Kevin Pietersen


Kevin Pietersen is a pompous, self agrandising, bouncer dodging cunt.

“They won’t let me play for England mum, it’s not fair”
Well boo-hoo to you Pietersen. Fuck off back to South Africa and play your silly bat and ball game for a country that can understand your ridiculous accent.

“But the ECB said I could play for England if I scored some runs for Surrey, and that’s what I did. It’s so unfair” Shouldn’t have bad mouthed Andrew Strauss then should ya, you foul mouthed cock fumbler?

Nominated by: Fleaboy

6 thoughts on “Kevin Pietersen

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh my goodness gracious me!! Pietersen is a truly arrogant prick, but I’m not having this.
    All he has done is draw to the surface what a collection of skirt wearing, self-serving, sycophantic losers that England team are. They’re a bunch of back-slapping ponces being looked after, and protected by, their past generation doppelgangers (Cook/Gooch, Broad/Broad etc). These are grown fucking men only interested in being selected, not winning.

    Let me get this straight, I HATE the English cricket team, always have, always will, but the team of 10 years ago was pretty fucking good. Everyone of them a winner, clearly determined to be the best in the world, which at the time was a pretty tough thing to do considering the strength of the other test playing nations. Pietersen, Vaughn, Flintoff, Jones et al were ruthless, and knew they’d be out of that team if they didn’t perform.
    This shower of shit are clearly only interested in creating an impregnable clique that serves their desire to be personal record breakers (The fact that Cook is the all time run scorer for England is truly disgusting, he should have been dropped numerous times, but uncle Graham has been fluffing that silver spooned twat for a long time). Don’t get me started on Broad, he is one of the most unlikable human beings I’ve ever laid eyes on, and more to the point, he’s shit at cricket. Thinks he’s an enforcer??? Fuck off, that cunt couldn’t enforce a parking ticket. Soft arsed Mary.

    Fact remains, as big as a twit Pietersen is, he’s immeasurably more talented than the rest of that team, and he’s a winner. So yes, get rid of people like him if you’re happy to battle it out with the West Indies to be the 7th best test playing nation in the world. I will happily seem them cunts get embarrassed by the Aussies for the next 5 years in the meantime.

  2. Very true. 10 years ago, they were a force. No one could touch them. Now, they are a fuck toy. Pieterson is an utter wanker, a complete cunt, and worthy of the latest nomination. Moving ahead with it though as COC has well noted above, would be a nomination to cunt the whole of the current England Team. That is if they are not praying for rain to win the next match.

  3. Cricket’s full of lard arses. They’re about as fit as darts players. All standing around in the sun with their oh so fashionable (not) wrap-around reflective sunglasses. The batsmen are the worst. Can’t hit a cows arse with a banjo most of them.
    And why do none of the English players speak properly? All got a South African or antipodean accent. Or worse still a Yorkshire twang. Those fuckers really make me angry, the Yorkies. Gods own country?? Fuck off. It’s full of clog wearing, numb-brained, inbred bigots. And they brew shit beer up there as well…the cunts. And their Building Society’s shit too.

    • Fleaboy. Fucking spot on about those fucking ‘know-all. know-fuck-all’ Yorkie cunts. Who else drinks fucking bright orange tea? Them and some cunt in Chernobyl, that’s who. And they have beer and tea with the same name, that’s so the cunts outside the Headstocks Job-Centre can speak in code “Fancy a tea wi yer barm-cake?” “Ayuh, gi us a Tetley’s wi thray sugars, y’no worrImene….” Its interesting that the pie eating cunts got the Tour de France. Those garlic-snail-sucking gallic cunts looked around the whole world for somebody as loathed and despised as they are and settled on a fucking tip that’s full of rocks, sheepskin and emphysema. I am originally from Nottingham, which is another shithole, but it prides itself (wrongly) on being the home of Rob(b)in’ Bastard Hood. The reality is that the lincoln green wearing pussy came from Loxley which is deep in enemy fucking territory and as we know, he was a tax-dodging, thieving horrible cunt who hung around with cunts who indulged in forced marriage (Made marryin……., come on, think about it….) and a fucking religious extremist. The only good thing that comes out of Yorkshire is the fucking M1. Southbound.

  4. I like bright orange tea to be fair, it’s called strong?

    KP is a total cunt, but he’s still the best batsman eligible to play for England who isn’t even in the squad.

    Oh and Robin Hood can fuck off too…

  5. Oh and Andrew Strauss is also a total arse licking, cock sucking, shit eating cunt of cunts from South Africa…he only got pissed off because he realised that Pietersen was far better than he ever would be and so put a stop to his career, because he sent some nasty text messages about him to his friend Kallis

    Boo fucking hoo, you Radley pussy; grow up and get some fucking hair!

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