Dead Pool [19]


* * * * WE HAVE A WINNER! * * * *
Congratulations to Lez who correctly predicted that blues guitar legend, BB King, would be the next dead dude! Here’s a comment from ChasC :

“BB King was a blues legend. Born of the big band era, I was never a great fan of his music but his playing style managed to capture emotion with just the right economy of notes. He never felt the need to show off or fill gaps with unnecessary playing. He inspired Clapton and through him me. The many that have tried to follow him just make you realise how good he really was!”

Well done, Lez. Another fresh face on the winners’ podium.

So the slate has been wiped clean and everyone gets to pick a new ‘dead cunt walking’ as we move on to The Dead Pool 19.

Here’s the rules :

1. Nominate who you think is next on the way out.
You can have a maximum of five cunts each. Leave names in the Comments.

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the last Dead Pool.

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. Any anonymous cunt who can’t be bothered to make up a name for themselves will also be ignored. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.

93 thoughts on “Dead Pool [19]

  1. Can I please have..

    Nancy Reagan
    Peter Sallis
    Sheila Mercier
    Peter O`Sullevan
    Chris Woodhead

    • I had to do a bit of research with Nancy. I thought she was already dead. I’m quite surprised that she’s still alive.

      • Yep she is still going and turns 94 in a few weeks.She has retired from public life in recent years so is never mentioned much anymore in the present tense. That probably is the reason.

  2. My picks;

    1.George Bush Senior
    2.Stephen King
    3.Neil Kinnock
    4.Francis Ford Coppola
    5.Dennis Skinner

  3. Looks like I’ve got in early. Anyway, here is the pert and perfectly formed candidates for the hot place. I’m sticking with old favourites- Mylie Cyrus, Clint Eastwood (a rank outsider I know), Nobby ‘Bites your legs Styles, Shawn ‘Two livers’ McGowan and slightly off track, John Noakes, ‘Get down Shep’.

  4. My picks… 1. Stan Lee (hope not but he is ancient) 2. Arthur Scargill (hope so) 3. Darcus Howe (there’s always hope!) 4. Sir Ian “Magneto” Mckellan 5. Malcom McDowell…..

  5. 1/ Sepp Blatter
    2/ Sepp Blatter’s wife
    3/ Sepp Blatter’s mum
    4/ Sepp Blatter’s dog
    5/ Anyone who has ever met Sepp Blatter

  6. Could I have Bill Roache, Malcolm Hebden, Beverly Callard, Barbara Knox and Helen Worth if you please.

    • Abbott and Lawrence especially. Abbott is a fat, racist cunt, and Lawrence has become a professional murder victim’s mother. What’s she actually achieved since she accepted that peerage? More importantly, WHY did she accept it in the first place?

      • Correction. Diane Abbott is a fat, racist hypocrite cunt of the highest order and Doreen fucking Lawrence was only given a peerage to make her STFU.

        If ‘Da Po-po’ are so institutionally racist then why the fuck did they blow £1m of the taxpayer’s money bringing his killers to justic? Up to and including buying the house next door so they could gather evidence (nothing conclusive came of this apart from revealing a bunch of very angry young men mouthing off in the privacy of their own home).

        I’m originally from around that neck of the woods and know many people that firmly believe ‘saint’ Stephen was a thoroughly nasty piece of work who mugged smaller kids for their lunch money as part of a gang.

        The same people inform me that what happened to him was payback for his part in an escalating race war with the local kids.

        Still, one nasty cunt six feet under and five other nasty cunts either in clink or at liberty and looking over their shoulder for the rest of their days.

        Something of a win-win situation all round.

        Apart from the taxpayer picking up a £1m bill and getting Doreen fucking Lawrence as a peer.

    • If I win the lottery tonight that would actually be my contract hit list

  7. Tommy Docherty
    Maureen O ‘Hara
    Charles Manson
    Jimmy Hill
    Stephen Lewis (‘Urgh! I ‘ate you, Butler!”)

      • @ Dicolese – you removed my nominations from another thread early this morning (with the comment “noted”), should I repeat them here so there are no duplications?

        • Equally – I got in early under the Dead Pool this morn can it be registered also?

