Who fucking decided Women should be allowed out of the kitchen?
And who the fuck thought that Women could do ‘comedy’?

They are all the fucking same, unfunny misandrists who all base their routines of that fat old pig Jo Brand, Sara Pascoe, Roisin Conaty, Jenny Eclair, Ronni Ancona, Andi Osho, & of course Sarah Millican
Not a funny witticism, joke or even mildly amusing anecdote from any of them.

If I was Jo Brand I would sue Sarah Millican for plagiarism!

Millican is the Peter Kay of the comedy scene, the same 3 jokes & routine for the last 15 years and they have the cheek to release the same DVD every year but the Plebs go buy it like fucking sheep!

Nominated by: Comedy Dave

26 thoughts on “Comediennes

    • When the late Bernard Manning etc frequently poked fun at women it was seen as sexism in its lowest form, when this menopausal bunch of old slag waggon cunts have a pathetic attempt at cracking a joke at a mans expence, its hilarious! (Apparently)

  1. Victor Valdes is a cunt… Won’t play for United’s reserves? Typical Barcelona arrogance… The cunt was only bought to carry David De Gea’s kitbag around anyway… Hope LVG fucks him off back to Espana with a big bootmark on his arse…

    And Real Madrid can fuck right off and all…

  2. The only comedienne I ever found genuinely funny was Joan Rivers.Most have a chip on their shoulder that is 8 miles wide!

  3. Rhonda Shear could also be funny at times…. It has be said US female comics are better than British ones…. If any lads want a gander at Rachel Riley on today’s Countdown, please beware: The dreadful Jenny Éclair is also on the show this week…

  4. As many here have previously pointed out, the core of comedienne’s routines mainly revolve around misandry.

    However, when I tell my favourite joke (Why do women have periods? Because they fucking deserve them) within earshot of a female they go fucking berserk and call me bastard, sexist pig and cunt.

    Double fucking standards by cunts who have had a highly successful sense of humour bypass.

    • The old hairy axe wound that doesn’t stop bleeding , I mean what was god or evolution thinking when it created the vagina? blood will gush out every so often, stink like old seafood and I have to wash my dick before I get some nosh? (which is clean as can be btw) fuck off you cunt and clean your dirty filthy vagina which is a overpriced sexual organ. Women are fine with misandry jokes about cut off dicks and effeminate guys but if male comedians joke about how they are patheticly childish whores and how hypocritical women they are labeled sexist . I mean if a women is a object of sexual desire then you are thus a sexual object you dumb whore.

  5. French & Saunders and Miranda Hart are glaring omissions from the List of Shame.

  6. I hate comedians now a days, too much shock material, too much swearing to get a reaction some male comedians are just as bad. The art of comedy as of late is same old shit swears, rape jokes,child abuse jokes (haha real funny stuff), deficiencies of women and men. Also women are terrible comics like Sarah Silverman, Sarah Millican and Sara Pascoe just abunch of unfunny cunts who need a slap.

  7. If you want to see the very epitome of an unfunny woman, Google ‘Ursila Carlson’. This fat, ugly, talentless South African cunt emigrated here to NZ ( because the Saffers thought she’s shit), and is now the token go-to woman on every fucking panel show on TV. Someone at border control really fucked up. Mind you, our “comedy” is a pile of wank anyway so Godzilla Carlson fits right in.

    • That’s what an albino silverback gorilla would look like, if someone dressed it and stuck a wig on its head.

  8. We’re all forgetting something very important. Josie Long. Quite possible the least funny person who has ever lived. Given agreeable BBC exposure thanks to 1) being born with (and indeed as) a cunt and 2) going to Oxbridge. And I bet her pants fucking stink.

    • Josie Long is a right cunt….
      That ‘Smack The Pony’ was also ‘wimmin comedy’ shite of the highest order… And I know they’re not comidiennes as such, but Pauline Quirk and Linda Robson in the crap Birds Of A Feather deserve a real cunting too…

  9. Sandy Toksvig, another carpet munching, men hating shit weasel of female comedy, oh and of course Sue Perkins, another carpet munchin, men hating shit weasel of female comedy,
    Susan Calman another carpet munching, men hating shit weasel of female comedy.

    And if they are not carpet munchers they are invariably fat or ugly, or both..
    Jo Brand, Kathy Burke, Dawn French, Joan Rivers, Rosin Conaty,

    Shower of unfunny shite, the lot of ’em

  10. Perhaps Pamela Stephenson on Not The Nine O’clock News (for those old enough to remember it ) was the exception. “Cut their goolies off” was her finest moment (but the sketch was probably written by a man).
    Then the cunt married unfunny scottish bastard Connolly and that ended her comedy career.

  11. Didn’t that old bird on the left in the picture give Ken the bad news about Deidre?

  12. Shappi Khorsandi is a so called ‘Comedienne’. Saw her a few years ago before she hit the big time. Same crap then as she peddles now. She’s a squeaky voiced harpie cunt and no mistake!

  13. What are you on about there are some great comediennes as well as Pauline Calf. What about Dame Edna Everage and Lilly Savage.

  14. When I put the bins out and the cats come sniffing round (I relly don’t need the extra attention!) then I put that high pitched, squeaky, cake stuffing, thigh rubbing, preachy, walking pork pie Geordie cunting cunt. Sarah Millican has a voice so fucking high pitched even the mangey, flea ridden cats can’t fucking stand to be around the twat.

  15. All the above are aptly named as unfunny cunts and I would like to nominate another shit female comic. Lucy Beaumont, she ticked all the boxes to win the BBC Radio 2 new comic of the year in 2012 , unfunny and female and utterly shit. She has even had her own series on BBC radio lately and it was eye-wateringly unfunny. A sound reason for the scrapping of the shitfest that is the BBC.

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