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I know that most people consider Barbara Windsor a ‘national treasure’, but most people are fucking wrong. What she is, is an annoying, talentless, mockney shitbag, with all the charm, wit and charisma of a rotting corpse. She ruined ever Carry On film she was in with her shite acting and her annoying laugh. And will fucking despise the bitch to my dying day because of that. What the fuck did Sid James see in her?

I’ve never watched Eastenders, so she really didn’t get on my nerves during tenure on that show. But she annoys me greatly in those shitty Jackpot Joy adverts. On their own they’re bad enough, but with this ancient harpy in them they take shite down to a whole new level. Since the ridiculous twat shows no signs of pegging out any time soon, I have no choice but to nominate her for a cunting.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Awful woman…. As you mentioned, QDM: those Carry On films… Playing a schoolgirl in her 30s for fuck’s sake…. And the cackle that sounded like a magpie being machine gunned… I prefer the earlier, less ‘bawdy’ black and white Carry On films, which were (mostly) Windsor-free…

    There’s also her constant bigging up (and shagging) of the Kray Twins… Not to mention Ronnie Knight and numerous other nasties Babs has humped…. I also recall a story from a former workmate: she worked in a London restaurant in the late 90s, and one day Babs Windsor walks in…. The old faggot expects a table on the spot, but she is told all tables are booked…. Babs acted like a 42 karat cunt: giving it all the ‘I’m in EastEnders! Don’t you know who I am?’ shite at full volume and treating the staff like crap… My former colleague was backed up by the restaurant manager and Windsor was asked to leave… The old witch isn’t as intimidating without a cockernee gangster on her arm…

    • Anita Harris looked much better in her nurses uniform than Windsor ever could…. (Phwoar!! Yak Yak Yak!! etc)

      • I had a soft spot for those brown eyes of Anita’s…
        Angela Douglas and Valerie Leon were also far better looking than cackling Babs…

        • liz fraser the British ” version of jane Mansfield ” and she knocked the bollocks off diana dors

          • When I was fourteen I so wanted to fuck her, not the scraggy blonde haired, saggy titted, square arsed, common old trollop from NeverEnders, I wanted to fuck the scraggy blonde haired, saggy titted, square arsed, common old trollop from the carry on films. My friend, who knew a thing or two, pointed out the newly dug Channel Tunnel, and compared it to her wrinkly old dilapidated spunk bank. I decided to try much, much, much, much more younger/prettier, firmer breasted, firmer/tinier bottomed, much, much, much, much much, tighter pussied girls my own age. Oh, what a great decision that was, I detest the fucking old cunt now, and wonder why I fancied the old trollop in the first place.

        • Valerie Leon was the Hai Karate girl as I recall. Also appears in the buff (briefly) in Hammer’s “Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb”

          • I remember Valerie spoofing her Hai Karate ads on The Goodies…. Other sexy Carry On girls were Jacki Piper, Margaret Nolan, Sally Douglas and Edina Ronay…

    • Weren’t the kray twins also gay I know ronnie was at least and was also a nonce. Also Ronnie killed Reggie’s first wife Frances Shea apparently. By the way I will only acknowledge Windsors national treasure status after she gets pissed on its only fair stephen fry did it and heard Fry wants to move to russia in hopes to turn all the men gay starting with vladimir put- in .

    • Wasnt the old slag wagon almost broke a few years back ? Seem to remember something in the papers about debt collectors turning up on the Eastenders set.

  2. She was one orf Joan Littlewood’s little thesps at Stratford East. Did a spot orf glamour modeling in her early days but those photos seemed to have vanished orf the web. Fucking right to be forgotten bollocks. Have to start thumbing through some orf me old Health and Efficiency back numbers. Babs was married to tea leaf and slag Ronnie Knight and so got to meet gangland faces. Was shagged by John Bindon and his mega cock for a while (with Princess Margaret). Anyway she had a penchant for gay men:

  3. A truly horrible piece of shit who was fucked by everyone from the East End in the 1960s, apart from the Kray twin who was a bender. And does NOT have big tits. She’s just a fucking dwarf.

  4. Windsor (in recent years) claimed that she had a one night stand with George Best… Bestie himself never mentioned this (in his autobiography or anywhere else)… Convenient that Babs only mentioned this after The Belfast Boy’s passing in 2005… George usually went for better birds (Susan George, Mary Stavin etc)… That slag he married in his later years (Alex Pursey)
    being an exception… I think old cackling Babs is bullshitting about Bestie… Mind you, he might have been very pissed… He’d have to be to jump Barabara Windsor…

    • I think we safely say that she was telling porkies with that claim. Ol’ Georgie wouldn’t have touched that bint Alex Higgins’ cock, never mind his own. The man had impeccable taste when it came to skirt.

