Feminists want equal pay for equal work but they want to leave the more dangerous and difficult jobs to men.

Feminists want equal treatment but they will never pay for lunch.

Remember When A Male doesn’t want to take care of their kid he’s a deadbeat dad. When women don’t want to take care of their kid its feminism or women rights. Feminism has polluted the concept of dating and marriage , their ideals have actually made men more misogynist towards women for the most part, but then again I judge a book by its cover and content.

But wait! That’s sexist…

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15 thoughts on “Feminism

  1. God don`t get me started on Fucking feminists.I had one try to justify Bahar Mustafa`s hate speech (which it would be if white men where anyone else i.e a “minority”).Many I know say they want equality but speak to men in such a rude and patronizing way that they rub them up the wrong way.As for the equal pay in tennis that sums up the cuntitude of this particular ideology.Play three sets get paid as many as a man who plays five just so you don`t feel discriminated against.I tell you who are the biggest cunts in this movement though the no more page 3 mumsnet mob who want women to be able to make their own choices with regards to their body :Except when it is not on the terms they wish.Hypocritical cunts.I am all for equality but feminism is more about bitter whinging and division than meritocracy.

  2. I would also like to nominate Diane Abbott for yet anothing major cunting.She said last week that London doesn`t need “another white middle class man” as mayor.She probably said this as she knows the only support she will get is from lefty luvvies who feel guilty about slavery and the historical subjugation of women.Here`s a novel idea though Diane why don`t you stop being such a shrill voiced condescending racist hypocritical loony lefty cunt and then maybe you will get some decent support!This woman is so pathetic that she came last in the Labour Leadership contest even below Ed Fucking Balls-ack!Imagine if a white man said the last thing we need as a working class black woman in charge there would be justifiable anger but oh no when it is a minority saying it they get a free pass!Equality my arsehole!In conclusion Diane Abbott is one of the biggest (literally and metaphorically) cunts in politics and should be cunted on this site as much as possible:The fucking cultural-Marxist Cunt!

    • She’s probably still bitter about the Tom and Jerry work drying up. “THOMAS, IS YOU IN THAT REFRIGERATOR?!!”

    • She is one of the biggest cunts in existence. And a fucking racist. I bet even the guardian mob find it impossible to tug their flaccid cocks to fruition over her cunting face.

  3. Most ‘feminists’ aren’t actually feminists at all… They are misandrists: except most of them don’t even know the word or how to spell it… A lot of media types who claim to be feminist just use the term as a cover for their own petty issues, grudges and hangups…. Coming out with crap like ‘All men are bastards’ is not feminist, it is misandrist… And (as the picture of the disgusting Cyrus reminded me) any trace of feminism in the music industry is dead… Gone are the days of Joan Baez, Nina Simone, Buffy Saint Marie and the great Laura Nyro (bless her soul)…. Silly tarts like Rihanna, Cyrus, Katy Perry and Iggy Whatshername have put back equality in popular music about 50 years…. It’s no longer ‘Can you write or sing?’ It’s ‘Can you put your hand down your knickers and twerk?’

    • I did a little research into feminists v misandrists:

      The moralistic Victorians knew there was homosexuality (sexual attraction to members of your own sex) and it was frown upon and taboo. They called the men homos “sodomites” (from the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah). and they called women homos “misandrists” (from the Greek word meaning men haters).

      However, eventually, some Victorian scolars pointed out that whilst all men misogynist (women haters) were not homosexual, it follows that not all women misandrists (men haters) can be homosexual. A new word for women homos should apply, but what should it be?

      ‘I know’, said one Victorian scholar ‘call women homos “sapphics” from the Greek meaning homosexual relations between woman’. ‘No that won’t do’, said a bishop scholar. ‘Men homos came from the city of Sodom, and we need to identify the degenerate place where women homos sprang from’

      ‘Hmm…’, pondered another scholar. ‘Before Christ our Lord, the Greek word “sapphic” was derived from the women Greek poet Sappho, she was a women homo AND a misandrist, and she lived in a place called Lesbo, a Greek city full of whores.

      ‘Excellent!’, exclaimed the Bishop. “The Lord said men homos sprang from Sodom, and the Lord has spoken to us today – women homos sprang from Lesbo!

      In 1890 a new word entered the Oxford English “lesbian”

    • I think many are aware of the word misandry and actually belittle it as if it isn`t a real concept.They kick a fuss when they are labelled with that word but feel fine to throw around the word misogynist to anyone they disagree with.Hypocritical cunts!

  4. Riot Grrrl (remember all that crap?) was also shite masquerading as feminism…
    A bunch of ugly, potty, piss stained, smelly skags: screachnig a load of bollocks and not being able to play a note (‘bands’ like Hole, L7, Bikini Kill and Babes In Toyland)… But they got away with it because it was viewed as feminism and the NME cunts lapped it up…. Except these ugly bints had nothing to say, they didn’t help female causes in any way, and they were complete and utter shite…

    Courtney Love also obviously falls into this category… The music press twats big her up as a feminist icon, yet all she did is talk crap, put out crap, look like crap, and shagged one of the (then) biggest (albeit overrated) rock stars on the planet… All I’ll say is Kurt must have been smacked up to buggery to hump that old crone and no wonder the poor cunt killed himself…

    • The only useful thing to come out of that barrage of crap was that L7 bird showing her minge on The Word or The Tube or whatever it was. Cue fervent teenage tugging.

      • It was The Word… I still remember Tez Christian’s face…. It was a picture… Shame she was such an ugly mare though…

  5. I think you guys have covered all the bases with regards to feminism! No need to get Sargon of Akkad and Bane666au on the case.

  6. Another hypocritical ‘feminist’ trait is when women sneer at lads who have a calendar in the garage, look at Page 3 (or that type of thing) and go on about how ‘pathetic’ and ‘sexist’ it all is…. Yet there they are wolf whisting at firemen or acting like chickens on crack at a hen party with a male stripper, or getting off on that Fifty Shades Of Grey shite…
    The double standards are unbelievable…..

  7. Fucking hell yes. Over the years I’ve worked with many tedious women who would reach for the pepper spray if they so much as thought you were going to idly admire their blouse. And then a fire engine drives past and they all start frothing into their voluminous knickers about firemen, hoses, helmets, choppers etc. And then go home and get licked out by their cat.

    • To quote the great Gene Hunt: “All women enjoy a quick kit-kat shuffle over a fireman…”

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