David Evans, ‘The Edge’

Bono has been cunted before, but how about his hat wearing guitarist David Evans aka ‘The Edge’? A couple of days ago, the cunt fell of the stage in Vancouver during the opening night of U2’s latest tour.

Worth cunting for that, surely, regardless of his music and hat?

Nominated by: Fred West

Anyone who calls themselves ‘The Edge’ has to be a cunt – along with Sting, Bono and Slash although – to be fair – Slash is slang for piss.

What the fuck was the cunt thinking when he fell of that stage? And why the hell didn’t he break something? A leg or a guitar, I don’t mind which although having heard him play, I think I’d prefer the guitar…

Pretentious cunt. Should fit right in with the Bonio cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

2 thoughts on “David Evans, ‘The Edge’

  1. What was he thinking when he fell off the stage? “Oh fuck! I’ve fallen off the stage”.

  2. They are all getting broken legs first Bono now the “Edge” That’s what all his mates call him=gay sex. I wonder if it has anything to do with holding onto Africa like they give a fuck about starvation. They probably get money to speak at those useless charities, and they are a terrible fucking band . I whince everytime someone mentions U2 .If they had just made joshua tree they would be easier to accept as a okay band.

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