      • I agree… Nobody on the Manchester grapevine (past or present, living or dead) has ever mentioned Bestie and cackling Babs…
        The man shagged seven top class birds in one day once… Why the fuck would he be bothered with a pneumatic dwarf?!

  5. The Sex PIstols were/are cunts…

    The Sex Pistols are routinely cited as one of the greatest bands in history, along with their debut (and only) album Never Mind the Bollocks… The truth is the Pistols had nothing to do with music or youth culture…. They were simply one of the greatest marketing operations of all time, whose rise to fame was made immensely easier by the shockingly backward state of 1977’s society… If there’s one revolution the Pistols kickstarted, it was the idea that anything shocking – no matter how dumb, vacant, or closer to the lowest common denominator – is going to generate cash, and that’s the harvest we’re still reaping to this day with gems a-la Pete Doherty, Liam Gallagher, or even Jade Goody…. Get your name in the paper through whatever stunt or nonsense, look wasted, wear the right clothes and wag that oh-so-rebellious finger and half the job’s done… Look at the publicity generated by one of the most stupid moments in the history of British telly, the Bill Grundy interview in which the affected young clowns make the presenter’s job stupidly easy. “Go on, you’ve got another ten seconds. Say something outrageous.” “You dirty bastard”. “Go on, again”. “You dirty facker! Worra facking rotta!”. If you’ve got a pet dog at home you may know exactly how it works…..

    And then there was that swastika wearing, samckhead, psychotic prick, Sid Vicious… He was a proper cunt…

    • Actually, Norman, the point is that the Pistols were TRYING to be cunts. Frankly, it showed and looked rather false on occasions!

      I remember the Grundy interview well. They were just trying too hard, I thought and I wasn’t impressed.

      On the sleeve notes of my Buspass Anarchist album there’s a doctored pictured of their album – except this one says “Never mind the Sex Pistols, here’s the bollocks.” And I confess to nicking one of their YouTube videos as part of my video for “Life’s Too Short”

      What really baffles me is how John Leyden became a ‘national treasure’? And if you listen to any of the Public Image albums it’s quite obvious that’s he’s rather musically challenged to say the least.

      Like all national treasures, I have a soft spot for him. It’s called a swamp.

      • Good point, Chas: about them trying to be (and wanting to be seen as) cunts…. It was McLaren ripping off Andrew Loog Oldham’s dirty, uncouth ‘anti-Beatles’ stunt with The Stones… Except the Stones had the talent to live on after the image bullshit had died down…

        The whole thing about the music press making the Pistols out to be a ‘great band’ is (pardon the pun) bollocks…. ‘Anarchy In The UK’ is just any words that rhyme with ‘UK’ squawked out by Lydon….. From that time I preferred the Buzzcocks (better writers), the Jam (more firepower) and the Stranglers (a proper band)… Cunts like NME and MOJO have built up this myth that the Pistols were actually great musically, when they were anything but… The hero worship of Vicious is particularly nauseating… Even proper rock stars of the time have fallen for this bullshit… I recall Brian May saying about Vicious, ‘What a waste… All that talent…’ Sid had no talent or ability whatsoever… Even Jimmy Page recently said he thought the Pistols music was ‘superb’…. It’s a bit similar to how the music press and numerous musicians get in line to heap praise on that screeching gremlin, Jack White…. It’s amazing what bit of kudos and bullshit from rock critics can do for a crap act….

        • Yes they were cunts and are cunts they also stole 90% of the guitar riffs from New York dolls Johnny Thunders(great fucking guitarist) and Sylvain Sylvain. Johnny Thunders was once asked about Malcolm McLaren he said “Malcom He’s a great guy, he stole everything from me and the dolls and made the sex pistols, he’s a genius” says sarcastically.Sex Pistols took out a ad that read “looking for Whizz Kid Guitarist. Not older than 20. Not worse looking than Johnny Thunders”. I really like the New York Dolls music but their poof look was keeping them back I think it was kinda hard to look at it from a heterosexual view. Malcolm McLaren clearly shaved off the tranny crossdress look added punk fashion modeled after the skinheads ,rude boys, Bromley Contingent, and mods. Malcolm definitely capitalized on punk fashion and for that hes a bloody cunt.