          • Got yours too KC. Dittos let me know if I’ve got ’em wrong :
            George Bush Snr
            Barb Bush
            Prince Phillip
            Bruce Forsythe
            Kirk Douglas

        • Sorry Fred – you posted them twice and I removed one of the duplicates. Guess the other disappeared as well – but I got them all down first.

          Clive James
          Warren Mitchell
          Denis Nordern
          Denis Healey
          Doris Day

          Let me know is this isn’t correct.

  8. Pope Benedict
    Roger Moore
    Sean Connery
    Andrew Lloyd Webber

  9. BB King was a Pyrrhic victory..
    New nominations:
    William Shatner
    Robert Mugabe
    Ian Brady
    Richard Addams
    Chuck Berry

  10. Lance Armstrong
    Axl Rose
    Dale Winton
    David Bowie
    Bruce jenner (or his new female name)

    Cunts the lot of them – apologies if I’m duplicating.

  11. So:
    Muhammed Ali
    Leslie Philips
    Jimmy Tarbuck
    Ken Dodd
    Olivia Dehavilland
    if you please……………..

  12. Notice Norman had already bagged Ian “bastard” Brady earlier in dead pool 18
    So I’ll release him and if all is ok, nominate Henry Kissinger instead

  13. Harry Styles
    Zayne Malick
    June Whitfield
    Bernard Ingham.
    Derrick Nimmo

  14. My dead pool five.

    You never know – somebody might poison their haggis:

    Nicola Sturgeon
    Mhairi Black
    Alex Salmond
    Dr Paul Monaghan
    George Kerevan

    (by the way – the SNP are cunts)

  15. Can add these 5 please;

    Winnie Mandela
    Jamie Oliver
    Derek Hatton
    Will Self
    Alex Ferguson

      • Thank you kindly.

        I had no trouble in creating a much longer list, but upon reflectiion I decided many entries were merely twats rather than cunts. The above are the first 5 ‘cunts’ on said list.

        • Alex Ferguson is a smart money bet. Gristle, me redoubtable pet vulture, informs me that Fergo drinks the hard stuff intensively (not done me any harm though) on top orf a very dodgy ticker.

          • Indeed, Alex ‘I’ve got a red face because I drink too much’ Ferguson. Gum chewing arrogant miserable jock cunt

  16. As Clive “smug unfunny cunt” James has been taken, may I have the following please –

    Lily Allen

    Actually, that’ll do. If she dies I’ll be happy that cunts like Russel Brand live another year.

    • Added to the pool. Did you want 4 more ‘cos as far as I can see you’ve not given me any others. I might have missed them so just double checking…

  17. And Blimey! Wotalot orf nominations and we have only got started. Good to see some old friends in there recycled for the umpteenth time. Ah the fickle finger orf fate doth point and where it rests nobody knows…..

  18. In which case, thanks,as well as Allen (hoping she’ll do a Winehouse) can I have
    Russell Brand (OD surely)
    Greville Janner (let’s see how ill the nonce really is)
    Anthony Hopkins (ham)
    Ruggero Deodato (nasty cunt).

    With thanks.

    • Late in the game this time so some may be taken already.

      Barry Manilow. A big nosed cunt
      Bashar Al-Asad. A Barrel bombing cunt
      Bob Monkhouse. A slimy, bad joke telling cunt
      Shirley Williams. An old lady of a cunt
      Norman Tebbit. An IRA bomb-dodging cunt

  19. here is my nominations

    kanye west
    kim kardashian do i get a double whammy bonus if they kill each other?
    Rolf Harris – raped to death in a prison shower
    Sir Trevor McDonald (the trusted news reader that is probably going to be the next
    celebrity pedo)
    Simon cowell – knifed to death when he tells a fat slag she cant sing

  20. I would like to choose, more in hope than expectation:

    Jules Hudson, Brian Cox, Robin Askwith, Mariska Hargitay and Brian Blessed.

  21. I claim my last entries if they are still unused this time around.

    Charlie Kennedy is a goner. Did anyone have him?

  22. Kilmer is a good call. Showing every sign of chemo and radiation therapy(thinning grey hair/bloated boat race) in the photos online. Never tell with cancer though…remission ect ect… could be months or years.

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