Womens World Cup


FUCKING women’s World Cup!!!

Football, rugby, cricket – who fucking cares? Watch them, they’re shit in all three events. Don’t even get me started on tennis where the screaming cunts feel they should be paid the same as a man when they don’t even play the same fucking game. Best of three sets for £1m!!!! CUNTS!!!

As for the cunts that promote this shit all over the press and TV they should be ashamed of themselves. Stick to netball and hockey which are WOMEN’S sports or at a push golf where at least the women can compete to some degree with the men!!!

Nominated by: Cunty Cunterson

Apparently there’s a BIG GAME tonight? Not sure what because as far as I can see it’s just some cunts kicking a ball.


Nominated by: Dioclese

15 thoughts on “Womens World Cup

  1. Women seriously watch men playing football because they are seeking attractive male power. Men seriously watch men playing football because they are gaging the male competition.

    Women unseriously watch women playing football because they have failed finding male power. Men unseriously watch women playing football to laugh at the female competition.

  2. Yeah what they going to force on us next? Monkey Tennis?

    I’d like to cunt motorcycle racer Marc Marquez, now this guy guy being a 4 time world champion is obviously very good but at times and on several occasions this year he’s displayed that he has the brain of a hummingbird.

    On 3 occasions this year he has ended up picking gravel out of his arse after attempting boneheaded moves and seems to have trouble accepting he can’t ride through other riders on circuit.

    The little cunt needs a ban before he kills somebody.

  3. Men who watch men’s football are fucking queers. Women who watch men’s football are vacuous cunts who are too embarrassed to go and see male strippers. Women who watch women’s football are lezzers. Men who watch women’s football probably don’t exists.

  4. John Whittingdale is a football politico twat and deserves a good cunting.

    Unlike his silent and useless Sports Minister predecessor (closet Muslim and MP Sajid Javid), Whittingdale spouted all the right noises about the recently exposed FIFA corruption scandals and also had a long pedigree as Chairman of the culture and sports select committee. He was the right person to replace Javid, so Whittingdale was appointed Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in May 2015. This Tory cunt John Whittingdale likes his football and has been outspoken about the game and how it should be governed since becoming a Conservative MP in 1992.

    Hmm… Since 1992, clubs have gone into administration more than 50 times in English football. (coinsidence?)

    He is in favour of scrapping the so-called “football creditors rule” and wants it abolished in England. (The rule means football clubs and players get preferential financial treatment when a team goes bust). Whittingdale says local football sponsors and creditors loose out by the current rule, because they go to the bottom of the queue to get any money back. (What he really means is big media and corporate sponsors loose out and should get the lions share of compensation when clubs go bust).

    He is also in favour of a licensing scheme under the FA, which, he says, will address issues such as the financial management of the game, the sale of stadiums, investment in youth development and all the other areas where, understandably, concerns have been raised. It could also address ownership he says. ‘I am not against the principle of foreign ownership’, he said. (what is not explained is that clubs will be forced to pay big money to the government for their license; and, to keep their license, will also have to waste time, money and energy to make football an equal opportunities sport for ethnic minorities, obese fatties and of course to represent more women players).

    Further, the cunt Whittingdale’s own ethics were called into question during London 2012 Olympics when he accepted complimentary tickets to the men’s 100 metres final despite a ban on freebie trips for ministers to the Games. He said the visit was justified because MPs had been scrutinising the event.

    Well if anything needs sports wise scrutinising – it’s you Whittingdale, you fucking football-ing government bureaucrat cunt.

  5. The only reasons to watch the pile of shite that is the Women’s World Cup are to (a) Check if there are any fit birds (There never are), and (b) To laugh at the goalkeepers…

    I remember the days of Tommy Doc’s red army, going toe to toe on the Stretford End and the Kippax and when Brian Moore hosted ITV’s The Big Match (Better than the overrated BBC Match Of The Day)… Now it’s the fucking dick van dykes’ world cup, hosted by Jacqui Oatley…. As General Custer said: ‘Oh bloody helll… We are fucked….’

  6. Managed to watch some of the game. Although they won, England have too many girly femmes. They need some crew cut bull dykes in there to add a bit of steel.

    • The bull dykes would need to be enjoying a bad period to really get some aggro.

  7. Well I think if the fillies want to kick a ball about and foul joanna foreigner good luck to them. For years we have had a bunch orf overpaid girls masquerading as the Hingerland men’s team. Problem is we do not get any aggression out orf those cunts even once a month.

    Unleash the fat dykes on the world I say. Make the world a safer place for the rest orf us.

  8. A lovely piece in the daily heil today about the tattoos of our 11 carpet munchers.

    Needless to say, all of them are shit and straight of a backstreet tattoo parlour’s most popular book.

    Apparently many were inspired by the David Beckam cunts inkings.

    One of the most intelligent things that Ozzy Osborne ever said was “If you want to be an individual, don’t get a tattoo. Every fuckers got one these days”.

    • If someone likes the thought of being covered in graffiti, I suppose it’s up to them. The ones who make me smile are those who have a tattoo on their leg and walk round all winter in short trousers so people can see it.

  9. Trust that cunt, Prince William, to not be into real football and like this shite…
    Wills said today: ‘”As President of the FA I’m thrilled to see the England women progress to the semis for the first time.The Lionesses are doing their country proud.”

    Lionesses? More like a Prisoner Cell Block H convention…

    And David Beckham… “Girls what a performance. We are so proud of what you have achieved and the passion you have shown gives us so much pride… Our lionesses roar into the semi’s [sic].”

    Seriously, no real football fan United,City, Newcasle, Arsenal, Liverpool, you name it) gives a fuck… Biut what can one expect from someone who has been pussy whipped and threw away a serious sporting career when he hooked up with that talentless skeleton? I am ashamed to say this cunt came through the Man United ranks…. Disgusting…

  10. My local kids team/football club can’t afford rainjackets for outdoor training, the changing rooms need doing up, the goalposts are rusted to fuck, and they get no financial help of any kind…. Yet the FA are squandering millions on the Wentworth Detention Centre XI…. Fuck the FA, fuck the BBC, fuck Wills, fuck Greg Dyke, fuck ’em all….

    And I’d wish they’d cut out this ‘Lionesses’ crap…. Typical tabloid ‘Tiger TIim (Henman)’ bulllshit… If they have to have a daft nickname, surely baboons is more appropriate?

  11. Hey the bitches can have their football, as long as my fucking tea is on the table when I get home….Or there will be consequences!

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