Cunts in boats


I hate cunts in boats. I’ve always hated cunts in boats. Only cunts with horses have found a faster way of pissing money up the wall…

And now there’s a different variety of cunts in boats – fucking Africa refugee cunts on boats with a sprinkling of ISIS fighters mixed in for good measure. Blockade the African coast. Take the cunts off in landing craft and dump them back on a beach in Africa. Then sink their fucking boats or give ’em to Flaxen Saxon and let him have a bonfire – preferably with the owners still inside them.

Anyone thick enough to pay wads of money to try to cross the Med in one of these things has to be fucking thick as two short planks and needs to be eradicated from the gene pool – so maybe just sink the cunts. That’ll stop ’em!

Fucking yatchies are the worst. Arrogant, pompous, supercilious cunts the lot of ’em. Boats should be banned and any cunt who owns one deserves to have it sunk. Or to be deporting to ISIS…

Nominated by : Dioclese

10 thoughts on “Cunts in boats

    • The only thing that would have topped that off better is if that cunt Ross Kemp was on the pirate ship.

  1. Hear hear and how come they are all YOUNG MEN yet we are meant to believe they are all innocent women and children. I have not seen ONE PICTURE in hundreds that are not all young african men!
    No wonder around here is so full of little cafe au lait babies, it’s a city full of immigrant Africans having it away with stupid white british girls whilst their wives try and bring up little “babies of colour” in Africa. AAAARGHHHH. send them all back, load the Martello towers for action once more and blow them all out of the bloody water.

  2. know those cunts will turn up here… Every other country in Europe won’t have them, but they get special treatment here… It’s been going on for years… I was at a college in the late 90s… I did my job without any favourites or prejudices… But others around me treated the Somalian students (Don’t ask me why they were all Somalian, or how the fuck they got that many college places!) far better than any British students there… They jumped queues, were allowed to resit exams if they failed, you name it… I don’t mean take the exam again at a later date, I mean redo the same one, making out the previous failure never happened… And when I wouldn’t let them jump the queue and saw an English kid before them (first come, first served) they didn’t like it one bit… Too used to getting their own way and people bending over backwards for them…

  3. personaly I think we should all have whip round and buy the BNP a submarine.

  4. Migrants are fucking stuff up for ailing nations/ countrys , a few days ago Italy refused a boatload of migrants and the libtards are saying its racist to refuse them bunch of hypocritical cunts they just took in 1000 migrants last week alone . Liberals are usually more racist then most but it wins a election faster if you shout out racist .

  5. Indeed, Yachties are cuntitude personified.

    No matter what size of yacht, these pretenders and usurpers have delusional grandeur of epic proportions, without the general means to back it up.

    Its all very well being a cunt if you are exceptional at what you do, but yachties are usually spivs and chancers with no idea of how to do anything with even the slightest decorum and professionally. Thermo nuclear weapon grade cunts…

  6. my sympathies lie entirely with our haulage drivers and holiday makers bollocks to the migrants as far as i am concerned the security forces should put up high voltage electricity fencing so if any of these parasites keep trying to climb over they risk getting a nasty electric shock and second these stinking french farmers union strikers need to be severely dealt with because they have made this crisis ten times worse as well as these lefty walking shitbuckets that want us to let these migrants on to our shores

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