David Walliams [2]


That Britain’s Got More Talent trailer is a masterclass in cuntery…

The worst bit? David Walliams mincing and ‘doing his moves’…

No mean feat, considering he has those Coneheaded cunts Ant and Dec, that Holden slag, Manboobs Cowell and that ‘rapping’ presenter cunt as competition… Just goes to show how much of a cunt Walliams is…

Nominated by: Norman

3 thoughts on “David Walliams [2]

  1. Good cunting – Walliams is one of those cunts like Piers Morgan whose cuntings need to be regular and aggressive. But I’d like to nominate another David. David Cameron aka Puffin Face.

    “We delivered all our 2010 election promises,” lied the smug entitled Bullingdon Club cunt during the recent election campaign. One of these promises was to “Control immigration, reducing it to the levels of the 1990s – meaning tens of thousands a year, instead of hundreds of thousands a year” (- A Contract Between The Conservative Party and You, 2010).

    Well, it’s just been announced that in 2014 net migration soared to 318,000. Now I’ll admit that maths has bever been my strong point, but even so, that sounds more like “hundreds of thousands” NOT “tens of thousands”. Also sounds like another barefaced lie from Chicken Dave. Fucking lying cunt.

  2. Norman, I am a bit confused about the photo used on your David Walliams [2] cunting. The dancing prat in the photo looks like a very young Ken Dodd clone. It bears no resemblance to the drag queen nonce Walliams.

    I hope there is now no association that ‘Britain’s Got More Talent’ is akin to Ken Dodd’s puppet Diddymen?

    The Diddymen were far superior entertainment than the utter crap acts and trailers churned out for Britain’s Got More Talent.

  3. Fucking in the closet arse bandit, I have it on 100% authority that David is a shirt lifter but refuses to ‘come out’ because he fears it will ruin his career..
    It is well known in the ‘media circle’ he loves to bugger men, but to his credit he does not appear to be such a fan of ‘young un’s’ like Mr Stephen Fry

    Walliamse has done fuck all since he swam up the Thames for the BBC’s annual beg-athon and his CV is hardly brimming with ‘hits’, he has probably had more cock up his arse in the last 10 years than viewers of his shows.

    The dirty, slimy, creepy, talentless, cock loving cunt

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