Iggy Azalea


First of all I’m not really into ‘urban’ culture and music but since its a fairly big portion of the shite played on radio stations today I’d say this cunt deserves it. If it wasn’t already enough that cunts like Iggy Azalea are taught that it doesn’t matter if you have actual talent or not, as long your arse is half out and make drug references you might be on to a winner.

Bad enough the “idols” you’re kids might look up to can have fake tits and a fake plastic arse, they can now look up to this cunt that completely fakes her identity. Australian born girl that sounds like she’s from the slums of Los Angeles. What a cunt.

Nominated by: Full Blown Cunt

12 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea

  1. No idea who this woman is, but the sight of those tattoos snaking up her arm marks her down as a complete cunt.

  2. Wot is you dissin her 4 like m8?

    My attempt to speak fucktard and connect wiv da yoof.

    I loathe these new age ‘street/black/urban’ (delete as appropriate) that crawl out of the wood work every 5 minutes. Most of them are white middle class as they come and have massive sense of entitlement, not yet earned. Then some other talentless cunt, like that ‘Naughty Boy’ mouth breather who puts some ‘ahhh yeah’ and ‘oh oh oh’ with other assorted annoying loops over the imbecilic musings of these talentless cunts and everyone (well, Radio 1 and Radio 1 Extra) cries genius and heaps MOBO/Brit awards on the pathetic turd gurglers.

    Basically, unlike ISAC, none of these cunts have anything to say worth listening too, let alone even remotely funny or relevant. But some small boy merchant record producer decides these fucktards should have a platform to tell the world a story… Then for album number 2, they kick over a few stones and get their mates to crawl along and pad out the follow up album with a serious of grunts and moans, and the cycle perpetuates once again.


    • MOBO awards… Now if there was a ceremony called the MOWO awards (Music of White Origin) wouldn’t we hear some squelaing and tantruming avout that? You bet we would….

      • Norman I have been saying that for years to every cunt that tells me they watched the stupid fucking MOBO awards.

        Guess all music dates back to the cunts banging their jungle drums anyway!!

  3. Yet another skag who thinks twerking and putting her arse in the air is sexy…. Trollops like Azalea, Nicki Minaj and that Cyrus creature all look and behave like dogs on heat…

    • I must take issue with you calling Cyrus a trollop. Cyrus is a slag.

  4. Kenny Dalglish, Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton are cunts… They claim that – 20 years after they won the league title – Blackburn Rovers will not repeat their 1995 champions success…

    Well of course they fucking won’t… The ferret fancying bumpkins only won it in the first place because of that fat bitter old cunt, ‘Uncle’ Jack Walker with his millions buying the services of mercenaries like Shearer, Hendry, Le Saux (a proper little Chelsea rentboy cunt!) and Sutton… And the bumpkins only scabbed it by one solitary point even then… Had Cantona not been given a ban for twatting that South London toejam, Uncle Jack, King Kenny and the rest of those dirty cunts wouldn’t even have got a sniff…. Fuck Blackburn Rovers….

  5. I have never heard of this attention seeking whore but I would wager that despite the ‘street image’ she will be a privately educated posh bint with relatives in the music and entertainment industry. That’s certainly how it works over here anyway.

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