaos’ it causes… What a load of knackers.. I remember 1976 and it was fucking fantastic… There was no moaning then and it was much hotter… In those days people just got on with it… Now there’s soft bastards all over the place… Just goes to show how mardy Britain has become… But when it goes back to shitty weather we usually get in Blighty these same cunts will complain that we don’t get enough warm weather…

    And remember: in this hot weather, never leave a dog in a car… Unless it is Katie Price….

    • I suppose we Brits are renowned round the world for talking or complaining about the weather. And some are weather moaning weakling twats. But it pisses me off when people state the bleeding obvious: ‘isn’t it hot today?’ or ‘isn’t it cold today?’

      • I particularly liked my mother’s favourite saying : “Is it hot, or is it me?”

        Unfortunately, Mrs D appears to be turning into my mother in this respect…

        • All those nannying tossers on the radio advising us how to ‘Best survive’ a heatwave. The cunts are right you know.
          ”Stay in the shade, wear some loose clothing, don’t over-exert yourself, stay hydrated”. They suggested.

          I took their advice. Tied a hanky on my skintop, stripped down to some loose fitting skiddies and took myself off to a beer garden where I stayed hydrated on 1664 until I was asked to leave.

    • I live in Bulgaria now and its spud boiling 30 degrees+ every fucking day this time of year, no newspaper cunts out here spouting bollocks on how to survive the heat

      Not knowing who Ingrid Pitt was I googled her name, what a fucking a cracker! Fleaboy, fucking hurry up in there pal, i’m busting out here.

  4. This women’s football is weird…. It’s like a school playground game but with rare flashes of individual excellence… The exit of the Dick Van Dyke’s XI was priceless… An own goal right at the death… It was like that epsode of On The Buses when Olive played in the football match…

    I half expected the Benny Hill theme to come on…. Except there are no Hill’s Angles in the Lionesses (what a twatty nickname!)…

    • I believe they’re playing against the Krautesses for third place. Hope they kick the shit out of them.

  5. SNP: Simply Not Profitable
    The dense, cattle farming, haggis bothering, ginger cunts should be thankful we allow them to be associated with us and be a bit more grateful!

  6. Meanwhile, I think it was a stroke of genius for Facebook to change all of the profile pictures of known paedophiles to have a rainbow filter on.

  7. The “Wicker Man” was on TV last night, apart from reaffirming my memory the Britt Eckland had a cracking pair of tits, the inhabitants reminded me of a SNP conference

    • And Ingrid Pitt in the bath… As Partridge would say: ‘Lovely stuff…’
      You may have a point there, Andy… Is Wee Burney Sturgeon from Summerilse?

      • The school teacher reminded me of Sturgeon , totally self assured in her fuckwittedness

      • Ingrid Pitt. Think my first ever ‘five finger shuffle’ was after seeing her in some Hammer House of Horror flick. Just looked her up on Google to refresh the memory…I’m off to the bog!
        What a corker!

        • I seems to remember Jenny Agutter going for a dip in “Walkabout” having a similar effect on me lol

  8. the scottish nazi party with their leaders eva sturgeon and adolf salmond also known as fatty and shorty

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