          • The Bromley Contingent… Middle class wankers toying with the novelty of being working class and anti-establishement… Amongst their numbers one Susan Dallion: aka Siouxsie Sioux… Talentless, up her own arse, nazi cunt and Pistols groupie…

          • The Dolls were good musicians, but David Johansen’s Jagger impersonations turned them into a Stones comedy act… I didn’t take to them because of him and same goes for The Clash… Joe Strummer was full of shit… John Mellor: the rich diplomat’s son with a trust fund playing at being the man on the street… The talent was there in Mick Jones and Topper Headon (ace drummer!), but Strummer and that cunt, Bernie Rhodes, forced both Mick and Topper out of the band and the Clash were then finished…

      • I know his public image ltd stuff was shite I only have 4 songs of his PIL work , and a few sex pistol songs maybe 5. Also Sid vicious was a cunt Vicious had been involved in a few infamous incidents. Arrested for hurling a glass at the Damned that shattered and blinded a girl in one eye.Also Kicked a female photographer,Vicious smashed a beer mug in the face of Todd Smith,Patti Smith’s brother, contributed to the 100 Club banning all punk bands
        hit a audience member across the head with his bass guitar cause he couldn’t play it anyway(it was mostly unplugged). Sid vicious was a fucking dumb shite cunt who most likely killed his girlfriend and dumb punks actually admire this type of behavior.

        • Vicious and his toadies beat up ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris from the Old Grey Whistle Test and Vicious also attacked Nick Kent with a bicycle chain (resulting in bad injuries to Kent and a lot of blood lost)… Thought he was cool and hard, walking around with his swastika T-Shirt… He was scum… Plain and simple… His girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, wasn’t much better..

  6. first band i saw was the clash in 77 at the new bristol exhibition center with a m8 of mine at 14 support band richard hell and the voidoids and the slitz? and after that came a massive tidal wave of shite from all and sundry and i personaly blame the fucking clash for this shit UBER CUNTS by the way howard devotos shot by both sides is a classic and another music in a different kitchen by the buzzcocks class

  7. The pistols were a pile of shit. Talentless morons who couldn’t string a decent sentence together let alone a four chord progression. Typical of the music industry of that era, talentless, shock image, conscious record companies/music press, wanking over a pile of unmusical gobshites. Their noise (and I say noise, not music) was a fucking insult to the true musicians who couldn’t get any recognition at the time. It was the equivalent of a porn star with a two inch cock becoming more successful than Johnny Holmes.

    • Bollocks, the ‘Pistols were ace! They may not have been talented, or original, and they were certainly the product of Malcolm McLaren’s imagination but they were a million times more real than the so called true musicians of the era who twiddled around on a synthesiser for 25 minutes and called it “prog rock”, king crimson, yes, genesis, pink floyd are noteworthy cunts in this respect.

      • Punk musicians can nock prog all they want but very few of them can turn out 1 or 2 albums without breaking up. I like all types of music(except rap and country are MOCO but johnny cash is pretty good) but there isn’t a whole lot of professionalism involved. Don’t get me wrong I love Punk but the only ones that really impressed me were Buzzcocks , Flipper was great , The fall, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers(That album L.A.M.F. Was amazing the hardest rock music I heard) The Jam were really good ,The Gun Club were brilliant , Stooges, MC5, Negative Trend Ramones,Toiling Midgets, The Sleepers were Amazing and Televison. Fuck come to think of it there was quite a few of them but i really hate hardcore punk you know the screamy shite and distortion based riffs. Prog rock was fucking great and there was no twiddling involved unless your talking bout ELP not a big fan although a few decent songs. John Lydon once appeared on stage with the Sex Pistols in London wearing a t-shirt featuring pictures of Emerson, Lake and Palmer with the slogan “Welcome Back Bellends…” and proceeded to burn an effigy of Keith Emerson.

        • I saw Joy Division play and the energy that came off the stage… Ian Curtis was like something from another world and Steven Morris is still one of the best (and fastest) drummers I have ever seen…. There were no cartoon antics, no ‘shocking’ T-Shirts, no gobbing, no effigy burning pantomime bollocks… They didn’t need it…

          Steve Jones was/is a good guitarist (he also overdubbed the bass because Vicious was such a useless cunt!), but the Pistols were about as ‘real’ as The Monkees or The Spice Girls… The Spice Girls even took some of their stuff from McLaren’s bullshit… The mouthy ginger one (Halliwell/Lydon) and the pain in the arse ‘scary’ one (Mel B/Vicious)… I

      • How could you call King Crimson, Pink Floyd,and Yes cunts they are the best bands in the prog rock Pantheon. I think your a cunt how could you say these bands are cunts. Go listen to Pink Floyd Piper at the gates of Dawn, The wall , King Crimson’s In court of the crimson king and Red , and Yes’s Fragile and Close to the Edge then pull your pants down and spank yourself with barbed caning tool you bellend then jerk off to the sex pistols mostly your favorite Mr.Vicous and malcolm mclaren.

