Doctors and Nurses


I fucking hate Nurses and Doctors!! If I every go on a killing spree the first cunts to go will be those two self important cunts.

Classic shit Scumbag doctor’s say “Oh your in glorified pain heres a advil You goddamn junkie”. “Oh your feeling suicidal and can’t handle life anymore and you want a valium sorry those medications are dangerous and we don’t use those anymore in fact we don’t use medications anymore at all just anti-depressants that make you more suicidal sorry”

Doctors have to be the biggest Scumbags in the world. Fucking Nonce Cunts.

Nominated by: Titslapper

13 thoughts on “Doctors and Nurses

    • Couldn’t agree more, TitSlapper…. When my old man was dying (his stomach rejected any food or drink he was given and he basically starved to death) his doctor was not arsed… I enquired about a drip feed and was open to suggestions, but the quack just said, ‘If he doesn’t eat, then he doesn’t eat…’ The heartless cunt… Same goes for the cunts who looked after him (my arse) at the hospital… Some quack got me in a room and said ‘Well, he isn’t going to get any better…’ A professional medical person didn’t even have the guts to tell me my dad was going to die….

      And I’m not even going to start about how my late mother’s GP of ten years never once came to see her as she died of cancer… Cunts, the lot of them….

      • God that’s brutal sorry to hear about the harsh treatment your father and mum suffered from those cunt doctors. What my piece wanted to emphasize mostly was the hypocritical nature of doctors and how they denie a person basics rights to medication any medication especially narcotics and how they will denie you when your in alot of pain, have depression , anxiety or any form of illness you could get denied medicine just on the accusation that you were a former alcoholic or that you you have a addictive personality Or any bullshite reason. You would have to do a bit history on the drug acts like harrison act and others there use to be a time you could buy any drug for whatever reason it was up to you to take responsibility. Also the governments(drug company) gets people addicted ” In the 1890s the Sears & Roebuck catalogue, which was distributed to millions of Americans homes, offered a syringe and a small amount of cocaine for $1.50.” can you believe that shite, the drug company can make people addicted but if heaven forbids you want that drug again you would be denied. People forget Heroin was made in pill form by Bayer!!! no shite Bayer actually made Heroin.

    • There have been alot of nonce doctors especially in the last two decade’s they’re popping up everywhere some of these cunts don’t even lose their license or if they do can’t practice but they can still write scripts. Also the shitehead cops overlook details I bet they overlooked them alright with pounds in their pocket .

  1. Now I am the first to admit that Nick the Gwik is a lazy conniving type orf cunt but this whole Grexit hoopla is beyond the pale. Why should the fucking krauts decide who should be in or out orf the Euro. We fought and allegedly won two world wars to keep those cunts in their place. What we joined was the Common Market and not a Nazi old boys club run by Merkel and Juncker.
    All the german domination of Europe has achieved is a dose orf salts through the markets which now resemble the doorway of a Hamburg knocking shop on a Friday night – piles orf piss wet knickers coated in beer and shite. So the krauts got tough with the Greeks. How joyful that they have only managed to destabilise the Euro and the EU.

  2. A friend of a freind found a strange lump in his chest, right in the centre at the top of the rib cage, he went to the doctors and the doctor told him it was nothing to be concerned with, it was something called the xiphoid process, the doctor even bought up a page on Google to show him it was of no concern.

    5 years later he died of a tumour, I fucking kid you not! And where was this cancerous tumour? That’s right, in the exact place the doctor said the xiphoid process resided..
    His widow is in the process of instigating legal action against the NHS Trust which employed the doctor for negligence, at the very least he should have been sent for an x-ray/scan and not simply fobbed off with a webpage the doctor showed him.
    It’s fucking shocking.

    RIP Mike

  3. I like nurses. I saw one once in a film. A guy had a swollen penis and the nurse did her very best to reduce of the swelling. She forced it into her bottom but that didn’t do the trick…It just got bigger. Then she tried to get rid of it by putting it in her mouth and her front bottom. Still no reduction in the size of the member.
    Eventually she managed to get some white stuff out that was making it stiff. It made quite a mess on her face but the patient was certainly cured of his engorgement. The swelling went down quite quickly after that. If I ever go to hospital I hope I find a nurse just like that.

  4. I hate my doctors so much they are cunts cunts cunts cunts all of them treat you like you are crazy i walked in there with a scan on tuesday and the doctor was very angry even saying to me what do you want me to do about it in a nasty tone…..i have fibroids in the muscle of my womb and ovarian cyst……he didnt care and when i said i cant sleep can i have some sleeping pills he refused saying “sleeping tablets do not help you sleep!” Well what the fuck do they do then…..he was an arsehole and seemed annoyed coz he wanted to fob me off but i had all the evidence in my scan results if you wait for the NHS to do anything you will die I want his cock to fall off!

  5. I certainly recognise the nastiness in so-called angels of mercy:

    1. They are process driven – the Ward is a saysage factory. Anybody over 65 is a liability ad well as a sausage. The sausage conveyor belt actually moves quicker in a geriatric ward.

    2. If you overstay your welcome – or have the temerity to turn up too often – you are administratively sectioned “Bed blocker. This person should be some where else. Ad nauseum”

    3. Your care is minimised to make you easier to manage. Elderly patients who could with assistance use a toilet or portable loo are routinely catherted with a urine bag (despite the dangers of infection and cross infection) when asked questions about this the so called doctors give false medical reasons for doing it.

    4. If you ask too many questions. If you make a formal complaint. The animal defensive reaction is intense in the medical profession. The bristles stand up. The teeth are bared. The claws come out. They close up.

    5. Asking for a second opinion in a NHS hospital (#which is a statutory right) is treated as above as a challenge to their authority which you should accept unquestioningly. In fact getting a genuine second opinion is virtually impossible vecause another doctor won’t go against another colleague: it’s the Freemasons old chap.

    6. Doctors (especially nowadays as training costs are about £200,000 in tuition fees etc) come from rich middle class – don’t let the multi ethnc fool you – backgrounds andvthe majority of their patientscare less wellboff, sometimes dirt poor, less highly educated, often of a different generation. Andvtheir is acTOTAL LACK OF CONNECTION, EMPATHY OR SYMPATHY between these maggots and the sick and vulnerable in their hands.

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