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The only Star Wars movie that matters is The Empire Strikes Back (the original version ) not that shitty special edition where george “shitebag” lucas decided it would be better to take a crap on it throw CGI on everything.

I don’t know why he was allowed to do that considering he had nothing to do with Empire(besides co-writing) as Irvin Kershner directed it. George Lucas is a fucking fat cunt who can’t take criticism and he ruined the prequels those movies are shite. If I was Disney I wouldn’t have bought the rights to the franchise, cause they can’t make it any better or outdo Empire. The story has to many plot holes and to much going on. And Jar Jar Binks.

Wow that Mr.Lucas is a Fucking Cunt.

Nominated by: Titslapper

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  1. They’re trying to lure in the older Star Wars fans for ‘Episode7’ with the promise of Han and Chewie, Luke, Leia and R2 and 3PO… But it will probably be crap and peppered with CGI shite and crap villains….

    Talking of baddies, how do they expect to fill the jackboots of Darth Vader? This new film may have some moody looking Sith with a red lightsabre and a creepy voice, but it ain’t Darth Vader… And Star Wars without Vader? Well, what’s the fucking point?!

    I’m still smarting from those crappy prequels: they were all badly miscast and shite… Only Ian McDiarmid as The Emperor came out of them with any cred intact… How the fuck can they look more futuristic when they were supposed to be 20 years before Luke Skywalker was born?!! And the late Christopher Lee being called ‘Count:’ That was fucking original, wasn’t it?

    Loved the bit where Vader/Anakin chokes that whining little get, Padme though (Natalie Portman is a cunt!)…

  2. The Disney takover of Lucasfilm (and the Star Wars legacy) has attracted much criticism… But, to be fair, the new stuff they’ve done with Marvel Comics is excellent… The Darth Vader book is superb (with top notch art by Salvador Larroca)… The Vader series is seven issues in and all are available by torrents (just so one can look at it and buy the real one, obviously!) and all readable with a CBR reader (free to download anywhere)…

  3. John Bercow, the dwarf-like Speaker of the House of Commons has just cunted himself more eloquently than anyone here ever could by claiming £367 for a chauffeur-driven car to take him from London to Luton to give a speech about – wait for it – how politicians can restore their reputations following the expenses scandal!

    Presumbably the little cunt went on stage and just said “Don’t behave like me”.

    • That’s like from Old Trafford to Manchester City Centre… Why can’t he get a cab, bus or train the parasitic, decrepit old cunt?!

    • To be fair Bercow should get a load of credit for his staring role as that evil wee midget in the 1960’s TV series ‘The Singing Ringing Tree’. That scared the shit outta me.

      • Bejesus, I remember that, used to be on in the summer holidays, what the fuck was that program all about ?

        I seem to remember Robinson Crusoe, some strange dubbed Spanish program about some old battle or other and then that one

        Then onto the normality of Captain Scarlet

        • The battle program was “The Flashing Blade” (French vs Spaniards) and it was satisfyingly violent for kids summer hols TV.

          • Great theme tune to The Flashing Blade too (‘You’ve got to fight for what you want etc’)……

            I also remember ‘Silas’ A dubbed Kraut programme about some gyppo kid and his horse… Terribly camp with a real blood and guts opening theme tune… While its closing theme was like something from some 70s Europorn flick…

    • That rat faced shit weasel claimed £170 for a 1.8 mile drive, for fuck sake, The cunt should have used a Boris Bike, he could have done it in under 8 minutes even with his pint sized legs.
      Even a fucking Cab in London would have been under a tenner.

      He should be hung from Parliament (tied to the clock on the tower) by his bollocks and tourists should pay £1 for 5 ball bearings and be able to shoot them at him using a high pressure air cannon him until the £170 has been recouped to us tax payers! Oh, and might as well string up his alcoholic whore of a wife too, just for being on Big Brother

      • He probably want to travel in something his wife has not been fucked in the back off

        It must be tough

  4. Lucas is so due a cunting. The fucking fat childhood-pissing on CGI pathetic humoured “one good idea” cunt cunt cunt.

  5. George Lucas, The Hollywood equivalent of watching paint dry.
    He bastardised the trilogy in to a non-stop advert for toys and merchandise and the virgin nerds lapped it up!

  6. However Lucas would gain some credibility back if he called the first new Star Wars movie ‘The Return of the Cunt ‘.

  7. I prefer “The Cunt Strikes Back” or possibly “The Phantom Cunt”, but I have just been informed that is currently in use to refer to Russell Brand

  8. Was gonna Link this when the post was originally up but the weather has affected my motivation been really lazy bastard lately . Anyway it’s just a video done by Mr.Plinklett and details why I hate the prequels and think Lucas is a cunt.

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