Leo McKinstry


Leo McKinstry is a huge cunt…

A Dacre/Desmond acolyte and, like so many other Mail and Express hacks, lets his own personal vendettas and personal hatreds dominate his writing…. Everything from foreigners, the disabled and the working class to Princess Di (McKinstry hates her, for some reason. I think he’s a misogynist.

I remember him going off on one with a vicious diatribe about Marilyn Monroe too… Fuck knows why…) and more have been on the end of his written rants. This human slug is a nasty cunt and like Dacre and all those other Mail and Express twats he should be fucking exterminated, as our friends from Skaro would say…

Nominated by: Norman

2 thoughts on “Leo McKinstry

  1. That’s no way to talk about Rumpole. Wait…McKINSTRY? Oh, yes, he’s definitely a cunt. l often start reading his column in the Mail. I can never finish it.


  2. DIdn’t take long for Russell Brand’s ‘revolution’ to vanish, did it?
    Five minutes after he spouted his Power To The People crap, Brand crawled up Milliband’s arse… Alongside Alan Partridge, Eddie Izzard, Martin Freeman and a load of other showbiz champagne socialist fuckbuckets…

    Anyone who even remotely admired Brand for his ‘ideals’ needs their head examining..
    Remember the old adage: Never trust a hippy… Especially a celebrity cunt hippy…


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