        • When Syd Barrett was still with them ( i.e. PATGOD ) Pink Floyd were geniuses but after he left ( was thrown out ) they disappeared up their own arse holes. As for the rest of prog rock, complete pig’s spunk the lot of it, and only an Olympic standard cunt would argue otherwise.

          • Dear god you sound like Robert Christgau or some tight ass music critic who can’t take something for what it is only loves rock. I agree Barrett era was my favorite period of the band but wish you were here and the wall were great albums just as good as PATGOD. Progressive rock isn’t shite your shite you wank btw did music get better after the death of progressive rock? because after punk declared to be god it died two years after a self administered dose of piss and heroin, because the punks finally realised that they had to make more music and touring was a difficult task plus it was being overrun by gay hardcore and heavy metal.What was replaced was a herd of new wave and the start of truly degraded music. Reason individuals such as yourself can’t progress to listen to prog is because your a bloody narrow minded simpleton. Your partially right though not all prog is good i just listened to Marllion’s childhoods end and hated it same after listened to ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery got two decent songs out of it.

          • I agree about Gabriel’s solo work… I’m not a huge fan of his polished 80s stuff… The ‘Sledgehammer’ period was Peter trying to compete with Steve Winwood’s 80s output (which wasn’t great either)…

            A lot of people can pigeonhole a genre or a band… It’s right to say not all prog is 20 minute solos and pretentious lyrics… Like The Bee Gees are known as as a disco band, but their psychedelic first album and their 1969 epic, ‘Odessa’ are a million miles away from ‘Stayin Alive…’ I like quite a bit of punk, I just think the Pistols weren’t very good, were (Jones apart) all talent-freeMcLaren puppets and don’t deserve all the praise and acclaim that they get…

          • Yeah i was blown away when I first found out bee gees were a psychedelic band at first haven’t heard Odessa and i’m scared to give it a chance cause I really hate disco there is no such thing as good disco its all shit. What pisses me off is the bee gees have had more sex then me(world is a cunty place a pussy filled with shite hellhole sometimes) and they sold their shite music with stinkwood aka stigwood money whore extraordinare the inventor of disco and helped ruin alot of bands . Yeah Joy Divison were pretty good Unknown pleasures and closer are good albums. Its still a mystery why he killed himself I mean he must of felt like a shitty father and his affair with that swedish journo Annik Honoré was a bad move when you got a family. He was a good vocalist though kinda like Jim morrison’s baritone voice without the drunk douchebag attitude threatening to whip out his cock. Btw Gerry Halliwell is hot i got a thing for chubby redheads(actually think she is a strawberry blonde) with a big ass and big tits.

        • Genesis were ace with Gabriel and Hackett, but the Collins and Banks ‘Invisible Touch’ Genesis were shite…

          • I dunno A Trick of the Tail wasn’t bad after Peter left his solo material is very weak wasn’t any better then I can’t dance, I’m not a huge Genesis fan although I like “Selling England by the Pound”and “Lamb lies down on broadway” and Supper’s Ready from foxtrot. @ Fat Rich Cunt Go suck the shit from your mummys asshole you bellend I’m far from being a hippie.

  8. Is the bloke in the pic saying “Im sure John Knight left of couple of bars of gold from the Security Express robbery shoved up her twat”

  9. Never understood the lie, that Babs had big tits. She didn’t. She stuck out her average tits. Simple. Her cackle was fucking annoying. She was Ok. NO BIG TITS
    Deluded cunt.

  10. First LP I ever bought was pink floyds ?? black with the prism???that was in 1971. anyways heard in in a record booth,remember those? Thought it was great …Money… last month came across CD of same and put it on in the car after 2 minutes I threw it out of the window.Overplayed heard it too many times boring depressing old hat lets get stoned and lean against a bedroom wall at some shitbag cunt infested party.Never want to hear it again so take a large fuck off tablet Floyd.And yes the pistols were the unpalatable side of punk the shit cunts.

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